Warren Buffet Shows The Lines Between Passive And Active Investing Remain Blurred

Investors around the world are often confused by the difference between passive and active investments, which Capital Group CEO Tim Armour believes shows how many are being misled by hedge fund for retirement that are not backing up their promises over performance. Tim Armour points to the wager made by billionaire Warren Buffett that saw the investor make a major $1 million bet on how he could match the performance of any hedge fund with a simple investment in a supposedly passive S&P 500 fund that he believed could outperform a group of hedge fund managers.

The Warren Buffett bet has been highlighted by Tim Armour as he feels the investment industry does not always serve its customers in the best way by using terminology that may not match the modern financial sector; including the terms passive and active that Timothy Armour believes is often used in a way that fails investors looking to develop impressive retirement funds to secure their own future.

The Middleberry College graduate believes the time could well be right to look to make major investments in the financial markets as Tim Armour has seen a major improvement in the state of the stock market he feels have been falling throughout his lifetime.

Armour’s Capital Group is estimated to manage more than $1 trillion in assets and has seen a dedicated rise in the markets over the course of the last year as the Capital Group CEO has seen a large level of confidence return with the markets finally bottoming out and starting to rise in terms of overall value.

Find more about Tim Armour: https://www.thecapitalgroup.com/our-company/management-team.html

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