Shiraz Boghani: The Business Man Of Many Sectors

Shiraz Boghani is a role model in entrepreneurship. He is not only a business owner and philanthropist but an innovator as well. His success level of success is rarely seen.

He is the co-founder of Sussex Healthcare. Shiraz believed that the elderly needed more support and better healthcare. The end result was the establishment of the Sussex Home Healthcare organization that is made up of 18 different locations throughout the United Kingdom. He is also the chairperson of Splendid Hotels. He holds the responsibility as an accountant of helping the business grow continuously using strategies that support the company’s vision. He is a master of his craft as the Splendid Hotel group is one of the fastest growing hotel chains in the United Kingdom. Let’s not forget that it is privately owned. Altogether the group owns 20 hotels. Some names are familiar such as the Holiday Inn in Wembley, New Ellington and The Grand Hotel and Spa in York. What makes

Shiraz Boghani even more interesting is that he studied to become an accountant in the United Kingdom at the Institute of Chartered Accountants which is located in England and Wales. It is a well-credited school with more than 147,000 members. He thrives the most when he can positively affect the lives of others through hospitality and philanthropy. He has received the Hotelier of the Year award due to his success at landing the Hilton London Bankside. It is the biggest hotel in the capital with an estimated value of 121 million pounds. Shiraz Boghani is also known for his philanthropic contributions to the Aga Khan Foundation and Development Foundation. Both charities aim to help less fortunate people in the community. There is a lot to be learned from Shiraz Boghani as he serves as an example of how doing what you love tends to love you back.


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