Race for the Chairmanship of Capital Group

Timothy Armour is one of the two leading candidates for the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, one of the biggest funds in the world. Today, the group manages assets worth over $1.4 trillion. If he is elected chairman, Timothy will finally oversee a new active fund management system and get rid of the current index tracker funds.

The chairmanship position of Capital Group became vacant after the former chairman, Jim Rothenberg, passed away from a heart attack while vacationing. The new chairman will be tasked with rebuilding the group’s market share that has fallen behind thanks, in part, to the rise of passive fund managers within its ranks.

A management reshuffle is expected following a board meeting called to name a new Chairman. Tim is the present chair of Capital Group’s management committee and, until recently, served as Jim Rothenberg’s deputy. Apart from pushing for an active fund management system at Capital Group, Timothy Armour also played a huge role in bringing transparency to its operations.

Top Contenders

Another top contender and a key member of Capital Group’s leadership is Rob Lovelace (Jonathan Lovelace’s grandson). Jonathan founded the group in 1931. Rob has accomplished a lot at the group, which has made him a leading candidate for the top job.

According to Alec Lucas from Morningstar, the Capital Group has managed to turn around flows due to good performance, engaging stakeholders through advertising, relying more on product sales, and through its active management research. According to Mr Lucas, both Timothy Armour and Rob Lovelace have earned a right to lead the Group thanks to their accomplishments and leadership qualities.

Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour has served as Chairman and CEO of the Capital Group since 2015. Tim took over from Jim Rothenberg as Chairman after the latter passed away. Apart from his duties as chairman, Tim also serves as chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee and principal executive of Capital Research and Management Company

Timothy Armour is a successful equity portfolio manager who has worked for Capital Group for over 33 years. He has a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience in investment analysis. This prepared him for his job as the Group’s Chairman and CEO. When he joined Capital Group as an investment analyst, he covered the United States service companies as well as global communications. Timothy Armour, the Los Angeles-based Chief Executive Officer, also studied economics at Middlebury College where he earned his Bachelor’s degree.

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