Mr. Maluf is Someone You Should Know About

When Flavio Maluf entered the Armando Penteado University Foundation, Flavio Maluf didn’t know what he was yet to become after finishing his university education in Mechanical Engineering. While he was one of the most innovative and brightest students in his class, he still liked the idea of becoming a professional businessman in the country. However, his education had no idea dealing with that profession on He worked hard and attained a qualification degree in Mechanical Engineering when he graduated from the University of Penteado Foundation. In this time, he was in a bit of perplexion he didn’t know what he would do. However, the idea of becoming a businessman in the country was still in his head.

Flavio Maluf decided to follow a course of action which led him to the United States where he would choose and take on an education in which he cherished. In the New York University, Flavio Maluf decided to take on a different career and pursued a certification in Business Administration. For more than one year, Flavio Maluf studied and worked at the University and graduated with flying colours. He knew this was the right time to come back home and start a new life in mentorship on His business life and the journey had commenced.

Flavio Maluf joined Eucatex Group of Companies and started working from the lowest jobs in the company. When he joined, he was asked to commence his duties from the trading department of Eucatex Group of Companies at This was one of the lowest mechanisms which would become of his success. It was during his time at the trading department when the company started looking for an international market for its products and goods. Flavio Maluf was at the forefront initiating and carrying out necessary duties to have the markets organize a better purchase plan which would have them procure the products. This is one of the greatest achievements he made while at the bottom.

Flavio Maluf went on and started working in the manufacturing department of Eucatex. In this section on, the worked by initiating the development of servicing mechanisms which would have all machines running without failing throughout the year.

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