Leading Community bank

The Texas Bankers Association holds an annual meeting where bankers get to interact and ponder on new information in the sector. During the 5th Annual Strategic Opportunities Conference, John Holt, who is the current CEO and president of NexBank was among the facilitators. He spoke about how to reinvent community banking with an aim of staying on course with the changing technological world. The conference is an annual forum for bank leaders, advisers and consultants to share challenges and solutions to community bank leaders. The banking sector, according to John needs to restructure and accommodate the new advances in technology so as to remain relevant and competitive.

NexBank is a community bank established on a 1922 charter with its headquarters at McKinney Avenue, Dallas. The bank boasts of efficiency in execution, flexibility and expertise. It has contracted its operations into three main core functions: Mortgage Banking, Commercial Banking and Institutional Banking. NexBank has assets worth $5.3 million and this was on 31st March 2017. It has a dependable team of executive directors lead by John Holt, who is the president and a Board of Directors led by James Dondero as the chairman. The leadership brings onboard a new breadth of management and experience that guarantee success.

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