Julie Zuckerberg-Recruitment Lead Expert

Have you ever wondered what kind of work an Executive Recruitment Lead does? Julie Zuckerberg is the person to ask. She graduated from City University of New York-Brooklyn College first. She then graduated from the New York Law School. With her degrees in Philosophy and Law, she began her career at Hudson Staffing and Recruiting in 2002. Zuckerberg worked as a candidate placement person for case managers, attorneys, paralegals, and other supporting staff for reputable law firms, financial institutions, and large corporations. She continued in this job for five years.


In 2007, she was hired as the Executive Recruiter for Citi Global Functions. It was at Citi Global Functions that she introduced some forward thinking recruitment techniques such as using social media, direct sourcing, employee referral, and internet searches to find new recruits. She also provided employee education for the newly hired employees. This education involved such ideas as open position specifications, creating job descriptions, and succession planning. Working closely with a team of colleagues, they created a slate process that would promote and mange internal mobility.


In 2011, she made the move to Citi Global Consumer Bank as a Vice President and Executive Recruiter. She was involved with many of the aspects of the business. She was in charge of recruitment for senior level staff in the Legal, Auditing, and Compliance fields at the bank. She also managed how the company would hire outside search firms. Her duties included firm selection, fee negotiation, and candidate vetting.


Julie Zuckerberg was truly versatile in her position at Citi Global. She was also the head of negotiations and development of complex job offers. These job offers included such items as relocation, equity buyouts, and claw backs. Zuckerberg also provided full life-cycle recruiting for Director and Managing Director roles for Citi Cards.


Between November 2013 and February 2014, she worked for the New York Life Insurance Company performing similar tasks as when she worked at Citi Global. In April of 2014, she accepted a position at Deutsche Bank as Vice President, Executive Recruiter, and Talent Acquisition. She executed many of the same tasks as required in her previous position. However, she did have a few different roles. She counseled leaders about hiring governance and using best recruiting practices to increase proficiency and engagement for attracting top talent and diverse pipelines according to her resume on LinkedIn. She was also the head of the team that lead the development and negotiation of Managing Director level job offers.


Julie Zuckerberg is an extremely busy woman, but she still finds time for her hobbies. She is a runner and tries to run every day. She also enjoys arts and photography. She is concerned about animal welfare, human rights, and civil rights and is involved with each cause. Zuckerberg is also an avid Pinterest and Twitter user.



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