Is Using Wen by Chaz Against Thin Hair the Answer?

In today’s world, many people spend a lot of money on hair care. Hair is many times one of the first things that is noticed on both men and women. The appearance of one’s hair can tell a lot about a person. A healthy and young person will more often than not have hair that is full and strong. On the other hand, a sick or older person will be more prone to have hair that might be thin or weak. A lot of the products that people buy will temporarily make hair look good, but may actually be harmful to hair’s long-term health. That is one of the major reasons WEN hair by Chaz was created. Creator Chaz Dean sought to revolutionize hair care by introducing a cleansing conditioner that did not contain any harmful sulfates so that hair would be healthier-looking after using Wen by Chaz products.

Recently, Emily McClure decided to try the all-in-one Sephora endorsed Wen conditioners and report the results on her self-proclaimed “fine, thin hair”. Her trial, found in its entirety on, proved to be quite interesting for all hair care enthusiasts.

On her first day of use, she was skeptical at the recommended amount of product listed on the label. It seemed a bit much for Emily – for long hair, the label suggests up to 32 pumps of the bottle. However, once she began applying the conditioner she was pleasantly surprised. She reported her hair felt thicker and did not fall out.

As the week long experiment progressed, she began to develop a routine in the products use. She found that as long as she used the conditioner during a morning shower that she would be impressed with her hair. If she missed a morning shower, then her hair would not be very pleasant during the day until she was able to use the product. For this reason, while she enjoyed the results immediately after its use, she would probably only recommend Wen by Chaz only if a person was able to use it every morning or when one needs their hair to look good immediately following a shower. To learn more, check out Wen Hair’s Wikipedia page.

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