Rise in Demand for Gourmet Pet Food is Revolutionizing the Industry

Today’s pet owners think of their pets as an extension of their family. They are willing to do whatever they can to make sure their pets get the best care and the best treatment, so that they can live healthy and happy lives. That means buying from Wal-mart the best food for their pets. To today’s pet owners that means the best tasting and the healthiest.
Just as many people on facebook are more concerned about the ingredients that go into their food, they are equally concerned about the ingredients that go into their pet food. That means more and more people are lookin to buy gourmet pet food, which has caused the rise of the gourmet pet food industry, as illustrated in this article from the Daily Herald.

New companies, like PetFresh, are entering the market, but well known companies like Purina, Colgate-Palmolive, and Nestle also trying to get their slice of the 23.7 billion dollar pet food industry. Cologate-Palmolive has created a dog food that is desingned to help dogs stay in shape and lose weight.

A big corner of this market belongs to the Purina owned label Beneful, which focuses on healthy food that is scientifically proven to be better for your pets. They have a wide range of products which is backed by a team of scientists and nutrition experts. With Beneful, pet owners know they are getting what they are paying for. Beneful.com is an innovator in the industry because the offer real, whole grains, meats and vegetables, which translates to “Nutrtion You Can See.”

Beneful’s range of products offers dog chow and puppy food that is aimed at the dietary needs of dogs of differnt sizes and ages. They also offer pet treats that have been reviewed by veterinarians as benefiting the health and nutrition of your dog’s teeth. All of these benefits are why Beneful is one of the leaders in pet food among concerned pet owners.

Gourmet pet food has transformed the industry, and is leading the revolution in how pet owners treat thier pets. As more and more people take note of the food they feed their pets, gourmet pet food will continue to be a bigger part of the market. Learn more about Beneful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beneful