The Strategic Growth Operations of IAP Result in Billions in Revenue

IAP Worldwide has successfully acquired two businesses. One business is DRS Technologies Inc., an aviation & logistics company based in Oklahoma. The other is the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business in Maryland. IAP has managed to double the size of its prospects through these acquisitions.

These businesses have been unified into a single unit (along with the National Security Programs in existence) by the title of Aviation & Engineering Solutions. It makes sense for IAP to broaden their services to incorporate more of the same U.S. and international government organizations and agencies as clients. Read more: Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

As a global leader of logistics, highly technical services, and facilities management, IAP naturally better serves its customer base by integrating aviation, communication, and networking businesses into the fold. The latter services added to IAP are aircraft repair management, aircraft logistics and mission support, engineering, information technology, and communications support solutions.

This differentiates from the inorganic growth obtained by acquiring other businesses in the same vertical, which IAP has a history of. Learn more about IAP Worldwide: and

These strategic acquisitions allow IAP to benefit from the pre-established relationships that AES has with the Navy among other entities. The acquisition shows that IAP has long term dedication towards government customers. Regarding government customers, IAP has held over $370 million in government services contracts.

An earlier acquisition transpired in 2005 with the acquisition of Johnson Controls World Services which brought the combined total annual revenue to over $1 billion. This too was a strategic acquisition allowing IAP to gain more market share by offering additional services.

The merger resulted in JCWS changing its name to IAP Worldwide. The then CEO of IAP stated that the merger would “further improve the service our customers receive by applying many of the tools and disciplines that have already proven successful in their respective business operations.”

The company added an additional acquisition the next year, in 2006. G3 Systems Ltd. also had a roster of government, international, and commercial clients for IAP to take under its wing. The company offers a wide range of services which include modular systems, fixed infrastructure, and other support services. IAP continues to support over 175,000 personnel at military installations in the Middle East and in the U.S.

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