Peter Briger

Peter Briger was born and raised in California, San Francisco. He was born on 17th December 1963 and then attended Princeton University pursuing a Bachelor of Arts degree. He then went on to pursue his Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the Watson School of Business. Shortly after getting his master’s degree is when he began his professional career.

He later married Devon Briger, and they were blessed with four children. Peter Briger worked at Goldman Sachs and Company and was made partner in 1996. He worked for the company for about fifteen years, after which he joined another non-profit organization that served the less fortunate families in California. It is through the non-profit organization that Peter joined the board members for a group of schools whose goal was to deliver equity among children from the less fortunate families.

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Fortress Investment Group

Fortress Investment Group is a firm located in New York City and is among the top employers in New York with about nine hundred employees. Peter Briger became a member of Fortress Investment Group in 2002, and then became a member of the board in 2006. In 2009, he was elected the co-chairperson of the board, and he still holds the position to date.

Alongside his role as the co-chairperson of the committee, Peter is the overall head of the credit and real estate department of Fortress Investment Group. Not so long ago, Fortress Investment Group was bought by Softbank Group Corporation which is an Asian company. Peter alongside other executives still holds their positions in the company despite the other significant changes that came with the sale.

Peter Briger’s Reputation and Achievements

Peter helped Fortress Investment Group in publicizing itself in the United States, especially in an era where there was little regard for private corporations. Moreover, he is ranked number 962 on the Forbes Business Billionaires list.

According to his colleagues, he has been very hardworking, and he also makes proper use of his time while at work as he maintains the company’s ethical code. His excellent reputation is reflected in the numbers that he has drawn to Fortress Investment Group, and this has earned him the name ‘finance guru.’

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OSI Group Continues To Thrive Globally

You might not think much about where the food that you purchase at the grocery store, but fortunately OSI Group does. OSI is one of the biggest suppliers of meat-based food products throughout the world and has some impressive partnerships with companies such as McDonald’s. When they think of customers satisfaction, their leaders have stated that they aim to go above and beyond any expectations that they may have about when it comes to their business. This is one of the things that has kept the company going for a century.

Even if you didn’t know it, you have probably been enjoying the food processed by OSI Group for years without ever giving it a second thought. This is especially true if you have ever eaten at a chain restaurant such as McDonald’s. They have been working with McDonald’s for decades and are one of only 4 suppliers that provide the popular chain with hamburger patties for their world famous sandwiches. There is even a good chance that you have eaten their products if you live out of the United States as well. They have a presence in many different countries around the world and their reach keeps expanding.

While they have been making a considerable amount of acquisitions that are both foreign and domestic, their most recent ones were completed in Europe. OSI Group that is headquartered in Illinois near Chicago currently has a presence in an impressive 17 countries. The company has remained a privately owned business since it was created as a family butcher shop by a German immigrant around 100 years ago. The fact that they keep growing at the rate that they have is about as impressive as the fact that they have managed to stay afloat that long as a company.

The longevity of OSI Group is most likely made possible because of their commitment to their clients as well as quality. They also care about the environment and continue to receive recognition for their many sustainability efforts all around the globe. They contribute to multiple charities but have a special connection to the Ronald McDonald House.

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The Legal Basis of Freedom Checks and How They Work

Retirement needs drive a majority of the population in the U.S into reserving a portion of their paycheck incomes and depositing the savings into a 401(k) account. The aim is to create a pool of money to see people through retirement in dignity. However, this has not always been the case, with a presumption made by many American nationals that social security benefits can fill the void that arises as a result.

The reality is that the standard working American family typically gets around $2,800 annually from social security. The figures highlighted indicate the plight of people retiring without wanting to sacrifice on their lifestyles. It also raises the need for alternative investments that present above-average returns to cushion the difference in income experienced.

At Banyan Hill, analyst Matt Badiali has come up with an investment program that aims at helping capitalists grow their investments. The firm exploits a statute in the tax code giving the investors the opportunity to earn high yields while also enjoying a U.S government subsidy. The yields benefit from tax exemption, with the freedom checks enabling investors to take up retirement earlier and enjoy their earnings. The checks should be viewed as an investment because they yield returns, this is contrary to quick return schemes.

The purchase of freedom checks ensures the legitimacy of the payments, as it is a requirement before getting any return. Funds availed through freedom checks get utilized by respective companies in the purchase of equipment, salary payments, and making products derived from natural resources. The firm partners with companies that make use of natural resources, knowing the U.S government offers incentives to these particular companies. Thereby, investment in these companies presents greater returns.

The mutual arrangement enables the larger population to enjoy the products that are made by these natural resource-based companies. The freedom checks have a legal basis derived from a statute in the tax rule that goes back 30 years. In legislation passed in 1987, the government provided tax exemptions to companies that get a minimum 90 percent of their incomes from transport, storage, production, and manufacturing based on natural resources.

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Michael Phelps Talks about Why Talkspace is Best for People with Mental Problems

There are millions of people across the world that are not getting access to proper mental health care, and it is either due to lack of professional mental health therapist or the cost associated with mental health therapy. If you seek mental health therapy for yourself or your loved one but don’t want to go for traditional therapy sessions, then you might want to consider registering at Talkspace, a leading mobile therapy app from New York. Established in 2012, Talkspace has helped create a completely new genre in the medical world by providing mental health therapy online, and it has been getting very popular among the people as well.

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The lives of people are such these days that taking out time for conventional therapy sessions is difficult. It is where Talkspace comes to rescue as people can talk to professional and expert mental health therapist without going anywhere. It is a mobile therapy app that has been developed after a lot of research and contemplation and is a humble attempt by the creators to make therapy available to people suffering from mental health issues. Not everyone who is suffering from mental health issues knows about it even after suffering from the symptoms, but consulting with the therapist at Talkspace would help you identify the symptoms as well as the reasons that have triggered the mental health problem in the first place.

Michael Phelps has his own tough times, and even though he is open about it now, he was ashamed of it before. There was a time when he decided not to seek any help for depression, and it got worse. It was then that he found online therapy and it helped him overcome his problem. He now wants other people to seek online therapy if they are too worried about going to a traditional therapist.



Life With Ryan Seacrest

Ryan Seacrest, age 43, made the move from Los Angeles to New York to take the next step in his career. He decided to join in on the talk show with Kelly Ripa that used to be known as Live With Regis and Kelly. This show is now called Live With Kelly Ripa. Ryan Seacrest has been very successful during his career, and is well known for his time spent as the host of the well known show American Idol.

Not only is Ryan co-hosting Live With Ripa Kelly, he is also hosting a radio show, and producing a television show. The television show that he produces is Keeping Up With The Kardashians. He runs his own skin care line, and his own clothing line. His clothing line is called Ryan Seacrest Distinction and can be picked up at Macy’s. It is for men that want a classic, yet iconic look.

Another thing that Ryan Seacrest does is he runs his own non profit organization known as the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. This foundation was started to help children that are in the hospital for illnesses through education and entertainment. This foundation goes around to children’s hospitals and builds media centers inside them known as Seacrest Studios. Then the children can spend time in the studios producing their own music and learning all about the studio world. This helps children by boosting their imaginations and their self esteem.

Ryan Seacrest has worked hard during his career to grow his name. He has become very well known and this well help him to do well in his skin care and clothing line. Ryan Seacrest has branched out to many different aspects to make himself successful. He did not stop at just one thing, he wanted to make sure he made his way to the top. Through his television and radio career, and now his own line of things, Ryan has become a very successful man.

Gareth Henry, an Investment Guru at Fortress Investment Group

Gareth Henry is an expert in private equity, credit, and hedge funds. He is an accomplished investment professional, having worked. Gareth Henry is the Managing Director, Global Head of Investor Relations and Partner at Angelo Gordon and Company. Formerly, Mr. Gareth served as a Global Head of Investor relations at Fortress Investment Group, where he oversaw all sales, marketing, and client services. Before joining the Fortress, he worked at Schroder Investment Management Limited as a Director of Strategic Solutions. He also worked as an Analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP. Check out to read full interview of Gareth Henry.

Furthermore, he worked as an Investment Manager at SEI Investments Company. He is a qualified United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US), actuary. Gareth studied Bachelors of Science Degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics at Heriot-Watt University, in the United Kingdom.

Before joining Angelo Gordon, Gareth Henry raised substantial capital for Fortress’ real estate, private equity, private credits, and hedge funds. He engaged several investors across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Asia, and the United States. Gareth was highly recognized at the age of 32 years for raising a hedge fund businesses of $4 billion for Fortress Investor Relation Group.

Gareth Henry has brought together a wide range of disciplines and experiences as the Head of Investor Relations for several large United States-based Alternative Investments. His global relations experience made the Angelo Gordon president Lawrence Schloss to offer him a full partnership. Gareth was given the opportunity to build and solidify an investor relation foundation across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Gareth has succeeded in his leadership roles by bringing together a wide range of disciplines and experiences. He is also passionate for understanding his clients. Furthermore, Gareth always seeks help from his peers, clients and other members in pursuit of better improvement. Also, Gareth is a good listener, he gives hear to his clients and colleagues about their investments.


Gareth Henry is right in strategizing the development and successes of a firm. He has organized different experts as mentors in Angelo Gordon. Moreover, he is humble and his success been adopted on other peoples’ winning principles.

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Products from the Jeunesse Global Brand

If you have struggled to find high-quality anti-aging products, you know how difficult it can be to get exactly what you need and want. The problem that so many people have is that they are unaware of the variety of different products made specifically by the Jeunesse Global brand. This brand has been around for quite some time and has launched some of the most well-known products in the beauty world.

They are most known for their product Instantly Ageless, which is a serum that can be applied to any area of the face. The results are dramatic and can be seen in roughly two minutes once applied. Plus, the serum is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin, so you don’t have to worry about any harsh side effects. Instantly Ageless results can last for up to eight hours, so you can experience all day wear and looking your absolute best.

Some other Jeunesse Global products include NEVO and NV. NEVO is an energy drink that comes in roughly four different delicious flavors including peach mango and mixed berry. The drink has just 50 calories, allowing you to include it into a healthy diet and lifestyle. Plus, Jeunesse Global does not put any artificial or harmful ingredients into the energy drink, so you can feel good knowing that you are using a product that is natural and good for your overall health. NV is a line of beauty products which includes a primer, foundation, bronzer and setting spray. You can match the product to your exact skin color for a flawless look both day and night since the product promises long wear on the face.

Jeunesse Global was created in 2009 and has become an international sensation for those looking for good products that actually work and aren’t going to break the bank. You can visit their website to learn more about the different products being offered and what you might need to add into your skincare routine for flawless results. You can also become a Jeunesse Global distributor if this is something you are interested in doing yourself.

James River Capital: How Can a Business owner Change His Style of Leadership?

It takes more than a great idea to run a successful business. As Paul Saunders of James River Capital Corp would put it, leadership is both a science and an art that requires time and conscious effort to master. Every business leader must be willing to putting the manhours and effort if they are to post maximal productivity within their enterprise. The business leader must also keep learning and adjusting his style of leadership. Some of the immediate changes that Paul believes would come in handy in helping a business leader change their style for the best include:


Shift from leadership to support


After years of following Facebook activities and operations, business researchers believe they now understand the contributors to the success achieved by the firm. Far from the technological innovations embraced by Facebook, they attribute the change of leadership mindset as a key contributor to this success.


For instance, instead of approaching their positions with leadership, role delegation, and oversight mindset, managers here view their positions as a responsibility to support and guide their teams. Paul argues that such an approach amplifies the leader’s interactions with their employees, paving way for unprecedented productivity.


Encourage criticism and employee creativity


How often do you have your employees or the team you are entrusted with challenge some of your decisions? More importantly, how do you handle such criticism? Paul Saunders points out to a business leadership research that suggests that most employees will shy away from criticizing poor business decisions or offering valuable input towards a course if they consider the business leader unapproachable.


It is, therefore, important for every business leader to revise their leadership style and create room for criticism. Paul believes that this gives rise to more creative approaches to handling business projects that in turn goes a long way in helping achieve optimal productivity. You can achieve this by welcoming and encouraging and escalation in a manner that ensures people come up to you with their problems.


Ensure everyone’s opinion counts


Maximal productivity in the workplace starts by cultivating a sense of belonging with all your employees. A sense of belonging, in turn, stems from ensuring that every employee’s opinion counts. During the meetings and brainstorming sessions, ensure that every employee voice their input. You should, however, note that this won’t work if you don’t give genuine attention and appreciation of their concerns and contributions.


More about James River Capital Corp


Headquartered on the banks of James River in Richmond, Virginia, James River Capital Corp was started by Kidder, Peabody & Co. Inc in 1986. It would serve as the alternative investment arm of the organization until 1995 when two Kidder and Peabody employees expressed interest in taking it private. Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt acquired the James River and registered wit with the SEC as a private and independent alternative investment firm. Today the firm has over $570 million in Assets under management.


Dr. Saad Saad: Vaccines Are Beneficial For Everyone

Dr. Saad Saad spent numerous years caring and saving the lives of thousands of children. Now that he has retired, he still finds time to give medical advice to concerned parents regarding the wellbeing of their children. Parents often worry about the symptoms that their children are experiencing. Dr. Saad Saad recalls getting numerous late night phone calls from parents concerning a wide variety of health issues. One topic that he has received many questions about is vaccines.

Whether or not to get your child vaccinated can be a controversial topic. Many people are of the opinion that vaccinations can lead to complications such as autism and can even cause death. Dr. Saad Saad assures parents that he fully backs the practice of getting children vaccinated and he feels that vaccinations are of great importance to our existence as human beings.

When a child is sick and taken to their pediatrician, one of the first questions that a parent will hear is whether their child is up to date on their vaccinations. If a child has received all the necessary vaccines, the parent will be reassured that the child should be fine in a few days. If the parent says the child has not been vaccinated this could cause many issues. Learn more about Dr. Saad Saad: and

First, the child may have contracted a life-threatening illness and may need to go to the emergency room. It is also possible that peers of the child also caught the virus, meaning they should get checked immediately. The school or daycare that the child attends can force the child to stay home until they have fully recovered. This means the parent will most likely miss work.

Dr. Saad Saad uses history as one of the best arguments to defend how helpful vaccines have been to humans. Smallpox was a devastating disease that was extremely common all throughout history. This disease killed millions of people throughout the centuries. In the late 19th century, a vaccine for smallpox came into existence, and by the 1980s, there were no more reported cases of the deadly disease. Other diseases that used to be very common in the United States were mumps and polio. These illnesses have been almost completely wiped out. Read more: Life Lessons from Dr. Saad Saad, Pediatric Surgeon

A vaccine is made by using weak germs of a virus. The virus is injected with a needle into the arm or leg. Once the virus has entered, the human body will detect the presence of the virus and attack it with antibodies.

These antibodies will remain in a person, ready to fight the virus in the future. This makes it so that a person is immune to a disease. After a vaccination, it is impossible to get the disease and also impossible to spread it.

From An Intern To A Billionaire: The Story Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus joined the much-coveted Forbes billionaires list with a net worth of $1.1 billion. He is a global entrepreneur and a Brazilian hotelier who has built an empire from scratch. From an IBM intern to an influential businessperson in the world, Paulus has an incredible success story.

In 1972, Paulus co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens. He has led the company to become the biggest tour operator in Latin America. Apart from the CVC, Paulus also founded GJP Hotels and Resorts that manage over 15 hotels and resorts across Brazil and employ 5,000 people.

Surprisingly, the idea to create CVC was not Guilherme Paulus’ but his co-founder’s Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Carlos shared with Paulus his interest in starting a tourist agency in Santo Andre. By then, Paulus was a young person working at Casa Faro and did not have the funds to invest in the idea. Carlos proposed that he provides the funds while Paulus provides the groundwork and initial efforts to start the venture. Paulus was motivated for this project and gladly accepted the unique challenge the opportunity presented. When it came to selecting a location for the project, he chose a place outside a movie theatre with a consistent flow of people.

Throughout his career, Guilherme Paulus exhibited sound reputation, positive attitude, and entrepreneurial drive. Paulus contends that listening to his employees and customers is a fundamental ingredient in his success. Although as a prestigious entrepreneur it is easy to neglect employees and customers, Paulus chooses not to. Interacting with clients and staff members enabled Paulus to be attentive to their needs and make travel packages that meet their expectations. Also, he advises that social accountability is vital to give back to society and help the less fortunate. As an exemplary hotelier, Guilherme Paulus has received numerous awards and recognition at home and abroad.

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