The US Money Reserve: Protecting your Savings with Gold

On June 20, 2017 the US Money Reserve released an e-book titled “The 2017 War of Nerves: Global Risk and Your Money,” which teaches people how to defend against the economic risks that loom overhead. The book educates readers about how buying gold is the safest and best way to prevent losses and protect your savings.

Along with this exclusive ebook, the US Money Reserve is also offering high-quality 1/10 oz. American Eagle gold coins at a special price. The company expects a full sellout on their generous offer. In the uncertain economic conditions we now face, gold becomes a valuable commodity because of its stability and extreme durability as a currency, and people flock to gold as one of the oldest, and most useful assets to protect their finances. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

The US Money Reserve, with over 400,000 satisfied clients, excellent service, and the finest gold coins on the market, is an ideal source to buy gold from. They offer coins in gold, silver, and platinum, and have an experienced and trustworthy team of professionals who have helped hundreds of thousands of people make wise purchases to enhance their portfolios.

Their gold and other currency is of exceptional quality, is minted at the US Mint, and is certified by the US Government for weight, content, and purity. In addition, their deliveries of gold are fast, safe, and secure; they offer complete transparency in all dealings, and personalized service to meet individual needs.

Crunchbase revealed that Phillip N Diehl, the president of the US Money Reserve, was a former United States Mint Director, and one of the most accomplished US Mint Directors in history. The US Money Reserve is the only gold company led by a former mint director, and Phillip N Diehl’s experience and expert knowledge are a great asset in offering customers the best experience possible.

Today is a time of constant war and global threats, causing natural worry in many people. The US Money Reserve’s new e-book offers a solution to that: buy gold. The limited deal from the company for the finest quality 1/10 oz. American Eagle gold coins, a deal which is expected to sell out, is an excellent chance for individuals worried about the current economic condition to do more to protect their finances, using one of the most trusted, and least vulnerable tools available.

Taking a Look Into Where Bernardo Chua Has Ended Up Now

The health industry is a growing industry that includes thousands of companies that have created their own brand that is for different types of individuals with different motivations. Of the many individuals who have created a successful business within the health industry, one individual in particular is not only successful, but has also made sure that education and his products are given to individuals all over the world to individuals without breaking the bank in the process.

This individual is Bernardo Chua who has made sure that his company of Organo Gold has grown to offer delicious products at a reasonable price.

The company of Organo Gold specializes in health related products that have been scientifically proven to promote weight loss, to relieve stress, and even to help individuals sleep better at night. As a Filipino businessman, Bernardo Chua grew up around poverty and knew that health was not a main priority. With the company of Organo Gold, Mr. Chua and his team are now making it a priority.

The secret to the success of Organo Gold is the use of a special ingredient that Mr. Chua found on his travels throughout Asia. This ingredient is known as Ganoderma and has been used in Chinese medicine for hundreds of years.

PR Newswire stated that Bernado Chua is the first individual to put this health related herb on the international market. Mr. Chua and his team now add Ganoderma to all of the sold products and make sure that the products not only taste great, but also work to provide the much needed health benefits.

What makes the company of Organo Gold a special company is the fact that Mr. Chua has opened the doors to the company to any individual that is looking to be their own boss or who is looking for extra cash. Learn more about Bernardo Chua:

Mr. Chua’s only requirement for those that want to join his company is that they must love Organo Gold and all of the products as much as he loves them. Mr. Chua has many plans for the future and wants to involve every customer and employee with his plans.

Stop Losing Your Investment

Warren Buffet wagered a sum for charity $1 million to be exact, that he could get a better return for his investment than some group hedge fund managers by investing in a passive index fund. So far, it looks like Buffest will gain a return and more information click here.


Warren Buffet believes tat there are too many overpriced and less than ideal funds that shortchange investors. He believes tat it is far better to go with investments that are low cost and are in it for the long run. His bottom-up investing approach seems to g=be working and has been proven over many decades. Buffet has shared some gems of his wisdom in a recent shareholder letter and stresses the importance of getting and staying invested and learn more about Timothy.


The key is to be wary f product labels and to keep costs low. It’s a good idea to invest with a fund manager who is as equally invested as well. Passive index returns have been previously thought to be a safe bet for retirement planning but they have been proven to provide no cushion if the market falls. Markets can always turn and it is better to get a better investment return in the long run than try to do better than the current market.


There is no set of rules to follow when it comes to getting a great return for your investment but if you keep your expenses low you are on the right track to getting a great return for your investment. Any fees or expenses will eat away at your investment over time so you want to keep those to a minimum and resume him.


Timothy Armour has been in the investment business with Capital Group for over 34 years. He is the chairman and chief executive officer of Capital Group and was previously an equity investment analyst at Capital Group. He also covered global telecommunications and service companies in the United States. He started his successful career in The Associates Program and holds a bachelor’s degree in economics. He obtained his degree form Middlebury College. Tim Armour is now based ut of Los Angeles .


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Lori Senecal – The President and Global CEO of CP+B

In March 2015, Lori Senecal took the position of the Global CEO at the MDC Partners agency CP+B, which was a new role. She also worked as the CEO and President of MDC Partners. Perhaps, she is a person who has the capabilities of bringing something new to the global agency. As the CEO of CP+B, Lori Senecal has managed to put a good structure in place for the next generation. She is planning to retire, but together with Porter, Lori is taking the time to make thoughtful and careful decisions on how the leadership of CP+B can move forward. The management team of CP+B is also expecting a smooth transition since she is a fantastic partner and leader who have made the agency smarter and effective than it was before.

As the CEO of CP+B, Lori Senecal oversees the expansion and global growth and at the same time manage the coordination of the nine international offices of the firm. The objective is to ensure an agency with continued global development. She has managed to create an agency that is truly modern, inventive, collaborative, agile, and offers international consistency.

Madam Lori Senecal is a woman to watch when it comes to top executive position. She also won the AWNY award for innovation and leadership in 2013. Lori believes in offering solutions to business challenges before deciding on the best advertisement. Therefore, CP+B use a media and neutral creative approach that has interactive strength. In that case, Lori always strives to discover new ideas and solutions from every possible field. Check out Business for more info.

Regarding educational background, Lori Senecal attended McGill University, from where she received her Bachelor Degree in Commerce. As an expert in the field of commerce, Lori specializes in marketing and finance. These are the two fields, from where Lori Senecal built her advertisement career. Lori started her first big job in 2009 at Kirshenbaum Bond Senecal and Partners, from where she served as the CEO and President. You can visit Salary to know more.

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Effect of Long-term Versus One Time Treatment of Multiple Sclerosis

Doctor Shiva Gopal Vasishta is a medical practitioner in neurology in Voorhees, New Jersey with forty years of practice in this field. Therefore, he holds a great deal of experience, thus providing great insights in his work and practice. He attended the Government Medical College where he graduated in the year 1979 and went on to complete his residency at the Boston City Hospital. He is not only in the neurology practice; he is also a psychiatry specialist.


Doctor Shiva’s practice is currently based in the Eastern Neurodiagnostic Associates and he is affiliated with the Kennedy Health System Cherry Hill Campus. Doctor Gopal Vasishsta and his practice accommodates both English and Spanish, and is certified by The Board of Neurology. He serves different clientele who are covered under various insurance plans such as Medicare, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, and Aetna. This indicates that his practice creates opportunities for people from different walks of life.


Neurologists are engaged in the diagnosis of the peripheral nerves, the spinal cord, muscles, and that of the involuntary nervous system and in the treatment of stroke, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. That is the connection of the effect of use of stem cells, which has been found to induce multiple sclerosis with Doctor Gopah Vasishta since his practice involves treatment of this disorder. According to the National Institute of Health, multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that causes the immune system to attack the central nervous system.


After receiving the high-dose immunosuppressive therapy and autologous hematopoietic cell transplant (HDIT/HCT) treatment, 69 percent of the participants did not experience new brain wounds, relapse of the multiple Sclerosis symptoms or acceleration of disability. This was so despite not taking multiple sclerosis medicines after the treatment. Thus, this clinical trial created an indication that the available medicines for combating multiple sclerosis record lower rates of success.


The one time treatment with the (HDIT/HCT), trial referred as HALT-MS, was found to be more effective compared to the first trial of long-term treatment despite the use of best available drugs especially in people with specific types of multiple sclerosis. This is evidenced by the remission of the HDIT/HCT and the stabilization of the multiple sclerosis of the participants after five years. Further studies are required to fully endorse the benefits of this one treatment, which will affect the practice of neurologists such as Doctor Gopah Vasishta in a positive way especially in those patients that become unresponsive to the existing therapies.

How Eric Lefkosky’s Tempus Initiative is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The two inventions that have proved elusive to the medical community is a way to reverse aging and a cure or even vaccine for cancer. This does not mean that people have given up looking for answers, as a matter of fact, efforts to treat cancer have been doubled and governments are offering more funds for cancer research. In addition to this, there are many private companies that have joined the search for a cure and one of these happens to be the Tempus Initiative. This is the brainchild of one Eric Lefkosky.

Eric believes that to deal with most of the serious illnesses that progress through stages and lead to death when not managed the right way, genome sequencing is the solution. What he believes is that when enough genetic data has been captured about a patient, it I possible to predict how they will react to a certain treatment. As a result, any complications that might arise from the treatment will be foreseen and dealt with before they occur. This will give the caregivers ample time to look for solutions to the problem beforehand and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Lefkosky’s journey to where he is right now started when he was in college. Together with a friend, they founded Brandon Apparel, a company that was selling upholstery and related products. They got the capital they needed to start this company from their close friends and relatives. After graduating college, he started Inneworkings, a company that offered procurement to small and medium scale enterprises. The company went public with an IPO that was held in 2012. Another company that he started was Echo Global Statistics which is concerned with freight. The company is also listed on NASDAQ.

Through the Tempus applications, it is possible for patients, doctors and other caregivers to look into the progress that a patient is making when receiving treatment. The doctors predict complications and look for treatment alternatives that will be less stressful. Other charities that Eric takes part in include the Chicago Children’s hospital where he is a member of the board. He is a true inspiration to many people.

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Stats That May Still be on Your Fantasy League’s Waiver Wire – Grab `em

The 2017 Major League Baseball season is approaching the first quarter turn. Injuries, or failed expectations may have produced some holes in your fantasy MLB lineup. Here are some players who may present nice additions to your roster with the most prevalent stat they seem prone to provide.



Batting Statistics


If your lineup has produced more than a few holes during the first month and a half, look towards your waiver wire to maybe build up these numbers.



  • Power



Power usually refers to home run prowess. There aren’t too many aspiring prospects that aren’t already on fantasy squads. A couple of first basemen have a history of good power production in the minor leagues. Philadelphia’s supposed future answer to Ryan Howard is Thomas Joseph. So far, Joseph has been rather disappointing.



Rhys Hoskins has been handed the first baseman’s mitt in the City of Brotherly Love and has thus far, ran with the opportunity. Keep in mind, he smacked 38 dingers last year at AA Reading, plus already has left the yard 8 times this year while he was playing for the Iron Pigs AAA affiliate, Lehigh Valley. The year before, his home run totals were a little less impressive, but he doubled 36 times.



  • Drive in Runs



If you need some RBIs in your lineup and have a weakness at first base, Minnesota seems to be prime to let loose Kenny Vargas as their everyday 1-bag. The Puerto Rico born Vargas powered home 58 runs in just 96 games at AAA Rochester last year in between short test runs with the Twins.



The last big hitter on the horizon is former Chicago Cub enigma Jorge Solar. Solar has had problems with his hamstrings throughout his career, but no one can dispute the power and RBI potential he brings to the Kansas City Royal lineup.



  • Stolen Bases and Batting Average



One player that’s been given an early chance, who has jumped on the opportunity, is Ben Gamel in Seattle. The Mariners newest outfield prospect is on fire at the plate, with a batting average worthy of your eye.



Oddly enough, he has yet to steal a bag at the Major League level, after pilfering nearly 100 bags in his 8 minor league seasons. Look for him to start to run if he keeps getting on base at his current pace.



  • Middle Infield Need



Second base can be a sore spot if you were not astute enough to grab a seasoned veteran. A pair of intriguing options are still floating around nearly 80 percent of the fantasy waiver wires.



Ryan Schimph and Jed Lowrie are holding down second base duties for a pair of the California teams. Schimph has over half his 2017 hits leaving yard, and Lowrie has already surpassed last year’s HR total in 120 trips to the plate. Not the cream of the crop at second base, but if you have a hole, grab `em.



Pitching Statistics


Pitching wins games at the big league level, as well it does in most fantasy setups. If you’re looking for a specific stat category, out of a pitcher on the waiver wire in your league, consider this group. Each one has an air of sleeper potential for the long haul as well.



  • Wins



The Chicago Cubs didn’t take Eddie Butler off the Colorado Rockies hands in hopes he would strike out the world. However, the young prospect has sneaky stuff and keeps the ball down in the zone. He is a location-based pitcher, working behind the defending World Champions, so wins should be more common for Butler now that he is away from the Mile High air of Colorado.



  • Strikeouts



Of the waiver available pitchers who won’t kill you with a ballooning ERA, Luis Perdomo of the Padres jumps off the stat page. He is no longer a prospect without experience, having finishing over 140 innings last year.



During that period, Perdomo managed to K over 100 hitters, so strikeout potential is not Chris Sale-like, but if you need K’s Perdomo is available in a large percentage of leagues. Keep in mind also, that 4 times during the past 4 minor league seasons, he also hovered around a nine K/9, which is definitely strikeout category worthy.



  • ERA & WHIP



One pitcher that might actually fill multiple pitching category needs is Jose Urena. Urena has thrown 27 solid innings thus far for the Marlins, and don’t forget, he tosses half his starts from the pitcher-friendly Marlin Park. He has put up a sub-2.00 ERA to start the season, allowing the Mets a single hit and no runs over 6 innings on May 7.



While wins may be an iffy situation, ERA and WHIP have been excellent so far. Keep in mind also that he is the 5th starter for the Fish, so he may get the back end of most rotations, with some high profile bats taking a breather when he pitches.


These players are currently on the waiver wire in over three quarters of fantasy baseball leagues. These can be excellent temporary plugins for an injured star, or fill stat category voids on your roster. Most are on the waiver wire today, but will they still be there tomorrow? If they are, grab `em.


Don’t Let Preventative Illness Rule Your Life

It has been said many times that If you don’t have your health, you have nothing. Most of us understand just how difficult being healthy can be. A plethora of life circumstances make every decision heavy, but sometimes there just isn’t enough information on what healthy choices are best. But, thankfully, those choices don’t have to be made blindly. We recently found a company called Life Line Screening. They are completely dedicated to taking preventive measures when it comes to health. By providing the knowledge and giving you the power to prevent an illness before it occurs.Life Line Screening offers a number of tests that aim to screen you for potential illnesses and helping you control or stop it altogether. Some of their most popular screening tests are:

  • Heart Disease Screening
  • Congestive Heart Failure Screening
  • Carotid Artery Disease Screening
  • Lung Cancer Screening
  • Type 2 Diabetes Screening
  • Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) Screening
  • Prostate Cancer Screening
  • Thyroid Disease Screening
  • And more…

Life Line Screening wants to make sure that you don’t need to suffer. You don’t have to wait until illness sets in before you take a look at it. Life Line Screening uses technologically advanced screening methods that minimize discomfort and provide the most accurate results. Using methods like Ultrasound screening, Finger-stick blood screening, and even electrocardiograph, you have no need to worry about painful or surgical procedures.

Your health is irrevocably attached to your happiness. Don’t let an easily prevented illness stop you in your tracks from doing the things you enjoy doing. We were able to find a plethora of useful information on how to prevent certain sicknesses and how to manage some issues that may have already been preexisting. The information that Life Line Screening is willing to provide free of cost is only a testament to their desire to create a healthy community.