Vijay Eswaran Views on Efficiency in the Investment Space

Versatility is business and investment space is one of the most studied concepts in the business world. However, no other investor is as versatile as Vijay Eswaran is. In a 2017 report — on the best Malaysian investors — he was among the top ten people who have revolutionized the investment space in Malaysia and by a large extent, the Asian market. His investment journey is, however, a perfect illustration of how important hard work, resilience, and exposure is, in the competitive investment world. According to him, he is a product of different investment philosophies around the world — specifically from the USA and Europe.

Vijay Eswaran is also one of the most esteemed writers in the commercial space. He writes about different subjects, but he is keen on incorporating economics with real-life situations. He believes that for a book to have an impact on people, it must be relatable. His recent publication — Two Minutes from the Abyss — is a perfect example of simplifying complex economic realities to more straightforward texts. Apart from writing on economic and investment topics, he is also keen on writing books (and papers) that are educative about the future of investment and more importantly — how to approach investment world, without incurring losses.

Under QI City, he is slowly changing the world, primarily through merging medical investment with education. According to Vijay Eswaran, the two niches are interlinked and investing in both is a smart way to meet the demand for the two services. In 2019, a Malaysian journal pointed out that he is among the few people that are redefining education — especially higher education — through smart investment. Apart from making learning accessible, he ensures that the quality of the education offered by his institutes is at par with the global standards and more specifically, the knowledge is applicable across the globe. By 2020, he hopes to be the first private investor to have a fully equipped teaching hospital.

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