The Impact of Ubuntu Education Fund

In a recent event organized by the Ubuntu Education Fund, more than six hundred and three Euros was contributed. The event was hosted by Andrew Rolfe in conjunction with Ubuntu Education Fund. The intent of this fundraising event organized in London was to raise money directed at helping children living in dire conditions in Africa. Some of the money contributed during this event is expected to be used in the improvement of the pediatric clinic in Port Elizabeth Campus.

The Ubuntu Education charitable event was attended by more than three hundred renowned philanthropists and socialites in London. Andrew Rolfe who is the current chairman of Ubuntu Education Fund welcomed all people in attendance. Through Xhosa chorals and moving speeches, it was evident that the society has the heart for disadvantaged people and is willing to help where possible.

Ubuntu Education Fund was established in 1999 with the aim of helping disadvantaged children. The priorities set for this company at its establishment include focusing on the availability of educational tools for disadvantaged children. As the organization expanded its operations, it realized there was a need to concentrate on other problems which affected the welfare of children such as hunger and HIV. These were some of the factors that limited the ability of disadvantaged children to pursue their education ambitions successfully.

At the moment, the organization serves over four hundred thousand disadvantaged people in Africa. It ensures that the education and health needs of these people are met. Some of the needs covered by this fund include the provision of home stability and provision of health. The fund has successfully ensured that disadvantaged people can as well live a normal life through input from such charitable organizations and well-wishers.

Andrew who has previously worked with several companies such as True Religion Apparel Inc. and J. Jill among others has served as a valuable asset to Ubuntu Education Fund. He is a leader who always seeks new ways of expanding opportunities to cover the disadvantaged children. Under the leadership of Andrew who possesses strong expansion skills and leadership capability, Ubuntu Education Fund is expected to achieve more developments.

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