Targeting & Defeating Cancer: The Clay Siegall Way

Have you ever known someone who has dealt with cancer? Have you ever witnessed someone who was fighting cancer? This debilitating disease is very harsh and is very unforgiving. Unfortunately, this disease has taken millions of lives. Cancer can manifest in a number of the body’s vital organs such as the liver, the lungs, the skin, the throat, the breast or the prostate. Thanks to the advancements in medications and thanks to the advancements in technology, doctors are starting to get a better understanding of how this disease truly operates. One of those doctors is Clay Siegall, and he has grown into a cancer-research specialist.

Many of Siegall’s friends and peers will tell you that he is a jack-of-all-trades. Siegall actually goes by many different titles. This includes being a doctor, a philanthropist, a scientist and an entrepreneur. On top of that, this extraordinary man is an accomplished author. To add a bit of insult to injury, he has up to 15 different patents. That’s right! Being the CEO of a billion dollar company isn’t easy, and Seattle Genetics has had its fair share of setbacks just like every other company. Between 1999 – 2001, the company struggled with selling its products and services. Seattle Genetics also wasn’t getting enough publicity. Siegall battened-down the hatches and went to work by hiring a dynamic sales staff. This sales staff was well-versed in cancer research and before too long, it pulled the company from its imminent demise.

Seven and eight-figure deals came fast and furious, which has earned the company hundreds of millions of dollars. Siegall also does a bit of public and private fundraising, which has helped to bring in an additional $1 billion. It would be very hard trying to find another person that is as ambitious as Dr. Clay Siegall, and things are only going to get better for cancer research.

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