Steve Ritchie Has A Passion For Making Great Pizza

The new man behind Papa John’s is Steve Ritchie, their CEO. He began working with the company in 1996 after taking a position with their call center helping customers order pizzas. He began to love the brand and worked hard to make his way up through the company. Over the years, he has managed to impress many in the business world and was excited to have the opportunity to lead the company after being with them for so many years. While he may know that he has a lot of work to do, he believes that he is up to the challenge and will do his best to achieve their long-term goals.

Things are starting to look up for the pizza chain under the command of Steve Ritchie. While the figures are still early, there looks to be a significant amount of growth and improvement in many of their stores around the United States. Quality has always been an important part of the business plan at Papa John’s and they want to be able to exceed the expectations that their customers have for their brand. Steve Ritchie is dedicated not only to making Papa John’s better as a company, but he is also dedicated to making sure that customers get high-quality food with the best customer service that they can provide.

Papa John’s has promised a new dedication to inclusivity and diversity at their company. To accomplish this, they have been completing several initiatives at every level of their company. One of the most impressive moves that Steve Ritchie made in an effort to get informed about the state of his company was to visit stores in different parts of the country. While he was there he was able to get the real thought and opinions of the people working for the brand as well as their customers.

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