Securus Proudly Mandates Inmate Communications

A recent PRN News article reported that Securus Technologies is continuing to regulate inmate communications under governmental regulations. Securus Technologies also works closely with the Public Utility Commission to ensure ethics policies and compliance mandates. Customers are guaranteed every minute that is allotted on their contract. Many families complain of the rising cost of inmate calls through operator assistance. In fact, customer regulations provide the safety with public safety that is necessary for quality surveillance and monitoring. Securus makes sure that customers are provided with high end calls that work to save you money.

Securus values their customers and listened to the need to cut the cost of correctional facility calls. They have teamed up with Vimeo to bring inmates and their families cost effective inmate calls. Many familes complain about the cost of operator assisted calls and now they can eliminate the use for an operator. Dont fret over expensive calls when you can utilize the services of Vimeo. It is very important that you take your life in your own hands before you try to work with other industry providers that won’t work and will cost you money. You have the opportunity to be in control of your inmate calling features.

By teaming up with Vimeo Securus Technologies now offers their customers face-to-face communication through video chatting. Video chat features have become very popular for inmates and their families. You get high definition video and have complete control over the audio. Now you can use zoom in and out features that allows you to see your clients up close. You can eliminate the need of having to travel to an actual facility and talk over the internet with the use of video chat features. You’re invited to visit the official Securus Technologies website for more details on program services today.

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