Angela Koch: Highlighting the Importance of Employees at the US Money Reserve

The US Money Reserve was founded in 2001. The company focused on the distribution of precious metal products in the American market. The US Money Reserve sells limited edition coins that are either minted locally or internationally.

Through the years, the company experienced growth, and more people are doing business with them because of the authenticity of their products and the positive reviews that they receive from those who have transacted with them in the past.

Today, the US Money Reserve keeps on becoming one of the leading precious metal product distributors in the country, thanks to the leadership of Angela Koch, their current chief executive officer.

Angela Koch is a responsible leader, and she is making sure that the US Money Reserve will continue working with minting companies around the world to secure more products that are in demand with collectors in the United States. Read more: US Money Reserve | BizJournals and US Money Reserve INC | BBB

The most desirable products are coins and bouillons that are made from gold, silver, or platinum. Being the only female chief executive officer in the precious metals industry, she is proud to say that her actions and decisions are resulting in positive growth within the company. Aside from selling coins and bouillons, the US Money Reserve is also responsible for encouraging the public to invest in precious metals.

Through the years, the number of people who have seen precious metals as a viable investment increased, and Angela Koch claimed that the company was able to serve half-a-million individuals who wanted to invest in precious metals.

The professionals working at the US Money Reserve were trained to encourage the public about the investments that they should consider, and they are looking up to Angela Koch for providing them with adequate training and other benefits.

According to Angela Koch, being a company leader is difficult, but it is manageable. She stated that the most important thing that a leader should do inside the business is to make sure that the employees are benefiting a lot from the company, and they are taken care of.

When the employees are rewarded for their hard work and they feel that the company cares about them, they will try to do their best and to reach their goals. This is what Angela Koch did with the employees working at the US Money Reserve, and they were able to exceed her expectations. The company was able to generate a huge return on an investment after they made sure that all employees working for the US Money Reserve will be given benefits and other compensations.

Angela Koch is thankful that the employees keep on doing their best to help the company, and today, one of her main goals is to expand the operations of the US Money Reserve and generate new clients.

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James Dondero-A Big Businessman With A Big Heart

James Dondero is the President and Co-Founder of Highland Capital Management, an investment company based in Dallas, Texas. His company has been widely successful with people of all walks of life are attracted to the high yield, low risk investing that his company is known for. In addition to being a big time businessman, James Dondero also is a huge philanthropist. He is also known for his charity contributions all over the city. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

One of the main ways that James Dondero has given back to his community is by his business model. His company is built on the principle that there is always a way to give back. His company has been at the forefront of many of the charity events in the Dallas area including work on the George W. Bush presidential library and the Perot Museum of Natural Science. By including his company at many of these charity events his company is able to stand out among the rest of all of those in the Dallas area. Also, James Dondero gives of his money and at charity events he also gives of his time. For example, his company has been the head of a special charity event for Mother’s Day at the Dallas Zoo. This shows that Highland Capital management company is truly committed to their philanthropy efforts for many years to come. While his company is able to make money through this business model he is not only in it for the money but also to help as many people as he can in the Dallas area. Read more about James Dondero at

Another way that James Dondero participates in charity on a personal level is by forming another company that serves the sole purpose of helping out those in need. The Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc was founded with Mary Jalonick, the CEO of the Dallas Foundation. This company is able to help Dondero find the companies in the area that are truly deserving of his time. From large to small charity events, this company is able to find all those that are in need. Efforts like these set James Dondero apart from all other CEOs.


Entrepreneur Barbara Stokes Builds Huntsville-Based Disaster Relief Firm

Barbara Stokes is the co-owner and chief executive officer of a disaster relief firm. This is Green Structure Homes Delivered which is based in Huntsville, AL. She co-founded this company in 2008 after having worked in the government contracting area for seven years. Visit Gazetteday to know more about Barbara.

Her company has become a go-to for FEMA in the event of needing to provide housing in the wake of a natural disaster.

A graduate of Mercer College, Barbara Stokes studied physics and biochemical engineering. She brings this knowledge to her company along with her skills in management and manufacturing. Her company can quickly build small, temporary homes that can be easily delivered to where they need to be. Read more about Barbara Stokes at The Cullman Times.

The homes that Barbara Stokes builds are built with safe and durable materials. They also feature modern safety equipment such as smoke detectors, monoxide detectors, and sprinkler systems. People have a sense of security living in these while waiting for their homes to be rebuilt or replaced.


Kisling, Nestico & Redick – Trusted Ohio Attorneys

When he was a teenager, Nestico, the managing partner of Kisling, Nestico & Redick was involved in a terrible accident which left him with severe injuries requiring a three-month hospital stay. The insurance companies took full advantage of the fact that his parents knew no English and therefore easily got out of paying anything. Because they had no legal representation, his parents were forced to foot the entire massive medical bill. 

His parents, Italian immigrants, did not speak English, a fact the insurance company took full advantage of when they handled the settlement of his claim. “I learned at a young age that corporations will take advantage of people who are unable to fight back and I have devoted my career to battle these companies on behalf of families like mine,” Nestico says. It was this that more than anything spurred him into the personal injury world so that others in Ohio would have access to this kind of representation.

Kisling, Nestico & Redick also employs many other attorneys and support staff that have worked at insurance companies and therefore know how they work. The law firm has throughout its existence become known as a firm that often acquires the most desirable results for its clients. It is also highly respected by many of the leading firms throughout the country. Various lawyers at Kisling, Nestico & Redick have been named among the Top 100 Trial Lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers Association. The lawyers of Kisling, Nestico & Redick have been instrumental in changing the way things are handled in the legal world.

Steve Ritchie and His Efforts to Revive Papa Johns

The business executive has worked at the organization for more than two decades now, where he has held different positions. He joined the company as an hourly worker but is the current chief executive officer. The promotions were in recognition of the leadership skills he had displayed in his work. In early 2014, he was appointed as the new chief operations officer but later became the president a year later.

He got his current position at the end of 2017 and has made significant changes over the last two years of his tenure. Steve has displayed commitment towards changing the organizational culture at Papa Johns because he believes that will have a positive impact on its revenue. Some of the measures that he took to achieve that include hiring external auditors to evaluate the company’s diversity policies and training workers about bias.

The CEO became part of the board of the firm after an investment valued at $200 million from Starboard Value. He expressed his excitement after the financing and was optimistic that that would revolutionize its operations. According to him, the funds were to be used in facilitating cultural changes and new product development. The business executive still believes that products from the company are the best in the industry despite the declining sales volumes in recent months.

During one of his interviews, Steve Ritchie acknowledged that achieving the organizational goals would not be an easy task. Earlier this year, the organization revealed its plans to launch a new marketing campaign and ads to increase the sales volumes. The CEO of the pizza maker has always ensured that only quality ingredients are used.

Some of the things have made Papa Johns stand out is a rich network of franchised hotels which are based in different parts of the world and its commitment to embrace innovation. According to its chief executive officer, customers can place orders through a mobile application.

Fortress Investment Group Invests In Network Providing Company iPass

Fortress Investment recently expanded its investment through secured iPass international internet Connectivity Company. The amount of funding Fortress Investment Group is directing towards a deal is estimated to be about$20 Million with $10 Million, which was available at the moment. iPas will benefit from the investment as it has sound balance sheets that have enabled the company to grow over time, closing the profit gaps. The use of patents loans gives the loan security and credibility that is generated from the prowess of a patent. Fortress Investment Group and iPass considered the security that is offered by iPass assets such as SmartConnect technology and patent portfolio.

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iPass Contribution in World-Wide Network Provision

iPass is one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in the world that is consumed by large businesses in the world; the investment by Fortress Investment Group is projected to boost the productivity of this company. The company has technologies that are designed as Software-as-a-service, which values strong value to the consumer. Customers on the network can connect to more than 64 million hotspots in the world.

The company gets immediate access to $10 million according to the agreement with Fortress Investment Group that allows it to transform into a global cloud-based business. iPass will be able to leverage many of its businesses through the provision of unlimited internet. The demand for internet has been recognized by forward-looking companies and individuals all over the world such as Microsoft and HP.

Fortress Investment Group expansion capabilities have made the company maintain its ability to be a trendsetter in the private sector as it invests in areas that are critical for their clients. The investments in iPass are seen as a perfect philosophical move due to the quality of services provided by the Wi-Fi network provider. Many people combine work and vacation; iPass enables them to work online from different parts of the world. The deal is secured by iPass assets and patents that provide a basis for Veri-Fi products. The deal will be beneficial for both companies which are forward-looking in their sectors as they are leading in service provision. Fortress Investment, for instance, was named as an institutional hedge fund of a decade while iPass has been a dominant player in the network provision sector.

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Conquering the Engineering profession by Smita Shah

Smita Shah was on an interview on the Steve Cochran radio show where she got to talk about engineering and how best to tackle its riddles. Smita Shah one of the great stories and is the head of Spaan Tech. She began the tech company about 20 years ago. The company deals with the building of roads, bridges, among other activities.

When asked about what she will do after school, she said that though it was just two years after her masters and thought that the worst that could happen was that she would fail and work for somebody else. On the other hand, she also thought that the best that could happen was that something good would come from it. Since then, her life wasn’t the same.

Smita Shah said that her goal in terms of business was a very simple plan that was for people with exceptional talents and skills to come together, build communities and work on significant projects. She said that at that time, people didn’t use to talk about the STEM term. She was a young lady with a specific talent for math and science.

She continued to say that that didn’t make her unique but rather thought that it made her different. She was one of the only girls doing math in class from a young age and could be pulled aside with boys in 4th and 5th grade to solve math problems. It wasn’t unusual for her, but being different became a regular thing. She says she didn’t think it was cool back then but continued to say that she was more of a nerd.

To date, she said that people were still surprised that she holds a master’s of science in Civil Engineering. She said that people always make assumptions upon seeing women doing engineering and also added that STEM itself was a unique thing. She said that in her country, struggle to find great people interested in engaging in science, math, and education and was one of the reasons she felt she needs to encourage women and minorities to be involved in making the country better. Learn more:

She also said that it was great to see women and girls competing for when they do so, they end up being very successful. She continued to say that not enough emphasis was being put towards engineering for both boys and girls in school. According to her, many people don’t realize that math and science are vital in their lives.

During start-up, she was very naïve to care whether her company would fail but also thought that if it did, she would try something else. She took a slow-growth approach to run her company and went on further. She concluded by advising women that they should embrace the challenge and encourage one another for engineering is a great profession.

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James Dondero and his Credit Strategies Help Highland Capital Management to achieve Significant Business

James Dondero, the co-founder and the President of Highland Capital Management, is known for innovative credit strategies, and that helped the firm to grab significant business in the market. His more than three decades of experience in credit and equity markets that are focused on distressed and high-yield investing made the firm handling assets worth $20 billion. Since he founded the company in 1993, Dondero focused on making Highland Capital a leader in Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO) and framed credit oriented solutions for retail and institutional investors around the world. He has deep expertise in the portfolio management of investment grade corporates, mortgage-backed securities, high-yield bonds, leveraged bank loans, real estate, derivatives, emerging market debt, and more. Read more about James Dondero at Nexpoint Advisors.

Under the guidance of Dondero, Highland Capital offers various world-class product offerings include CLOs, institutional separate accounts, hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds, ETFs, and REITs. It should be noted that many of the funds offered by the firm have received various awards including 5-star designation by Morningstar for Global Allocation – 2014, #1 Healthcare Long/Short Equity Fund by Morningstar in 2014, the Lipper Award for the best Floating Rate Opportunities – 2014, and more. Mr. Dondero oversees the planning and execution of the firm’s operational initiatives and strategic investments. Read more about James Dondero at

James Dondero has co-founded NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund and leads it as its Managing Partner. He is serving as the President of NexPoint Capital, Inc., from 2014 and also working as a Portfolio Manager with the firm. He also serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of HCM Acquisition Company, a start-up firm focusing on acquiring or merging of various companies through asset acquisition, stock purchase, capital stock exchange, reorganization of assets or other business combination. Dondero is also serving as the Portfolio Manager for some Highland Capital funds including Highland Energy MLP Fund, Highland Funds II, and more.

Before founding Highland Capital, James Dondero served Protective Life’s GIC subsidiary as its chief investment officer. He helped the start-up to become a $2 billion firm within five years. Dondero also worked with American Express and managed fixed income funds worth $1 billion. He completed his graduation in Commerce with specialization in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia and earned various certifications including Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA), Certified Management Accountant (CMA), and more. James Dondero serves on the boards of American Banknote and MGM Studios. He is also selected as the Chairman of the boards of CCS Medical Corporation, Cornerstone Healthcare, and NexBank.


Marc Beer: Providing LumeNXT Inc. With a Plan to Succeed

Marc Beer, an American entrepreneur that focuses on medical technology, was recently appointed to become the chairman of the board at LumeNXT Inc. The company is known for its illuminated surgical tools which are used to minimize the number of surgical accidents. The privately-held company continues to grow as more doctors are developing interest with their innovative surgical tools. They appointed Marc Beer to become the chairman of the board because they are aware that he has been working in the industry for more than two decades. He has a lot of experience in helping medical companies develop further, and they are positive that he will also help them with their goal of expanding and reaching new heights.

Marc Beer said that he is proud to work with the people at LumeNXT Inc., and he is inspired mostly by the engineers and surgeons who are doing their best to develop a new product. He also highlighted the importance of the illuminated surgical tools which are being developed by the company and stated how it can save many lives. It would also help the doctors to perform a safer invasive surgery, thanks to the illuminated feature on these tools that gives them a great vision of the area they are working on. Compared to traditional surgery techniques, surgeons across the United States said that they are now more confident working on the operating table because of the precision and accuracy that the products from LumeNXT Inc. provide. The advanced tools that were developed by the company is a product of their research, and it took them years before they can perfect the product.

The co-founder of LumeNXT Inc., Paul Rhyne, stated that their decision to appoint Marc Beer as the chairman of the board is partly because of his skills and talents in managing big medical businesses. They are aware of the success of Renovia Inc., and they also wanted to replicate it. They said that Marc Beer’s passion for helping the public who are facing different medical conditions took their interest. Back when Renovia Inc. was established, Marc Beer was thinking of ways on how his company can become the talk of the town. With the help of his business partners, Marc Beer decided to create a product that would help millions of women who are suffering from pelvic floor disorders. He named the product as Leva, and it was first introduced into the market last year after the FDA gave it a certification.

Since then, Marc Beer has been involved in different ventures that are all about the protection of the public from deadly diseases. His involved with LumeNXT Inc. was due to the executives appointing him as a member of their board, and eventually, as the chairman. Learn more:

The Success of OSI Industries in the Food Industry

OSI Industries is a food processing company founded by Otto Kolschowsky in 1909 and headquartered in Aurora, Illinois, United States. Over the years, the company has developed from a local meat store in the town of Oak Park, Illinois, to a global food processing facility. Currently, it operates over sixty-five facilities in seventeen countries and with more than twenty thousand employees around the world. OSI Industries ranks the leading and the largest privately owned food firms in the United States with an excellent global reputation.

History of the Company

The company began in Oak Park, Illinois, and later relocated to Maywood, and after two years, it was named Otto & Son’s. Over the next three decades in the business, it built a strong reputation within the local community in providing quality meat. In 1955, the company partnered with Ray Kroc who operated the first McDonald’s restaurant in Des Plaines, Illinois, and supplying meat products. In 1973, the company opened its first high volume meat process facility based in West-Chicago and changed its name two years later to OSI Industries. Between 1990 and 2002, the company made significant partnerships and expansions to various countries around the world. It partnered with General Million Corporation and established GenOS based in the Philippines and other notable collaborations in India, China, and Europe. The company owns farms, warehouses, and poultry facilities and meat processing plants in North America, Europe, India, Australia, Philippines, and China.

Products and Services

The company offers its products in different countries globally hence the need to deliver meat products depending on the specific country culture. The company products and services are generated from the processing of poultry, beef, pork, and the latest culinary, heat-and-serve sous vibe. Under each product, it delivers several categories of meat products to meet each consumer need, especially on the provision of specific products distributed to McDonald’s restaurants around the world.

Food Safety

With its extensive meat processing facilities, OSI Industries remains committed to food safety. Recently, it hired Dr. Kenneth Petersen to the position of Senior Vice President in the Department of Quality, Assurance, Food Safety, and Regulatory Affairs. Dr. Petersen oversees the company’s food safety division for the provision of quality and safe food products.