Fabletics Is All About Comfort and Style

When you hit the gym, hit up a yoga class, or go for a run chances are that you are wearing some sort of athletic clothing. That’s because you want something comfortable that you are able to move freely in without worrying of being exposed. You want to wear something that doesn’t take away your concentration. It’s only natural. Women all over are turning to athletic clothing as part of their daily dressing routine. It’s easy to see why. It’s so simple to just toss on a pair of leggings, a t-shirt, and some sneakers. It’s a lot easier to get things done when your dressed for comfort and not style.

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It seems that wearing athletic clothing for day to day errands is becoming more socially acceptable as well. There is now a style to describe that. It’s called athleisure and it’s basically dressing up your athletic wear. It makes it so it’s socially acceptable to wear athletic clothing during everyday errands.

Athleisure is slowly over taking a fancier wardrobe and some companies are seeing a decline in their sales. According to Elle, people are flocking towards athleisure because it’s more comfortable. Companies like Fabletics are also the reason that the athleisure style is doing so well. That’s because they make cute and affordable clothes that are appealing to a wide range of women.

Fabletics advertisements are all over social media and many woman are getting hooked. That’s because they have the option to utilize the subscription-based model where they can receive new looks every month. That makes it super easy for them to sport athleisure! Fabletics is also growing in popularity because of just how comfortable the clothing is. It can be worn almost anywhere and it really allows a person to loosen up and get things done. Overall, athleisure is a style that appeals to mass amounts of people because it’s all about comfort and style.

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Wen By Chaz Hair Product

Over the last few months a woman tested a hair maintenance product known as WEN hair. This is a 5 in 1 formula that contains a shampoo and conditioner. With this product the woman discovered this product on facebook. According to her, it greatly benefited her hair. During the course of one week she tested the product and was able to find out that her hair looked better as well as getting much stronger. With this product, the woman was able to clean her hair more efficiently as well as allowing it to be styled more easily. The woman also discovered that it works very well for people with fine and thin hair as well.

Read the Guthy Renker product review here: http://www.guthy-renker.com/products/beauty/wen-haircare/

With Wen Hair, consumers can use a product that provides a number of benefits. First the product will better cleanse the hair better than your typical shampoo. It will also condition the hair as it will make it easier to style and maintain. Using Wen By Chaz will also make the hair stronger and more resilient.

Those who are looking to use Wen By Chaz will be thrilled to know that it is available on Amazon.com and it contains nothing but natural ingredients. These natural ingredients are able to keep the hair in a healthier condition as well as preventing it from breaking down. With natural ingredients such as glycerin, and plant extracts, Wen By Chaz helps not only preserve your hair quality but also improves it with better cleansing as well as making it more resilient. By using Wen By Chaz, consumers can get the most out of their hair maintenance on a regular basis.
Purchase Wen Hair on http://www.sephora.com/healthy-hair-care-kit-P374589.


Rise in Demand for Gourmet Pet Food is Revolutionizing the Industry

Today’s pet owners think of their pets as an extension of their family. They are willing to do whatever they can to make sure their pets get the best care and the best treatment, so that they can live healthy and happy lives. That means buying from Wal-mart the best food for their pets. To today’s pet owners that means the best tasting and the healthiest.
Just as many people on facebook are more concerned about the ingredients that go into their food, they are equally concerned about the ingredients that go into their pet food. That means more and more people are lookin to buy gourmet pet food, which has caused the rise of the gourmet pet food industry, as illustrated in this article from the Daily Herald.

New companies, like PetFresh, are entering the market, but well known companies like Purina, Colgate-Palmolive, and Nestle also trying to get their slice of the 23.7 billion dollar pet food industry. Cologate-Palmolive has created a dog food that is desingned to help dogs stay in shape and lose weight.

A big corner of this market belongs to the Purina owned label Beneful, which focuses on healthy food that is scientifically proven to be better for your pets. They have a wide range of products which is backed by a team of scientists and nutrition experts. With Beneful, pet owners know they are getting what they are paying for. Beneful.com is an innovator in the industry because the offer real, whole grains, meats and vegetables, which translates to “Nutrtion You Can See.”

Beneful’s range of products offers dog chow and puppy food that is aimed at the dietary needs of dogs of differnt sizes and ages. They also offer pet treats that have been reviewed by veterinarians as benefiting the health and nutrition of your dog’s teeth. All of these benefits are why Beneful is one of the leaders in pet food among concerned pet owners.

Gourmet pet food has transformed the industry, and is leading the revolution in how pet owners treat thier pets. As more and more people take note of the food they feed their pets, gourmet pet food will continue to be a bigger part of the market. Learn more about Beneful: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beneful

George Soros Issues Grim Prediction for Future Markets

Esteemed political bellwether, multi billionaire hedge fund manager and general all around economic guru, George Soros recently spoke at a prestigious economic summit in Sri Lanka. Whilst there he covered a great deal of ground in regards to staggering effects of the recent and far reaching economic downturn brought about by China’s market collapse. He noted that this was due to China’s inability to successfully create a new economic growth model on http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2016-01-07/global-markets-at-the-beginning-of-a-crisis-george-soros-says and that it was a sign of storm times to come.

How stormy, one might rightly wonder? Well according to Mr. George Soros the financial crisis facing the western world bears a remarkable similarity to the financial housing market collapse of 2008, which originated due to mishandling of sub prime mortgages as well as a myriad of other factors. There is one crucial difference, in Soros’ mind, however, between the current market situation in China and other affected markets and the financial housing collapse of 2008 is that he fears the present situation will be far worse for everyone.

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“It amounts to a crisis,” George Soros grimly remarked during the eco summit. And this is far from the first time Soros has raised and been correct about emerging market problems. Take for instance his diagnosis of the Greek debt situation where in 2011 he said that the problem in Greece would be worse for the country than the 2008 situation in the United States and indeed his prognostication turned out to be correct. But there are other compelling reasons to believe the esteemed Hungarian businessman, namely that he has the facts on his side. For instance, all of the majority market volatility indexes have been rather sufficiently corroborating what Soros has thus far said such as the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX) which has shown a 13 percent increase. Similarly, the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index on https://www.facebook.com/breakingpolitical/posts/1562000144097945 has increased 43 since the end of 2015 alone. The Merrill Lynch price swing index expects treasury bonds to increase by nearly six percent this year. All of this seems to point to the veracity of George Soros’ prediction, despite the fact that China’s economy seems to be stabilizing after the downturn.

Laidlaw & Company on the Grow

Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. is a boutique investment bank and brokerage firm with its main offices in London. They have 150 employees throughout Europe and the United States of America. Matthew D. Eitner serves as the chief executive officer and James P. Ahern is a partner who is the head of capital markets.

Laidlaw is designated as small, hence the boutique classification, while their staff and resources may be limited; what is important is their attention to clients. The success or failure of any enterprise is dependent on several factors. For an investment bank concern, like Laidlaw, their research department and the information available for agents thru  the PR Newswire website can be the most important ingredient in success or failure. Secondly the relationship between investors and agents needs to be a thorough relationship and education and information needs to flow from the agent to the investor; this information must be accurate and true, any deviation from the truth would result in a Security and Exchange Commission investigation.

Reputation is an important ingredient in any business and it is, especially, true whenever people are investing hard earned discretionary capital into investments recommended by agents of investment banks.

Initial public offerings (IPOs) are a case, in point, the upper management takes public a private company; both the private, now public, company and the management have a fragile relationship. In case of failure it is easy for the one to blame the other, but in most cases both management from the investment bank and the now public company are happy. It is now the time for the sales agents to support this newly formed product, the IPO. Sales agents are the grandparents of the new company, they are a generation removed from the intimate dealings of the private now public company and management. The agents have an intense interest in this new product and are encouraged to aid in the growth of the product.


Skout Is Using Its Technology To Fight Hunger

Skout is one of the most well-known and world wide dating applications . Skout was first developed in 2007 and its founders were Christian Wiklund and Niklas Lindstrom. The headquarters for Skout is in San Francisco California, and Skout has had huge success since its humble beginnings.

Skout was started as a web application for people to meet people in their area, and it was intended for social networking. Skout changed to a dating application when the founders realized that 80% of the users were using Skout as a dating platform. Skout was able to get $22 million from investors and they also received about $4.6 million from angel investments.

Skout acquired a nightlife application which allowed its users to find fun night time events, see the guest list, and buy tickets.

Skout got together with the SF Marin food bank in order to help people facing hunger. Skout has a feature in its application that allows individuals to give virtual gifts. Skout promised that for each user that sent a virtual bag of potato chips, they would make a cash donation to this food bank. The goal was to serve over 20,000 people in the San Francisco area.

PRNnewswire did an article about this partnership between Skout and the SF Marine food bank. These companies are realizing that many people have shrinking incomes, and they want to be able to use technology and creativity to help fight hunger. These companies are very happy to be working together with the community to help local citizens get the food that they need.

How Hi-Tech May Affect The Wedding Industry

When it comes to the wedding industry there is a past, present, and future way of handling the process. When it comes to registries, in the past couples may have registered at a handful of stores. They may have raced about a store using a scanner that didn’t always work correctly to pick the items they wanted to register.

In the present there are new websites like TheKnot and MyRegistry that lets you sync items from a variety of stores to a website in which the couple has their personal web page. If guests don’t purchase an item for a couple, they can contribute towards its final cost. The website Honeyfund lets guests contribute funds to a couple’s honey moon trip or other expenses.
In the future even more digital and high tech advances will come into the picture. In its new stages there is image recognition technology. A customer can use their mobile phone to take pictures of a product they desire, and an app will show the customer similar items available for sale by a retailer. The app will also let the customer make a purchase through their phone.

An example of a company that produces product recognition software is Slyce, a Canadian company that has partnered with many top worldwide companies like Carnival shoe stores, Shoes.com, and Neiman Marcus.

A Slyce product app is the Universal Scanner. With it you can sna a picture of almost anything from a real object to photos in a magazines and get results from the retailers that use the software.

As for wedding attire, in the past women had to search about frantically to find an expensive wedding dress that they would wear only once.

In the future renting a wedding dress will become more of an acceptable alternative. And having a dress custom made, or buying one from a retailer may be available for more reasonable prices.

When it comes to a couple launching their own website, you used to have to be a website building wiz to have an attractive site, Now there are online companies like The Knot and Minted, where you can launch a free wedding website, Web building software makes it easy to create the type of website you wish.

How Money and Music Come Together To Improve Lives

Financial “masters of the universe” and musical celebrities have more in common than one might think. Big money earners, these two groups often exhibit it with flashy lifestyles that are also sometimes scandalous. But such reputations are certainly not true of all money and music makers. Many of these groups “give back” in fact according to global-citizen.com, in a number of ways. Take Autism Rocks, for example.
Created in 2014, this British based organization uses private, invitation-only concerts to raise funds. Prince, Lenny Kravitz, Joss Stone, and Elvis Costello are among the “A-list” performers who have donated their talents to Autism Rocks. Raised funds are used for autism research and to support services for those living with autism. Autism Rocks founder is financier Sanjay Shah, himself the father of an autistic child. Concerts have been held in both London and Dubai, with the organization planning to expand its musical footprint. And as Autism Rocks grows, Shah is making changes behind the scenes as well. As reported in a February 18, 2016 article in PR Newswire, Shah recently announced the addition of Pete and Will Best to Autism Rocks board of trustees. Pete Best has a strong background in the world of finance. Will Best is well known in Great Britain both in advertising and in entertainment circles. The Best brothers will be heavily involved in management and event scheduling for the organization, where Shah feels their skills will be put to good use, given Autism Rocks rapid global expansion.

Shah thought initially that his future career would be in medicine, and in fact undertook medical studies before he decided that this path was not for him. He then transferred to finance, and upon university graduation, worked for such financial institutions as Suisse Credit, Morgan Stanley, and Merrill Lynch. A job victim of the Great Recession, Shah thereupon founded his own brokerage firm on Register.Fca, Solo Capital, Ltd. Known by several other names in the United Kingdom, the companycheck is part of Solo Capital Group Holdings, of which Shah remains CEO. The companies under the Solo Capital Group Holdings umbrella focus on proprietary trading, consulting, and sports investment.

In addition to the Solo Capital brand companies, Shah owns more than three dozen companies located in the British Virgin Islands, the United States, Dubai, Luxembourg, Malta, and the Cayman Islands. One of Shah’s most recent acquisitions was the 2014 purchase of Old Park Lane Capital, a notable trader of natural resources stock. He recently retired from the hands-on running of his financial empire to focus on Autism Rocks, and another entertainment oriented company, Done Events. An event promoting firm, Done Events is headquartered in Dubai, Shah’s current home. The company’s greatest success to date is a large jazz festival in Dubai, now a annual event.

Liberal Donors Are Teaming Up To Get The Immigrant Vote

George Soros‘ background strongly guides his political and philosophical views. Soros grew up being forced to hide his identity because he was a jew in a nazi occupied country. Soros lived with his family in Budapest through the Nazi regime and then the communist, but when he was 17 he decided it was time to flee the country. When there, Soros moved around for 2 decades at various investment firms. It was in the 1970s that Soros decided to start his own investment firm, which he had significant success with.

Due to the success that George Soros saw at his firm, Soros Fund Management, he was able to step back from the daily oversight and let someone else take over. Soros stayed involved with investments but he mainly concentrated on pursuing his passion. Soros’ passion is philanthropy. He cares deeply about society and he cares that each individual person have the opportunity to succeed. Because of this passion, Soros founded his own charity. It is called the Open Society Foundations and they are operating in more than 100 different countries around the world. They want to increase the amount of human rights that everyone has, increase the transparency of governments around the world and create more open societies.

Soros and his other liberal colleagues were recently written about in the New York Times. The article discussed how several democratic donors had decided to team up to push for more votes. They identified immigrant voters as being a key demographic to target. Since immigrants have been the target of so much republican criticism, the group felt they would have a drive to vote democrat. The reason that the donors decided that now is the time is that there has been very poor democratic turnout at the primaries. While this might not have been a concern in the past, there are now crowds of republicans turning out to support and vote for Trump. If the democrats want to keep up in the election, they will need to find a way to excite voters.

There is a lack of trust for the democrats. This is because of unfulfilled promises by the Obama administration to create a new immigration process. And there is competition. The republicans are not ignoring the immigrant population. The Koch brothers have financed Libre Initiative with 10 million dollars to bring in more Latino voters in nine states.

The Chinese Bubble Has Begun To Pop And Global Recession Is The Outcome According To George Soros

The European Union represents a significant part of the world’s economy. The sovereign debt crisis and the 2008 meltdown have been persistent issues. The European Central Bank has taken extraordinary steps to implement quantitative easing in the European Union to stimulate economic growth. The PIIGS nations; Portugal, Ireland, Italy Greece and Spain have been financially bailed out by the European Union time after time. Mandatory austerity measures have ben put in place to get those free-spending nations in line, but those measures aren’t working, according to billionaire George Soros.

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Greece has been the fly in the healing ointment that the EU dispensed, and that fly is spreading negative consequences for the EU and the world’s economy, according to Mr. Soros. It’s safe to say the issues surrounding the PIIGS nations will be one of the catalysis for a European Collapse. If the EU does collapse, Soros believes China’s economic issues will deepen the potential recession.

Mr. Soros recently told Bloomberg.com that the Chinese government has imposed capital controls in order to keep money within its borders. Chinese investors don’t have many options when it comes to investing. Consequently, Chinese real estate and stocks have become expensive. Those signs could lead to the Chinese bubble popping sooner than economists are predicting. The Chinese government has implemented circuit breakers in their stock markets to curb short selling. Soros is betting the China’s currency, the yuan, will depreciate against the dollar in 2016, and if he is right he stands to make another fortune along with other hedge fund investors that are doing the same thing. The Chinese government said they will stop those investors from making money at their expense, but that remains to be seen.

China’s quest to convert its economy to a consumer-driven economy has led to the overproduction of buildings and cities. Those ghost cities are proof that China has a long way to go before it can get its economic house in order, according to Mr. Soros. And time is running out.

Mr. Soros as well as respected economists from around the globe are predicting a worldwide recession that could stick around for years. There isn’t an easy fix for the economic downturn, according to those economists. The European Union would have to correct the inherent flaws in the Union, and China would have to find a quick way to boost their GDP growth. Both of those scenarios are unlikely.

The new global recession may not develop completely in 2016, but there will be enough signs that will alert the world that it is in progress