Is Using Wen by Chaz Against Thin Hair the Answer?

In today’s world, many people spend a lot of money on hair care. Hair is many times one of the first things that is noticed on both men and women. The appearance of one’s hair can tell a lot about a person. A healthy and young person will more often than not have hair that is full and strong. On the other hand, a sick or older person will be more prone to have hair that might be thin or weak. A lot of the products that people buy will temporarily make hair look good, but may actually be harmful to hair’s long-term health. That is one of the major reasons WEN hair by Chaz was created. Creator Chaz Dean sought to revolutionize hair care by introducing a cleansing conditioner that did not contain any harmful sulfates so that hair would be healthier-looking after using Wen by Chaz products.

Recently, Emily McClure decided to try the all-in-one Sephora endorsed Wen conditioners and report the results on her self-proclaimed “fine, thin hair”. Her trial, found in its entirety on, proved to be quite interesting for all hair care enthusiasts.

On her first day of use, she was skeptical at the recommended amount of product listed on the label. It seemed a bit much for Emily – for long hair, the label suggests up to 32 pumps of the bottle. However, once she began applying the conditioner she was pleasantly surprised. She reported her hair felt thicker and did not fall out.

As the week long experiment progressed, she began to develop a routine in the products use. She found that as long as she used the conditioner during a morning shower that she would be impressed with her hair. If she missed a morning shower, then her hair would not be very pleasant during the day until she was able to use the product. For this reason, while she enjoyed the results immediately after its use, she would probably only recommend Wen by Chaz only if a person was able to use it every morning or when one needs their hair to look good immediately following a shower. To learn more, check out Wen Hair’s Wikipedia page.

Equities First Holdings on Alternative Loans

If you are needing a loan, but cannot use more conventional loan techniques, then you might want to consider a margin or stock based loan. Before you contact a lender, however, consider the differences in the two types of loan and choose the one that is right for your individual circumstances. Equities First Holding is seeing a rise in the number of people who are obtaining loans by using their stock. These loans fall into two different categories. Before you try to obtain a loan using stock understand the difference.


A financial institution will typically pre-qualify a borrower seeking a margin loan using the same process that they do for those seeking conventional loans. Borrows can expect to need up to 50 percent of the loan’s value. These loans have a variable interest rate which can adjust at any time. Furthermore, financial officers may choose to liquidate the stock if a margin call happens without giving the borrower any advance notice. The money obtained from these loans typically has to be used for a specific purpose.


Financial institutions will issue a set interest rate with a stock-based loan. The interest rate on these loans is usually between 3 and 4 percent. Typically, borrowers may need up to 75 percent of the value of the loan in stock. If the value of the stock drops, then the financial institution has no recourse in collecting their money. A stock-based loan can be used for any purpose.


If you are interested in obtaining a margin or stock based loan, then Equity First Holdings hopes that you will contact them. They have been in business for almost 14 years. They have loaned customers over $1.4 billion dollars using these alternative ideas. The value of each loan has varied from $100,000 to $10 million dollars. They currently operate offices in nine countries, so one is conveniently located near you.


Al Christi Junior, the CEO of Equity First Holdings, says that while some borrowers can get loans through larger brokerage firms, these institutions often find it almost impossible to work with borrowers because of tight regulations from the Stock Exchange Commission and the Federal Reserve. Therefore, he highly recommends that if you are looking for a loan, you contact his company.


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Richard Blair Teaches Others How to Preserve Wealth

However, everything exists as a matter of perspective and one person’s reality may not be identical to another’s. For example, individuals who have become independently wealthy, either through business dealings or even by winning the lottery, often don’t know exactly how to handle their wealth.

As a direct result, people frequently end up on the short end of the stick when it comes to preserving their wealth because they make poor choices when it comes to how they choose to spend their money. To exacerbate the problem, a lot of people don’t really know how to invest their money in order to make it work for them instead of against them.

This forces them to live out their retirement in a much more restricted manner than they would like. This is a real shame, especially when a person has had wealth in the past and has since lost it because they simply didn’t know how to handle it.

Obviously, a person that has a lot of money needs to have someone in their corner that is capable of helping them preserve their wealth and manage it so that they don’t find themselves in this situation. One of the most effective individuals at doing exactly that is Richard Blair Wealth Solutions.

In fact, Richard Blair and Wealth Solutions have become synonymous with things like solid investment and retirement advice, as well as teaching others had to preserve their wealth. Any person that has Blair in their corner knows if they have someone who is fighting for them to get everything they have coming to them and is constantly teaching them how to handle their finances. This is invaluable information for any individual, no matter how much or how little they might have.

Blair is an individual that leaves no stone unturned when it comes to helping people save money and get more money for the future. He has a strong desire to help individuals live more comfortably and because of that desire, he works tirelessly to ensure that he provides sound advice for everyone that is tailored to fit their particular situation.

No one likes the idea of not having enough money but a surprising number of individuals don’t seek out the help they need when it comes to maintaining their wealth or developing wealth in the future. Blair has set out to change that by helping individuals recognize how important these actions really are.

The Investigator Pro 4.0 Has Been Released By Securus Technologies

The Investigator Pro is a brand new tool that will be invaluable in the fight against crime that takes place in correctional facilities. It has been developed by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is an innovative company that is on the cutting edge of solutions in the corrections industry. It also provides a number of services in the fields of monitoring, investigation, public safety, and other matters pertaining to civil and criminal justice.


The genius Securus Technologies’ Investigator Pro 4.0 Software is its ability to match voice patterns across a large database. Every day a massive number of phone calls are made to inmates within prisons that use Securus Technologies’ services. Now those prisons will have an edge against the bad guys that they won’t see coming. Investigator pro 4.0 can recognize voices within phone calls and match them with other phone calls where the same voice was speaking. Conceivably a phone call that was made months ago could be matched with a new one. this allows criminal investigators to have all the relevant phone calls for a particular case in front of them within a short period of time. In the past, getting data like this was a time consuming and faulty process. Worse, there may have been crimes that went uncaught or unforeseen due to the difficulty in manually sorting through voice calls. But now, thanks to Securus Technologies and Investigator Pro 4.0 those issues are much easier to deal with. Watch this video on Youtube.


Michael Kester who worked on the team responsible for Investigator Pro 4.0 said that this software will be sure to help combat gang related activity and also to investigate potential crimes by other individuals of high interest. Entire networks of criminals can now be observed based upon mutual callers that have been identified through their voices. Many crimes may now be stopped before the can even happen as well.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Fabletics Continues to be a Market Leader in the Active Lifestyle Market Place

Fabletics launched in 2013 and become an instant success with fitness fans around the world. Kate Hudson is the face behind Fabletics and with her she brings a fun, sporty look that keeps customers coming back.

However, Fabletics is more than just a brand, it is part of the first VIP member shopping experiences to launch. Members can sign up to be VIPS and take a short style quiz. Based on this quiz, Fabletic emails monthly picks to the members inbox on the first of each month. There are about 10-15 outfits to select from and all are deeply discounted for the members. However this money is not lost, it may be used at any time to purchase products on the Fabletics site or just check them out on Facebook. If members are not happy they can cancel at any time with a quick phone call. If one is reluctant to commit to being a VIP right away you can also sign up for Kates Monthly Picks. Each month Kate Hudson will email her favorite styles for the month that one can purchase however the there is no VIP discount for this option.

One of the reasons Fabletics is such a success is that it is not geared toward a particular athlete or type of work out but towards an overall fit life style. Many of the options are layered options, allowing customers to leave their workout class and throw on their Fabletics hoodie and run their errands while still looking stylish. The brand is about being able to live an active lifestyle while still being comfortable and looking chic. This concept is so popular amongst Fabletics fans, that Kate Hudson recently announced her line of athleisure dresses, which give the customer the same comfortable feel they have in their daytime Fabletics wear that they can throw on for a night on the town. In line with the brand, the dresses have built in bras and support to make it even easier for the customers to look good.

While originally geared towards women, Fabletics recently branched out into the men’s market with the launch of their line FL2. Fabletics have found a true niche in the active wear market place and are sure to continue to offer more new and exciting products to their loyal fan base.

Securus Proudly Mandates Inmate Communications

A recent PRN News article reported that Securus Technologies is continuing to regulate inmate communications under governmental regulations. Securus Technologies also works closely with the Public Utility Commission to ensure ethics policies and compliance mandates. Customers are guaranteed every minute that is allotted on their contract. Many families complain of the rising cost of inmate calls through operator assistance. In fact, customer regulations provide the safety with public safety that is necessary for quality surveillance and monitoring. Securus makes sure that customers are provided with high end calls that work to save you money.

Securus values their customers and listened to the need to cut the cost of correctional facility calls. They have teamed up with Vimeo to bring inmates and their families cost effective inmate calls. Many familes complain about the cost of operator assisted calls and now they can eliminate the use for an operator. Dont fret over expensive calls when you can utilize the services of Vimeo. It is very important that you take your life in your own hands before you try to work with other industry providers that won’t work and will cost you money. You have the opportunity to be in control of your inmate calling features.

By teaming up with Vimeo Securus Technologies now offers their customers face-to-face communication through video chatting. Video chat features have become very popular for inmates and their families. You get high definition video and have complete control over the audio. Now you can use zoom in and out features that allows you to see your clients up close. You can eliminate the need of having to travel to an actual facility and talk over the internet with the use of video chat features. You’re invited to visit the official Securus Technologies website for more details on program services today.

Wen by Chaz Is The Hair Product Go To For Thickness

Hairdresser tries new Wen hair by Chaz to see if it was all it was advertised to be. The first day she began with a long hot shower and a shampoo. It was a little crazy the amount of shampoo conditioner that she had to use in her hair but she did it. After washing and blow drying her hair she realized how remarkably soft and shiny her hair was. It was also very thick looking and healthy. Was this shampoo a miracle cure for her flat and dull hair?

The second day she woke up to oily hair. Being a hairdresser, she did not like her hair to look oily or greasy. She jumps in the shower and shampoos her hair. Her hair comes out looking delicious and clean. Her hair is thick and shiny. By the end of the day, her hair was beginning to show a little bit of wear. Her hair was beginning to look a little greasy.

Each day she woke to unmanageable greasy hair. One day she was late for work and still had to wash her hair. She had to leave and go to work without a morning shower.  She could not wait to get home to be able to rewash her hair. Wen was turning out to be a go to product for thick beautiful hair but did she want to have to wash her hair every single morning?

The young woman woke up one morning and had to go wash her hair.  Her colleagues told her how beautiful her hair was but she knew she would have to use this only when she wanted the thick hair because she did not want to wash her hair everyday. Need Wen hair? check out their products online on Guthy Renker and Sephora. Visit the Wen Facebook page for more information.

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Don Ressler’s Dedication To The Growth Of Fabletics Into A Billion Dollar Company

Don Ressler, the CEO of Fabletics and co-CEO of JustFab Inc, has been making significant strides in growth of his business into a multinational corporation. The company specializes in the making of exercise pants for the youth. Fitness has become an important aspect in the US. More people have become aware of the benefits of staying in shape. As such, youths have flocked shops selling athletic apparel in an attempt to be healthy. Fabletics is a branch of the JustFab portfolio that is co-owned by Adam Goldenberg.

Capitalization of Market Niche

Launched in 2013, Fabletics has been actively involved in the production of athletic wear for the American market. However, present plans are to tap into the European and Asian markets.  Ressler’s Fabletics has capitalized on producing high quality apparel at affordable prices. For instance, full outfits are sold at $49.95.This is lower than prices charged by rival competitors. As such, the company has been able to attract and retain a growing number of clients. Furthermore, Ressler has acquired the advertising services of Kate Hudson. Hudson’s background as an avid athlete and style icon has significantly aided in customer attraction.

Trend in Growth of the Brand

Furthermore, this Foodie Stays Fit review notes that Fabletics recently launched a men’s line known as FL2.The line is geared to attract men of various ages interested in exercise. The fabric is developed from latest technology and incorporates comfort and style. Such material ensures men feel and look good while working out. Ressler’s Fabletics has fully embraced technology by basing its sales on an online shopping platform. Ressler also plans to open up stores to reduce delivery time to clients. See:

Origin of Fabletics

Don Ressler credits his wife, Ginger, as a major source of inspiration in the business. The two have been passionate athletes since their college days. They wore less athletic apparel back then. A gap in the market was spotted immediately. Furthermore, they were ridiculously expensive on. Hence, the idea to create athletic and cheaper pants was conceived. More importantly, their products are flexible and can be worn on leisure outings. At the beginning, a lot of energy and sweat was spent in attracting new customers.

Getting the Perfect Bangs Using Wen By Chaz

When women feel bored with their hairstyles, they often perform minor alterations if they don’t desire drastic changes. This effect can often be achieved by adding bangs to the hair. Bangs are short cuts which are made along the front of the hair, just above the eyes. Bangs are extremely versatile. They can be extremely short and blunt or they can be longer and form a mask over the eyes. Either way, bangs prove to be a stylish alternative to a complete hair cut. When an individual is interested in getting bangs, it is important that a few basic guidelines be followed. In an effort to achieve the best possible look, the individual should be sure to allow a professional to cut the bangs. Cutting bangs may seem like a simple task, but the process can prove to be daunting for amateurs. It is always important to seek an expert’s opinion or professional help when attempting to create a hair cut expression.
Next to seeking professional help, it is most important to condition the hair properly after the bangs have been cut. Freshly cut hair is extremely susceptible to breakage and damage from harsh chemicals. For this reason, it is important to use a hair care product with quality ingredients that are properly sourced. Hair care lines like the Wen hair by Chaz line are phenomenal at providing customers with products that genuinely nourish the hair and scalp after a cut. A recent review of the Total Beauty product line which was published on Bustle revealed that the Wen by Chaz hair care line produces noticeable results in as little as one week. For individuals who have recently gotten new bangs, it is important to begin a consistent hair care regimen using products like the shampoo and conditioning set found in the Sephora marketed Wen hair by Chaz product line.

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The Strategic Growth Operations of IAP Result in Billions in Revenue

IAP Worldwide has successfully acquired two businesses. One business is DRS Technologies Inc., an aviation & logistics company based in Oklahoma. The other is the Tactical Communications & Network Solutions business in Maryland. IAP has managed to double the size of its prospects through these acquisitions.

These businesses have been unified into a single unit (along with the National Security Programs in existence) by the title of Aviation & Engineering Solutions. It makes sense for IAP to broaden their services to incorporate more of the same U.S. and international government organizations and agencies as clients. Read more: Kaye Scholer Represents Lender Group in IAP Worldwide Restructuring

As a global leader of logistics, highly technical services, and facilities management, IAP naturally better serves its customer base by integrating aviation, communication, and networking businesses into the fold. The latter services added to IAP are aircraft repair management, aircraft logistics and mission support, engineering, information technology, and communications support solutions.

This differentiates from the inorganic growth obtained by acquiring other businesses in the same vertical, which IAP has a history of. Learn more about IAP Worldwide: and

These strategic acquisitions allow IAP to benefit from the pre-established relationships that AES has with the Navy among other entities. The acquisition shows that IAP has long term dedication towards government customers. Regarding government customers, IAP has held over $370 million in government services contracts.

An earlier acquisition transpired in 2005 with the acquisition of Johnson Controls World Services which brought the combined total annual revenue to over $1 billion. This too was a strategic acquisition allowing IAP to gain more market share by offering additional services.

The merger resulted in JCWS changing its name to IAP Worldwide. The then CEO of IAP stated that the merger would “further improve the service our customers receive by applying many of the tools and disciplines that have already proven successful in their respective business operations.”

The company added an additional acquisition the next year, in 2006. G3 Systems Ltd. also had a roster of government, international, and commercial clients for IAP to take under its wing. The company offers a wide range of services which include modular systems, fixed infrastructure, and other support services. IAP continues to support over 175,000 personnel at military installations in the Middle East and in the U.S.

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IAP Worldwide Services, Inc.: Private Company Information