Liberal Donors Are Teaming Up To Get The Immigrant Vote

George Soros‘ background strongly guides his political and philosophical views. Soros grew up being forced to hide his identity because he was a jew in a nazi occupied country. Soros lived with his family in Budapest through the Nazi regime and then the communist, but when he was 17 he decided it was time to flee the country. When there, Soros moved around for 2 decades at various investment firms. It was in the 1970s that Soros decided to start his own investment firm, which he had significant success with.

Due to the success that George Soros saw at his firm, Soros Fund Management, he was able to step back from the daily oversight and let someone else take over. Soros stayed involved with investments but he mainly concentrated on pursuing his passion. Soros’ passion is philanthropy. He cares deeply about society and he cares that each individual person have the opportunity to succeed. Because of this passion, Soros founded his own charity. It is called the Open Society Foundations and they are operating in more than 100 different countries around the world. They want to increase the amount of human rights that everyone has, increase the transparency of governments around the world and create more open societies.

Soros and his other liberal colleagues were recently written about in the New York Times. The article discussed how several democratic donors had decided to team up to push for more votes. They identified immigrant voters as being a key demographic to target. Since immigrants have been the target of so much republican criticism, the group felt they would have a drive to vote democrat. The reason that the donors decided that now is the time is that there has been very poor democratic turnout at the primaries. While this might not have been a concern in the past, there are now crowds of republicans turning out to support and vote for Trump. If the democrats want to keep up in the election, they will need to find a way to excite voters.

There is a lack of trust for the democrats. This is because of unfulfilled promises by the Obama administration to create a new immigration process. And there is competition. The republicans are not ignoring the immigrant population. The Koch brothers have financed Libre Initiative with 10 million dollars to bring in more Latino voters in nine states.

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  1. Soros went to London and studied at the London School of Economics. He left London not long after graduating and immigrated to the United States. The article went on to explain that there is a hesitancy among the immigrant population. It proves true that can have these things settled in mind all the time if it concerns them a lot.

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