Jason Hope says Internet of Things will Start Making Big Difference, Soon

Jason Hope is one of the most successful internet entrepreneurs in the state of Arizona and is widely known across the country for his role in founding Jawa, one of the first providers of premium internet content for mobile device users and read full article.

Recently, Hope has taken to the internet to talk about all of the implication surrounding the technologies which will be represented with the advent of the Internet of Things. This term broadly refers to all devices that will be wired in to the internet, including such things as thermostats, self-driving cars and even aircraft.

The one area in particular where Hope believes changes will start to occur quickly, which will radically transform people’s daily lives, is in the area of automated shopping. Hope believes that very soon, people will be able to call in an order to their local grocery store and simply pick it up at the side of the curb, where an automated shopping cart will have procured the entire order automatically without any intervention from the customer.

While this may sound far-fetched, Jason Hope is quick to point out that almost all of the technology that will make such things possible already exists and is being used by various industries today. Hope says that the only reason these things have not yet permeated your local grocery store is because of the cost. But like all things technological, Hope says that in the coming decades, the price of these technologies will dramatically fall and what Jason knows.

Hope believes people can expect fully automated shopping in urban centers as soon as five years from now and Jason’s Linkedin.

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