I’m A Divorcee Who Only Uses Handy Cleaning Services

Going through a divorce was no fun, especially since I had to start doing a lot of stuff around the house that was never something I used to do. I don’t mean to sound like a chauvinist, but my wife did all the cleaning, and I was the one working and bringing in the bacon. When I moved out to live on my own, I still had to work all the same hours but needed my house cleaned as well. I knew I had to go to a cleaning service to get the job fulfilled. I picked Handy because of all the good things I heard about the company from Ecohustler UK.

Handy has workers that are some of the best out there, and there is not one person who is unprofessional with this company. I’ve hired Handy so many times to clean my home that I would never take any other service because I know they couldn’t do as good a job as any worker that Handy has sent out to my home. I noticed that the Handy workers go above and beyond what they’re supposed to do when they clean my house, and I always have such good experiences with the workers as well.

I was free one day when a worker came over to clean, and I started up a conversation with the worker, and even though we were talking a lot, she still continued to do her job. I truly can’t be thankful enough for all the services that Handy provides, especially with my extremely busy schedule. I had to work over 70 hours one week, and I was tired each time I got home. I had guests coming over in a couple days, so I needed my home cleaned, and I also needed a few handyman services fulfilled.

Handy was able to clean my home, paint a room, and I had some light fixtures repaired too. I didn’t even realize that I could get all of these services from one company, but Handy has really come through for me. I’ve even talked to different family members about Handy, and my family can’t believe how clean my home is. I wish I could take the credit for my house being so clean, but the workers from Handy are the only ones who are cleaning my home, so I give them all the credit. Any time I need home services, Handy will be who I choose.

One thought on “I’m A Divorcee Who Only Uses Handy Cleaning Services

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