How EOS Lip Balm Made a Splash in a Dry Market

Everyone knows EOS lip balm, those cute little lip balms in the round containers that come in a variety of unique and interesting flavors. But did you know that it’s only been out for 7 years? In those short years, it has certainly made a big name for itself. It helped to open up the market and really reinvigorate a market that had been stale for nearly a century.

In an interview, one of the creators said that they purposely sought out a market that could use a great overhaul. He said after perusing the shelves of lip balms only to see the same boring packaging and flavors over and over, they knew they’d found their product.

After investigating the market and discovering that the unisex product was purchased predominantly by women, they decided to cater toward women.

They found that women thought the standard tube was too easily lost, and that they preferred the idea of tins. Using this, they came up with a design – their iconic round packaging.

The creators also knew that they wanted women to enjoy using their product, and so they started making a variety of flavors. One of the creators said that they wanted women to really enjoy the experience of wearing EOS lip balm.

They also made a smart move by targeting Millennials, who are about to make up half of the working class. They did this by both traditional and more experimental advertising methods using Facebook and other social media platforms. In a way, they helped to shape and create influential advertising.

In just 7 short years, EOS has gone from a new product spreading its name with paid reviews on social media, to being in the second slot (only behind Burt’s Bees) as the most profitable lip balm business. With the smart way they revolutionized the industry, it’s no wonder they’re one of the biggest names in lip balm.

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