Fortress Investment Group Invests In Network Providing Company iPass

Fortress Investment recently expanded its investment through secured iPass international internet Connectivity Company. The amount of funding Fortress Investment Group is directing towards a deal is estimated to be about$20 Million with $10 Million, which was available at the moment. iPas will benefit from the investment as it has sound balance sheets that have enabled the company to grow over time, closing the profit gaps. The use of patents loans gives the loan security and credibility that is generated from the prowess of a patent. Fortress Investment Group and iPass considered the security that is offered by iPass assets such as SmartConnect technology and patent portfolio.

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iPass Contribution in World-Wide Network Provision

iPass is one of the largest Wi-Fi networks in the world that is consumed by large businesses in the world; the investment by Fortress Investment Group is projected to boost the productivity of this company. The company has technologies that are designed as Software-as-a-service, which values strong value to the consumer. Customers on the network can connect to more than 64 million hotspots in the world.

The company gets immediate access to $10 million according to the agreement with Fortress Investment Group that allows it to transform into a global cloud-based business. iPass will be able to leverage many of its businesses through the provision of unlimited internet. The demand for internet has been recognized by forward-looking companies and individuals all over the world such as Microsoft and HP.

Fortress Investment Group expansion capabilities have made the company maintain its ability to be a trendsetter in the private sector as it invests in areas that are critical for their clients. The investments in iPass are seen as a perfect philosophical move due to the quality of services provided by the Wi-Fi network provider. Many people combine work and vacation; iPass enables them to work online from different parts of the world. The deal is secured by iPass assets and patents that provide a basis for Veri-Fi products. The deal will be beneficial for both companies which are forward-looking in their sectors as they are leading in service provision. Fortress Investment, for instance, was named as an institutional hedge fund of a decade while iPass has been a dominant player in the network provision sector.

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