For Betsy DeVos, Education Reform Is Key

If you were to bump into Betsy DeVos on the streets, just a random person that you were walking by, you’d likely find her kindhearted, polite and well-spoken. Yet, underneath this public display, which is honest, is a political fighter who is willing to use legislation in order to help children all over America even if partisan politics present a roadblock to her efforts. You see, Betsy DeVos is the newest Secretary of Education and a handpicked selection by President Donald Trump. Betsy DeVos was brought into Washington D.C. for one task and one task only: to take an outsider approach to educational reform so that students all throughout the country can get the education that they so deserve.


It’s easy to see and easier to say that America’s education system is fundamentally broken. Despite all of the money being poured into public education, so little change appears to have manifested itself over the years. Betsy DeVos, in true outsider fashion, has brought another avenue of success to the discussion: educational choice. Also known as school choice, educational choice puts freedom back into the hands of parents everywhere as they seek to find the best paths in order to educate their children. What is school choice? Why is educational choice so important? Let’s dig into the topic by getting our hands on more of the core concept.


Educational choice is an extension of the writings of Milton Friedman. Made popular in the ’50s, it wasn’t until Betsy DeVos started to champion the concept in the ’70s and ’80s that real change began to seem possible. Educational choice is all about taking public education funding and spreading it throughout other types of educational institutions: from private schools to charter schools, all facilities deserve to be supported by the government. The reason that Betsy DeVos is so positive that school choice can work is simple: she has seen it happen.


In the state of Michigan, Betsy DeVos became well known for her advocacy of education reform. She has served as the chairman of the Michigan Republican Party for six years and she has sat on the board of numerous foundations geared toward education reform. From the Mars Hill Bible Church to the Kids Hope USA foundation, Betsy DeVos has worked to spread school choice in a private capacity. Her hard work, and those that support her, have helped to push school choice into 33 different institutions spread across 17 states currently educating a quarter of a million students. Betsy DeVos found this success as a private citizen and now she is going for a new level of success, this time backed by the President of the United States and his entire political party.


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