Fabletics, Your Affordable Fitness Partner

Producers of different kinds of wear have gone a step closer to their clients when it comes to the production and presentation of their products. Customers’ needs are not uniform. They vary significantly, and they may be as many as there are people. As a result, producers have acknowledged this fact and have now customized their products to meet the individual needs of its customers. More so, business enterprises have adopted the digital means of trade and are reaping handsomely from the initiative. Online platforms for e-commerce have been positively utilized to promote business through the internet. Fabletics, despite being a coming up business, has hugely benefited from the platform.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics business has surpassed its limits and proceeded to do well for itself in regard to e-commerce utility. Converse to the expectations of many, the business has survived the competition of other giant organizations that are by far well actualized and much conversant with e-commerce. Kate has overseen the tremendous growth of the entity to a tune of over 250 million dollars in a span of just three years. To its advantage, it possesses and utilizes a unique subscription mechanism to bolster its sales to its valued customers.


Fabletics has made use of a unique marketing strategy, the reverse showroom technique. The approach has proven resourceful for the business, unlike in other enterprises that have terribly failed at it hence affecting their operations. Kate Hudson and her team made informed use of browsing to add value to their activities from the very start. This, in turn, merges well with the entity’s operations such that it assisted it to create valuable business relationships and networks, and also a better knowledge of the local market. The approach has, therefore, led to the daily growth of about 25% through attraction of new clients.


Moreover, Fabletics has created a brand name for itself in the market dominated by other big active wear enterprises. The business experienced a whopping 43% increase in sales in 2016. More so, in a span of four years, it has opened up 18 other retail shops and commanded a massive following of over 21 million on Twitter. Its unique monthly membership model has attracted 1.2 million members in eight countries that receive its personalized products at the competitors’ half-price. Its Athleisure Apparel, the Salar Capri, Lisette high-waist capris and others are unique and also pocket-friendly compared to similar products from other producers. It makes use of huge data to track customers’ buying behaviors and also forecast future demand accurately.


Fabletics lifestyle quiz test is highly recommended for existing customers and prospective customers. It helps them to determine which gear is suitable for them. It also helps them to pick out personalized outfits for their workout, assists them to decide on the most efficient ways to get fit, take a decision on the most convenient places to work out, and helps them choose the best colors that blend perfectly with their style and also their size preferences.

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