George Soros and The Migrant Crisis in Europe

We all know who George Soros is: a business guru who has proved to be one of the wealthiest persons in the whole world. In fact, he is among the top thirty. But aside from his business and marketing prowess, Soros is also a humanitarian and philanthropist who is focused on helping the marginalized. He discussed something about the migrant crisis happening in Europe since the year 2014, and commented that this particular crisis is the reason for the European Union’s collapse.

As one might remember, the migrant crisis began when a considerable number of refugees from war-torn countries like Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan went to great lengths in order to get far from their decimated homes. They travelled to the European Union, a coalition made up of as many as 28 European states, in the hopes of having a better future.

The start of the collapse was predicted by no other than Germany’s Chancellor, Angeal Merkel. Merkel is the first one to predict about the eventual collapse of the European Union through the migration crisis that they have been experiencing. Merkel, together with Germany, is also the first person to openly accept the refugees into her country.

The dilemma here though, is that though Germany’s acceptance of the refugees are probably the most humane thing to do, it brought about it some threats in the security of the whole Union. This because of the Schengen Agreement, which allows free passage of any individual residing in the European Union to its neighboring countries. This proves to be a threat in the security due to the fear that the refugees cannot be filtered if they are potential terrorists or not. Added to the fact the Europe is also facing a financial crisis in the form of Greece’s economic collapse, the European Union is facing a number of problems that must be solved with utmost importance.

George Soros also pointed out that it is not enough to let the refugees inside the European Union to have a place to stay, as they also need a livelihood in order to live properly, and not be just homeless people that need support from the state. The problem though is that there are insufficient programs available to help alleviate this problem of unemployment.

Stubb, the Minister of Finance of Finland, as reported by Soros, also stated that besides the issue of employment, the European Union also needs to help improve the way of living of the refugees. They need to have a reason to live, they need to feel loved, and they need to learn how to speak in the Union’s language in order to feel that they belonged.