Laidlaw & Company on the Grow

Laidlaw & Company (UK) Ltd. is a boutique investment bank and brokerage firm with its main offices in London. They have 150 employees throughout Europe and the United States of America. Matthew D. Eitner serves as the chief executive officer and James P. Ahern is a partner who is the head of capital markets.

Laidlaw is designated as small, hence the boutique classification, while their staff and resources may be limited; what is important is their attention to clients. The success or failure of any enterprise is dependent on several factors. For an investment bank concern, like Laidlaw, their research department and the information available for agents thru  the PR Newswire website can be the most important ingredient in success or failure. Secondly the relationship between investors and agents needs to be a thorough relationship and education and information needs to flow from the agent to the investor; this information must be accurate and true, any deviation from the truth would result in a Security and Exchange Commission investigation.

Reputation is an important ingredient in any business and it is, especially, true whenever people are investing hard earned discretionary capital into investments recommended by agents of investment banks.

Initial public offerings (IPOs) are a case, in point, the upper management takes public a private company; both the private, now public, company and the management have a fragile relationship. In case of failure it is easy for the one to blame the other, but in most cases both management from the investment bank and the now public company are happy. It is now the time for the sales agents to support this newly formed product, the IPO. Sales agents are the grandparents of the new company, they are a generation removed from the intimate dealings of the private now public company and management. The agents have an intense interest in this new product and are encouraged to aid in the growth of the product.