The Investigator Pro 4.0 Has Been Released By Securus Technologies

The Investigator Pro is a brand new tool that will be invaluable in the fight against crime that takes place in correctional facilities. It has been developed by Securus Technologies. Securus Technologies is an innovative company that is on the cutting edge of solutions in the corrections industry. It also provides a number of services in the fields of monitoring, investigation, public safety, and other matters pertaining to civil and criminal justice.


The genius Securus Technologies’ Investigator Pro 4.0 Software is its ability to match voice patterns across a large database. Every day a massive number of phone calls are made to inmates within prisons that use Securus Technologies’ services. Now those prisons will have an edge against the bad guys that they won’t see coming. Investigator pro 4.0 can recognize voices within phone calls and match them with other phone calls where the same voice was speaking. Conceivably a phone call that was made months ago could be matched with a new one. this allows criminal investigators to have all the relevant phone calls for a particular case in front of them within a short period of time. In the past, getting data like this was a time consuming and faulty process. Worse, there may have been crimes that went uncaught or unforeseen due to the difficulty in manually sorting through voice calls. But now, thanks to Securus Technologies and Investigator Pro 4.0 those issues are much easier to deal with. Watch this video on Youtube.


Michael Kester who worked on the team responsible for Investigator Pro 4.0 said that this software will be sure to help combat gang related activity and also to investigate potential crimes by other individuals of high interest. Entire networks of criminals can now be observed based upon mutual callers that have been identified through their voices. Many crimes may now be stopped before the can even happen as well.

Securus Video Visitation Christmas from Securus Technologies on Vimeo.

Securus Proudly Mandates Inmate Communications

A recent PRN News article reported that Securus Technologies is continuing to regulate inmate communications under governmental regulations. Securus Technologies also works closely with the Public Utility Commission to ensure ethics policies and compliance mandates. Customers are guaranteed every minute that is allotted on their contract. Many families complain of the rising cost of inmate calls through operator assistance. In fact, customer regulations provide the safety with public safety that is necessary for quality surveillance and monitoring. Securus makes sure that customers are provided with high end calls that work to save you money.

Securus values their customers and listened to the need to cut the cost of correctional facility calls. They have teamed up with Vimeo to bring inmates and their families cost effective inmate calls. Many familes complain about the cost of operator assisted calls and now they can eliminate the use for an operator. Dont fret over expensive calls when you can utilize the services of Vimeo. It is very important that you take your life in your own hands before you try to work with other industry providers that won’t work and will cost you money. You have the opportunity to be in control of your inmate calling features.

By teaming up with Vimeo Securus Technologies now offers their customers face-to-face communication through video chatting. Video chat features have become very popular for inmates and their families. You get high definition video and have complete control over the audio. Now you can use zoom in and out features that allows you to see your clients up close. You can eliminate the need of having to travel to an actual facility and talk over the internet with the use of video chat features. You’re invited to visit the official Securus Technologies website for more details on program services today.

Securus Technologies Reveals How GTL Swindled Taxpayers

Securus Technologies, a company from Dallas that services law enforcement, emergency first respondents and jails around the country has issued a press release stating that they will highlight some of the abuses by fellow inmate communication provider GTL. “Global Tel Link or GTL has done many despicable acts that have swindled taxpayers of millions of dollars” says Richard Smith, who is the CEO of Securus Technologies.

Richard Smith believes that exposing the wrongdoings and fraud of GTL should force them to raise their level of integrity and service. The actions of GTL have tarnished the reputation of the inmate communication industry of which Securus Technologies is a major part of. Securus technologies aims to provide reasonable, transparent and honest service to inmates, families and law enforcement. It also at the same time believes that security should be at the top of the priority.

The first of a set of press releases by Securus Technologies shows the fraud committed by Global Tel Link in the Louisiana prison system. There GTL has been found guilty of adding anywhere from 15 seconds to 36 seconds to each inmate call that was going outside. The Louisiana Public Commission report also found that GTL would add on additional fees and charges to the bills of inmates or their families. Calls were also rated on the highest possible rate in violation of tariffs and agreements with state, prison and local officials.

Such behavior shows just how low GTL is willing to stoop to try to suck out as much as profits as it can from the taxpayer and unsuspecting families and inmates. The report in Louisiana estimates that such actions cost the state more than $1,200,000 in additional expenses that were paid through taxpayer funds.