Sam Boraie -The Vice President of Boraie Development Company

Mr. Sam Boraie Omar is the present Vice President of the Boraie Development Company. The company offers several services that are focused in the area of real estate markets. It majors in real estate marketing, real estate development, and property management. Boraie Development Company has a team that is dedicated to developing spectacular properties to clients. Boraie Company always commits its capital for the realization of every project. The company’s 30 years of operation in the business of real estate has made it become the best property developers in the New Jersey. For more details, visit his Crunchbase profile.

As a visionary businessman, Mr. Sam Boraie is always full of surprises. He happened to surprise the community members of New Brunswick with the plan of building elegant apartments, community houses, and modern houses. He has managed to use his position in the Boraie Development Company to initiate many projects across New Brunswick. Examples of the projects include Aspire, Rector Street, and Albany Street Plaza. For that reason, the people of New Brunswick can now afford to have modern apartments.

As an entrepreneur, Mr. Sam will always look for new opportunities. This is one of the reasons why he ensured that Boraie Development Company has some outlet projects at Atlantic City and Newark. These two areas had land, which Boraie Company was looking for the establishment of retail buildings and well-furnished restaurants. With these projects, the people of Newark and Atlantic City were in a position to witness economic growth. They are currently witnessing a 169-unit-market-rate for apartment buildings and 23-storey buildings along Rector Street. More details about the company visit

Apart from being a businessman, Mr. Sam is also involved in charitable activities. He is considered as a philanthropist by the community members of New Brunswick. Through his influence, Boraie Company has managed to sponsor several social and prestigious institutions. Moreover, Mr. Boraie served as the advisory member to Elijah’s Promise, which is a non-profit foundation. According to PR Newswire, the aim of the foundation is to ensure that the hungry people from New Brunswick get food and at the same time helps with poverty eradication.

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