End Citizens United: The Uphill Battle Seeking a Constitutional Amendment to Overturn Supreme Court Ruling

Nearly two decades ago, the United States Supreme Court decided by a vote of 5-4 against the Federal Election Commission in the matter of Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.

This decision by the Supreme Court sent shockwaves throughout the political landscape, and it produced an organization called End Citizens United. This group would become a major force in the fight against this highly disputed Supreme Court ruling.

This case began as a retort to a film (released by Citizens United) that was biased towards Hillary Clinton during the 2008 presidential primary. The FEC made an official inquiry regarding the identity of the parties responsible for funding the film. Citizens United then refused to disclose the identities of the financial donors who backed the production costs of the movie.

The FEC determined that Citizens United had violated campaign finance rules. Citizens United sued and a lower court ruled against them. This prompted an appeal that went all the way to the Supreme Court. It would be nearly two years after the release of the so-called “film” when the Supreme Court would make their infamous decision. View the group’s profile on Politifact.com.

End Citizens United (based in Washington D.C.) went into action in 2015, with a group of dedicated people who have an intimate understanding of how the political system works in this country. End Citizens United is on a mission to organize a grassroots campaign in an effort to thwart this decision by whatever means is necessary.

The impact of this ruling basically ends campaign finance accountability, and End Citizens United understands the severity of allowing corporations to have free reign to influence future political campaigns anonymously. That is why End Citizens United is needed to organize – on a nationwide scale – to remind voters of what the repercussions of this ruling will have on the lives of every US citizen.

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George Soros Partners with Rich Liberians to Resists Trump Election

George Soros is a renowned hedge fund manager based in the United States. Soros was born in Hungary and educated in the United Kingdom. The hedge fund manager has started several businesses in the United States, and most of them have done very well. At the moment, George Soros is considered to be one of the wealthiest people in the country.

Just recently, George Soros and other wealthy Liberians who had spent millions of dollars in the just concluded presidential election decided to gather in Washington for a three-day meeting. According to his close associates, George Soros, his friends will be strategizing how they will fight back the new president, Donald Trump. These Liberians were all supporting Hilary Clinton during the November elections.

The meeting is believed to have started on Sunday night at the prestigious Washington Mandarin Oriental hotel. The special conference was sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club that is considered to be very influential in the country. The meeting was attended by prominent union leaders and liberal groups.

This was the first session to be held by the influential figures since the shocking victory by the new president-elect, Donald Trump. Judging by the agenda of the meeting, the new president will have a tough time in office. Some people are already gearing up for new elections in the New Year, and other are planning to thwart the president-elect during his first one hundred days in office.

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The meeting has come at a time when many liberals are trying to reassess their approach to American politics. The liberals are also planning to re-evaluate the role of the DA in the democratic finance circles. In the last decade, the organization has partnered with its beneficiaries and donors in reshaping the institution in the left. The DA has also been orienting some of the major institutions that are around Hilary Clinton.

The strategies planned by the DA and George Soros were not implemented during the presidential election. This is because Donald Trump won largely, and the people who supported him were the working class whites in the country. The exit polls in the state also suggested that matters such as fighting climate changes and also the role of funds in politics did not resonate with the people supporting Trump. These were the main strategies used by the DA to persuade its voters to turn up in large numbers.

One of the strategists in the Democratic side says that the Democratic Alliance of George Soros should be questioned about the presidential election. This strategist has been actively involved in the organization for a while, and he is one of the individuals who are attending the meeting. According to him, the group has been turned into a social club where several white donors and labor officials meet to drink expensive wine and read memos. The Democratic Party has been burning as they watch. Experts say that if the DA was taking its work seriously, then the presidential election candidate on their side would not have been defeated in the November election.

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