James River Capital: How Can a Business owner Change His Style of Leadership?

It takes more than a great idea to run a successful business. As Paul Saunders of James River Capital Corp would put it, leadership is both a science and an art that requires time and conscious effort to master. Every business leader must be willing to putting the manhours and effort if they are to post maximal productivity within their enterprise. The business leader must also keep learning and adjusting his style of leadership. Some of the immediate changes that Paul believes would come in handy in helping a business leader change their style for the best include:


Shift from leadership to support


After years of following Facebook activities and operations, business researchers believe they now understand the contributors to the success achieved by the firm. Far from the technological innovations embraced by Facebook, they attribute the change of leadership mindset as a key contributor to this success.


For instance, instead of approaching their positions with leadership, role delegation, and oversight mindset, managers here view their positions as a responsibility to support and guide their teams. Paul argues that such an approach amplifies the leader’s interactions with their employees, paving way for unprecedented productivity.


Encourage criticism and employee creativity


How often do you have your employees or the team you are entrusted with challenge some of your decisions? More importantly, how do you handle such criticism? Paul Saunders points out to a business leadership research that suggests that most employees will shy away from criticizing poor business decisions or offering valuable input towards a course if they consider the business leader unapproachable.


It is, therefore, important for every business leader to revise their leadership style and create room for criticism. Paul believes that this gives rise to more creative approaches to handling business projects that in turn goes a long way in helping achieve optimal productivity. You can achieve this by welcoming and encouraging and escalation in a manner that ensures people come up to you with their problems.


Ensure everyone’s opinion counts


Maximal productivity in the workplace starts by cultivating a sense of belonging with all your employees. A sense of belonging, in turn, stems from ensuring that every employee’s opinion counts. During the meetings and brainstorming sessions, ensure that every employee voice their input. You should, however, note that this won’t work if you don’t give genuine attention and appreciation of their concerns and contributions.


More about James River Capital Corp


Headquartered on the banks of James River in Richmond, Virginia, James River Capital Corp was started by Kidder, Peabody & Co. Inc in 1986. It would serve as the alternative investment arm of the organization until 1995 when two Kidder and Peabody employees expressed interest in taking it private. Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt acquired the James River and registered wit with the SEC as a private and independent alternative investment firm. Today the firm has over $570 million in Assets under management.