Steve Ritchie: The Importance Of A Diverse Workplace

For companies today, diversity in the workplace is a must. This has become increasingly important to Papa John’s Pizza, as the company continues to make a variety of changes to its corporate structure. According to CEO Steve Ritchie, numerous types of training and meetings are taking place or are in the works, showing the company’s commitment to diversity and inclusion.

Despite sales figures that have been a bit lower than expected, Steve Ritchie does see a light at the end of the tunnel. To get things started, he and many other company executives have hit the road, traveling to various cities such as Dallas, Detroit, Chicago, and others in an effort to meet with Papa John’s franchisees, employees, and customers. In doing so, they feel as if one-on-one conversations in these environments will allow them to gain a much better feel for not only what is currently working well for the company, but also what changes need to take place for continued improvement.

To demonstrate the long-term commitment Papa John’s Pizza has to diversity and inclusion within its company, Steve Ritchie recently announced two major initiatives for the company. One involves the company’s minority-owned franchise expansion and development program, while the other is the creation of a foundation aimed at working with local communities where Papa John’s employees live and work. By helping to build stronger communities, Steve Ritchie believes people will be able to come together in a positive atmosphere that fosters increased diversity and inclusion.

In keeping with the company’s promise to create a better and more inclusive company, Steve Ritchie and Papa John’s Pizza also announced a newly-created position within the company, that of Chief of Diversity and Inclusion. This position, which will be responsible for helping introduce new and innovative marketing and branding campaigns highlighting the company’s diversity, is expected to help Papa John’s Pizza bring its message of diversity and inclusion to its customers much more effectively.

As Papa John’s pushes ahead with its plans, Steve Ritchie has no doubt the company’s commitment to a more inclusive and diverse workplace will pay off for everyone.

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