Prestigious Law Firm Kisling Nestico & Redick Give Back to the Community

Kisling Nestico & Redick is a prestigious personal injury law firm located in Ohio. They have 11 offices throughout the state and have been successfully representing their clients since 2005. Kisling Nestico & Redick or KNR, is not only known for being a successful law firm but also for their charitable efforts and giving back to the communities they serve.

One of KNR’s charitable efforts is their annual Don’t Text and Drive Scholarship. The purpose of this annual event is to raise awareness of the dangers of distracted driving. Participants must create a plan to convince young adults to end distracted driving. The winner is awarded a $5,000 scholarship.

In another act of charity KNR treated 12 local children to a shopping spree. The children were given the chance to buy as much summer clothing as they needed. This event was important to KNR because they were able to provide for the kids as well as help them to feel good about themselves. Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Central Ohio attended this event as well. 

Another one of KNR’s charitable endeavors is their participation in the annual Polar Bear Jump. Participants of this event take a dive into the freezing cold lake water. The purpose of this charitable event is to raise money for the local food bank to help in the fight against hunger. KNR’s goal was to raise $25,000 through this event, they ended up exceeding their goal and raised $30,000. Kisling Nestico & Redick are involved in charitable events year round. Their plans are to continue serving and uplifting the community as much as they possibly can.

Jeff Herman speaks for the victims of sexual abuse

Jeff Herman is recognized nationally for his advocacy for victims of sexual abuse, rape, and sexual exploitation. Born in Cleveland, Ohio in 1959, he is a pioneer in representing sexual abuse survivors. Throughout his career, Jeff Herman has represented over a thousand fearless men, women and children. Over the past twenty years, he has built a nationwide reputation becoming one of the leading childhood sexual abuse attorneys in the country.

Background information

Jeff Herman earned his Juris Doctorate from the School of Law at Case Western Reserve University. During this time, he was President of the International Law Society and the Editor of the Journal of International Law. In 1982, he graduated from the University of Arizona with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Advocating for victims of sexual abuse

Jeff was initially a commercial litigator working for large companies. In 1997 however, he was referred to a mother whose son, a 4-year-old autistic boy, was abused at pre-school. He was touched by the story and so took it upon himself to find out what happened. He discovered that the boy was sexually exploited by a convicted pedophile that the school had hired as a volunteer. This discovery prompted many questions, and Jeff Herman soon found out that it happened all the time. Thus, the conception of Herman Law.

Herman Law has its own investigative unit comprising of former law enforcement officials who help break down cases into simple timelines that can separate fact from theory easily. They are skilled at spotting red flags, and they can always point back to facts.

Jeff Herman attributes his success to focusing on a specific niche. According to him, it has made him a better advocate for victims. He speaks to parents, educators, groups and more about prevention of abuse. He also teaches continuing Education Classes to other attorneys who prosecute sexual abuse cases.

Jeff Herman has learned how to interview children who have experienced sexual abuse to protect the purity of their statements, making them feel empowered. He has trained victim-witness liaisons, law enforcement agencies, and others to also do the same, in line with the National Crime Victim Bar Association.


Jeff Herman through Herman Law is committed to providing the best for their clients. He continues to devote his time, energy and resources towards fighting for the victims of sexual wrongdoing.