Daniel Taub, the Highly Respected Israeli Ambassador Born in the UK Retires

Daniel Taub, one of the most renowned diplomats of our times finally decided to call it quits. Daniel has dedicated most of his career to fostering the Jewish cause both on the mainstream media and on the ground. The veteran diplomat recently met the Queen of England to present his papers as the newly appointed Ambassador of Israel to the esteemed Court of St. James in the UK.

The queen posed a question to Mr.Taub during their meeting. Her Excellency, Queen Elizabeth asked Daniel how he felt leaving England which has been his home all his life. In his response, the ambassador expressed his utmost delight at getting an opportunity to raise his kids in their native nation, Israel. He also reiterated his dedication to bringing Israel and the UK closer together, moving forward.

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In hindsight, Ambassador Taub has played a monumental role in enhancing trade and coöperation between the UK and Israel. His four-year stint as the top Israeli delegate in the UK culminated in the doubling of the trade of these two super power nations, according to this article. His tenure saw the nations forge stronger business, academic and cultural ties as well.

Israeli-UK Golden Era

The British Secretary of State for Business and Innovation, Hon. Sajid Javid spoke fondly of the ambassador at the 2015th British Israeli Business Awards. Sajid Javid said that the two countries had entered into a golden era of trade and commerce, all thanks to Daniel Taub.

The trade volume between Israel and UK had soared tremendously to hit $7 billion. Additionally, more than 300 Israeli professionals and entrepreneurs had immigrated to the UK during Daniel’s term in office.

Daniel’s traveled to many war-torn and conflict regions around the globe, for instance to Northern Ireland. He went to Belfast to learn more on how they solved their differences. Hopefully, Daniel Taub would be able to replicate the successful peace-building models in Israel and the larger Middle East region too.

No Israeli-Free Zone Here

In 2014, Daniel boldly objected a controversial declaration by the then Bradford West MP, George Galloway. Hon. Galloway made a speech which effectively banned all Israelis from visiting and living in his constituency.

That declaration did little to deter the retired Jewish Orthodox ambassador from going to Bradford West. Daniel later told reporters he’d gone there under the invitation of Israeli leaders and UK councilors, according to this post.