An International Leading JHSF Company Led By Jose AuriemoNeto

Founded in the year 1972, JHSF is a public company and one of the leading real estate companies in Brazil. The company is termed to be a leader when it comes to real estate due to its ability to generate more revenues that facilitated its expansion widely in Brazil. Since the company’s inception, sustainable and creative solutions towards achieving and providing the best quality service to their clients has been fully demonstrated by quality leadership and committed staffs who work diligently to ensure the customers satisfaction.Having its headquarters in Sao Paulo, Brazil, the company has been able to venture and place its expansion to other major cities in Brazil such as Salvador also in New York, United States and Punta Del Este in Uruguay thus gaining its recognition and attracting more clients.

Investment have been a driving force for the company and it has been pioneering in innovative development projects and developments widely and do not only invest in real estate but also in fashion sector, hotels and restaurants, commercial centers and international executive airport. The company was still in its full intact until 1990 when it was split into two separate wings named JHSF and JHSJ. About JHSF company was the real estate operation company and JHSF dealt with other sectors of the initial JHS Company. Jose AuriemoNeto took over the JHSF Company of real estate and currently he is the CEO of the company.

He portrayed good leadership serving as the company’s chairman before branded as the CEO and he is widely recognizable due to his expertise ability in business innovation where he unbridle and identifies an opportunity to chip in the market and take advantage when other business companies do not recognize it so. It is due to his commitment as the CEO that has led the company’s expansion and featuring in various articles and social media platforms and it stood a chance to be listed in the Bovespa and this has enabled the company gain popularity and thus named to be an international leader. Not only is he an entrepreneur master but also a leader to be followed as well as an inspiration and influential person to all and in 2018, he stood a chance to be listed as one of the most influential persons in Fashion Industry.

Gareth Henry, an Investment Guru at Fortress Investment Group

Gareth Henry is an expert in private equity, credit, and hedge funds. He is an accomplished investment professional, having worked. Gareth Henry is the Managing Director, Global Head of Investor Relations and Partner at Angelo Gordon and Company. Formerly, Mr. Gareth served as a Global Head of Investor relations at Fortress Investment Group, where he oversaw all sales, marketing, and client services. Before joining the Fortress, he worked at Schroder Investment Management Limited as a Director of Strategic Solutions. He also worked as an Analyst at Watson Wyatt LLP. Check out to read full interview of Gareth Henry.

Furthermore, he worked as an Investment Manager at SEI Investments Company. He is a qualified United Kingdom (UK), and the United States (US), actuary. Gareth studied Bachelors of Science Degree in Actuarial Mathematics and Statistics at Heriot-Watt University, in the United Kingdom.

Before joining Angelo Gordon, Gareth Henry raised substantial capital for Fortress’ real estate, private equity, private credits, and hedge funds. He engaged several investors across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, Asia, and the United States. Gareth was highly recognized at the age of 32 years for raising a hedge fund businesses of $4 billion for Fortress Investor Relation Group.

Gareth Henry has brought together a wide range of disciplines and experiences as the Head of Investor Relations for several large United States-based Alternative Investments. His global relations experience made the Angelo Gordon president Lawrence Schloss to offer him a full partnership. Gareth was given the opportunity to build and solidify an investor relation foundation across the Middle East, Asia, Europe, and the United States.

Gareth has succeeded in his leadership roles by bringing together a wide range of disciplines and experiences. He is also passionate for understanding his clients. Furthermore, Gareth always seeks help from his peers, clients and other members in pursuit of better improvement. Also, Gareth is a good listener, he gives hear to his clients and colleagues about their investments.


Gareth Henry is right in strategizing the development and successes of a firm. He has organized different experts as mentors in Angelo Gordon. Moreover, he is humble and his success been adopted on other peoples’ winning principles.

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