Madison Street Capital And Its Reputation

Madison Street Capital reputation has been earned by working with reputable businesses to help them gain access to credit, making investment decisions, and conduct complex transactions. Part of its reputation came out of providing consulting services to Vital Care Industries, which is a firm in Illinois. It played a crucial role in finding the best-suited lender for this particular medical product manufacturer and also assisted in acquiring a loan. According to the chief executive, the company has been successful ever since. MSC ‘s co-founder and Chief Operating Officer Anthony Marsala was honored with an under Forty Award by the National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts. The program recognizes the young business leaders that have accomplished in the sector of mergers and the related areas.


Madison has been named as an M&A Advisor Awards finalist for its remarkable affairs in acquisition and financing. It was also selected as a finalist because of facilitating a merger that was valued at $100 million, which was one of the best. At the beginning of this year, MSC assisted DCG Software Value and the Spitfire Group during their merger. DCG has offices in Pennsylvania and Great Britain. Another company that it has assisted is the ARES Security Corporation in a transaction that involved minority recapitalization and subordinated debt. Learn more:


Madison Street Capital is an investment banking firm that is recognized globally for its commitment to provide the best financial advisory services to companies, both public and privately owned. Its offices are spread all over the world including Africa, Asia, and North America. The trained professionals at Madison Street Capital work to make sure that their clients’ individual needs are satisfied by finding the best match between buyers and sellers and look for the adequate financing and structures that modify the capabilities of the clients. It also offers services such as business valuation, financial reporting, financial opinions, provides mergers and acquisitions advisory, and corporate advisory for middle-class organizations. Learn more:


In 2016, Madison Street Capital revealed its Mergers and Acquisitions that covered its transaction activities and opportunities. The reports showed that around forty-two hedge fund deals and thirty-two transactions closed in 2015 and 2014 respectively. In 2015, the transaction volume rose by 27%, which was higher than 2014. However, 2016 recorded the highest regarding hedge fund M&A transactions. Learn more:

Madison Street Capital Advisors, LLC is part of the Madison Street Capital located in Chicago and is involved with Banking and Finance Consultants. It has recorded an approximated eighty members of staff and a seven-figure annual revenue.


Madison Street Capital Offers Fine Valuation Services

Madison Street Capital of Chicago is one of the finest valuation houses in America, and they sit at the heart of a pulsating financial industry that requires hard numbers to function. Valuations are a special type of financial service, and this article explains why Madison Street is so good at their job. They are quite thorough in their work, and there is a loot at how they complete each job to meet the client’s needs.


#1: Valuations Are Used On Both Sides Of The Bargaining Table


Negotiations for the sale of a business, purchase a business share and much more are completed using valuation paperwork. A business carries a net value that may be calculated by a company such as Madison Street, and they determine how many assets are held by the company in total. The total value of the company is used during sales talks, shareholder talks and mergers. Madison Street provides the paperwork, and clients do with it as they will.


#2: The Importance Of The Service


Valuations are used during negotiations are businesses often lie to each other in the course of deal-making. Their information is only as good as their research, and a business that did not hire Madison Street does not know if their new partner is truthful or not. There is quite a lot of trepidation between the two parties when motives are not clear, and Madison Street’s work cuts through the lies to come to the heart of the matter. Cold hard facts will prevail when the deal is made and contract is signed.


#3: Madison Street’s Many Awards


Madison Street Capital is awarded every year for its work in valuations, and they are regularly lauded for their work within the industry. The M&A community is quite large, and Madison Street is one of its shining stars. Business owners who are new to the valuation game may trust Madison Street as they have a prove track record of success, and veteran business owners may return to Madison Street at any time for new reports.


#4: Recording Several Valuations A Year


Madison Street Capital records several valuations for clients every year that involve the competition. Someone who wishes to learn about their industry may request valuations on their closest rivals, and they are wise to do so quickly. The competition has likely ordered the same valuation paperwork on them. Madison Street is completely confidential with all its information, and they faithfully complete reports noting every dollar held by another company.


The wisdom and passion of Madison Street Capital has turned them into a beacon of valuation economics. They serve the financial industry with valuation expertise, and their reports are used in the world’s largest transactions.

Madison Street Capital Honored for its Excellence in the Investment Banking Sector

Following nominations for the 15th Annual M&A Advisor Awards, Madison Street Capital has been announced as the finalist for the award ceremony scheduled to take place on November 9. M&A awards are quite prestigious and are awarded when a company excels in deal making, becomes the leading firm in service provision, and succeeds in restructuring and financing.

M&A Advisor, the company behind the M&A Awards, was established in 1998 with the goal of assessing and offering insights on M&A matters. For over two decades, this company has spotted a wide range of investments firms that have excelled and awarded them accordingly.

Madison Street Capital nominations

This year, Madison Street Capital has been in the spotlight following its nominations for the Industrials Deal of the Year as well as the top Investment Banking Firm of the Year. Acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. for its client, Dowco, earned Madison a nomination for the dealmaker of the year award. Karl D’Cunha, the company’s senior managing director, led this great transaction. According to Karl D’Cunha, the Acuna & Asociados’ deal was a major cross-border business and complex transaction. Charles Botchway, Madison Street Capital’s chief executive officer, said that the company derives joy in assisting its clients to meet their objectives. He believes that Madison’s accomplished dealmakers make even the complex business transactions easy.

Madison’s background and services offered

Charles Botchway, who is still the CEO, established Madison Street Capital in 2010. This Chicago-based firm is the world leading investment banking company, offering a broad range of services to its dynamic clientele. Madison Street Capital specializes in wealth preservation and tax planning, asset management focus, financial opinions, as well as corporate advisory. This reputable company takes pride in upholding excellence, integrity, leadership, and the quality services it offers. To its clients in corporate financing where time is of the essence, Madison Street Capital understands and provides immediate response when consulted. Among the key officials in the company is Karl D’Cunha. Learn more:

This company cares for its clients’ needs and handles each client exclusively, enabling them to excel in the global market. Madison Street Capital’s clients are diverse, and their needs range from Merger and Acquisition transactions and transfers of ownership to financial advisory and successful capital raises. This company has regard for new markets and views them as core components that foster growth of its global clients. Therefore, Madison Street Capital continues to channel a significant amount of assets to these new markets. Serving a global clientele has earned this company profits as well as relentless support from its wide range of clients. The company has offices in North America, Africa and Asia where it continues to serve its customers.

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Equities First Holdings on Alternative Loans

If you are needing a loan, but cannot use more conventional loan techniques, then you might want to consider a margin or stock based loan. Before you contact a lender, however, consider the differences in the two types of loan and choose the one that is right for your individual circumstances. Equities First Holding is seeing a rise in the number of people who are obtaining loans by using their stock. These loans fall into two different categories. Before you try to obtain a loan using stock understand the difference.


A financial institution will typically pre-qualify a borrower seeking a margin loan using the same process that they do for those seeking conventional loans. Borrows can expect to need up to 50 percent of the loan’s value. These loans have a variable interest rate which can adjust at any time. Furthermore, financial officers may choose to liquidate the stock if a margin call happens without giving the borrower any advance notice. The money obtained from these loans typically has to be used for a specific purpose.


Financial institutions will issue a set interest rate with a stock-based loan. The interest rate on these loans is usually between 3 and 4 percent. Typically, borrowers may need up to 75 percent of the value of the loan in stock. If the value of the stock drops, then the financial institution has no recourse in collecting their money. A stock-based loan can be used for any purpose.


If you are interested in obtaining a margin or stock based loan, then Equity First Holdings hopes that you will contact them. They have been in business for almost 14 years. They have loaned customers over $1.4 billion dollars using these alternative ideas. The value of each loan has varied from $100,000 to $10 million dollars. They currently operate offices in nine countries, so one is conveniently located near you.


Al Christi Junior, the CEO of Equity First Holdings, says that while some borrowers can get loans through larger brokerage firms, these institutions often find it almost impossible to work with borrowers because of tight regulations from the Stock Exchange Commission and the Federal Reserve. Therefore, he highly recommends that if you are looking for a loan, you contact his company.


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How Investment Banking and Martin Lustgarten Help Shape the Economy of Our World

Investment banking plays a significant role in the development of our economy. It serves as an intermediary between investors and companies who want to raise capital.

Investment banking utilizes idle funds into good use. It promotes economic growth by maximizing the use of funds rather than allowing it to be idle, or invested elsewhere in a much lower return of investment or ROI.

Simply defined, investment banking is the process of raising capital for private companies and the government through the issuance of stocks and bonds.

The more companies who want to raise capital, the greater the demand for investors. If investors are not enough nationally then international investors comes into play. This in turn affects the economy globally.

Excess and dwindling resources are used, scarce resources are filled up; resources are then, evenly distributed on a global scale.

Investment banks also act as advisors. They recommend the best ways to raise capital. They use sophisticated pricing formulas to come up with fair prices for the financial instruments that will be issued.

The banks also determine the interest rate of bonds following the current rates or similar businesses in the market.

The people who run these investment banks are qualified bankers. They are professionals who are trained to meet the capital requirements of companies and government entities. Without these people, investment banking will not be possible.

But not all banking investors have the same competence. Different bankers have different motives. We need bankers who are dedicated in their work. We need professionals who has proven track record in this field and industry. Therefore we need great banking investors like Martin Lustgarten.

Martin Lustgarten is an expert global investor. He has a proven track record and strong understanding about investment banking. He is a hard worker and puts his clients’ interest first before his own. Lustgarten utilizes his extensive experience to achieve the best results for his clients’ investments.

He strongly believes that his success entirely depends on the success of his clients. He’s in-depth knowledge and experience in investment banking will help promote economic growth. And this will help consummate the demand and supply for capital raisers and investors globally. Follow Lustgarten on Instagram @mlustgarten to learn more.