Rocketship Education Leverages Parent Power

There’s a growing movement of charter school non-profits that are transforming the relationship between educators and the parents of their students. Rocketship Education is one of those organizations that’s unleashing the potential of its students with a new set of ideals and practices designed to break down the barriers between schools and the families they serve. They reach out to parents and let them know how important it is to collaborate with the school at home to help their children succeed. Parents who get on board with this collaboration encourage other parents to do the same when they see positive results. Rocketship creates a community of partners in education in this way that reverses the education gap between disadvantaged and more privileged students.

Rocketship engages parents by empowering them and giving them ownership of the school. Parents name the local school when it’s established and take an active role in creating the school’s enrichment program. They also decide on a core value for the school that represents the local community’s situation. The enrichment programs at Rocketship schools can include many different classes such as art, crafts, and gardening, in addition to the STEM courses that are offered. These classes can help students with critical thinking and creativity.

The home-to-school relationship is also strengthened by sending teachers and school leaders to the homes of their students to establish an understanding with the families about the curriculum. It also gives teachers insight into the personal obstacles their students may face.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit headquartered in Redwood City, California that manages charter schools across the country, including in Nashville, Milwaukee, and Washington, D.C. Rocketship Education is committed to unleashing the potential of its students and works to overcome the challenges that their low-income families contend with. The organization relies on an innovative, personal approach to education that forges bonds between teachers and families in the community.