Thor Halvorssen and the Human Rights Foundation

Thor Halvorssen is a Venezuelan human right’s advocate and film producer. He began his human advocates career in 1989 in London by creating an opposition of South African apartheid. After his father was tortured and killed by the Venezuelan government, he became fully engaged in his career of individual rights. In 2004, he founded the Human Rights Foundation after his mother was shot at a peaceful protest for the Venezuelan recall referendum. The Human Rights Foundation is devoted to promoting democracy in Latin America and freeing prisoners due to political indifference. Thor’s primary focus with the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) was that he lobbied and advocated the release of a Chinese prisoner known as Liu Xiaobo. He was also a strong critic of the legislative measurements the Ugandan president was trying to ensure like punishing homosexuality with death. Other advocacy campaigns Thor Halvorssen supported were the freedom of speech violations in Panama, and political prisoner cases in Venezuela, Vietnam, Cuba, and Bolivia.

Thor Halvorssen has also produced many documentary films regarding topics such as human trafficking, dictatorship, restrictions of free speech, imprisonment without trial, etc. A few of his films he has produced include “Hammer & Tickle,” “The Singing Revolution,” “The Sugar Babies,” and his most recent production, “2081.”

Thor Halvorssen has focused much of his time in defending the rights of others and has been praised by The New York Times and Wall Street Journal for many of his publications and productions. His reputation is well known by both sides of the political spectrum.

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