Handy Inc; A Home App for all Your Household Chores and Furniture Deliveries

Oisin Hanrahan and Umang Dua founded Handybook; a New York-based service company that lets its customers order a plumber, home cleaner, or handyman through a phone app. Handybook handles payments and chore-scheduling supply and demand of the home services industry through the internet. The fast growing brand, having raised $12 million in two phases, has over 50 employees and many freelancers handling more than 10,000 jobs per month. It operates in 13 cities and is opening additional offices in L.A, Chicago, Boston and San Francisco.

Handybook Customers get Convenience

Handybook replaced the unreliable and often vague maid service cleaning agencies with a simple phone app and a website. So how does it work? Simply key in your area zip code, what requires cleaning, and the cleaning time. Once you get a price quote (inclusive of tax and tips) and agree to the terms, your Bank card is charged. Handybook conducts background checks on all its freelancers (references and interviews). Only 3% get accepted, making it harder to get into than Harvard. The company provides a money back guarantee if you don’t like the work done, and pays for damages during cleaning. How cool is that!

Handy Ventures in Furniture Delivery and Assembly

The New York home services startup active in 28 cities is launching Handy.com Delivery, starting with furniture. Debuting in NYC, the items on offer will be a selection of furniture from Ikea, bought through their site. The goal of the company is to unburden customers from buying furniture that needs re-assembling. Handy hopes to undercut and offer an option in cases where online purchases have no assembly or delivery services.

The intention of the new service is to provide customer delight. The service, if successful, will increase its contact with the company’s existing customers, who might prefer Handy for home services. The company has more than 80,000 bookings each month, with 80 percent repeat users. Handy is dedicated to connecting its customers with trusted, skilled professionals for general household services. At the same time, focused on attracting the best high-quality freelance professionals, giving them the opportunity to make real money.