Sussex Healthcare, Now Hiring

One of the leading healthcare providers, based within the UK, has job openings. Sussex Healthcare offers much for individuals wanting a chance to build a fulfilling career. This company takes pride in treating their employees well. With lucrative salary rates, great options in healthcare benefits and job-related training, Sussex Healthcare welcomes individuals to apply for their open positions. These coveted job openings will soon be filled. This is a wonderful opportunity to be a vital part of this company’s expansive and cohesive healthcare team. The positions currently listed include several RN positions that are open on various shifts. Care assistants are also wanted for several Sussex Healthcare facilities.

Individuals proficient in IT work are also urged to apply. More housekeeping, kitchen and laundry employees are needed with a range of scheduling options. Drivers with a clean record are invited to interview for a position through Sussex Healthcare. All employees are given respect and full opportunities to advance their current and future career paths. The dedicated employees working at Sussex Healthcare are all included in the overall goals of the facilities. The work environment seems more like a comfortable family setting. Those interested in any of these plus more open job positions can contact administrators via phone or online.


Twenty-five years ago, Sussex Healthcare started a private care home company that provided senior care. Currently, this healthcare provider remains dedicated to continuing care of elders and others with severe disabilities. The company boasts 20 fine facilities in various UK locations. A stunning gym has just been launched, and the building contains sensational amenities. The latest fitness machines and workout supplies are available for Sussex Healthcare residents and any other seniors from surrounding areas. Fitness experts and well-qualified physiology therapists are able to evaluate each person’s individualized strengths to determine a personalized and fun exercise training program.

The new area gymnasium also holds an incredibly relaxing and beautiful heated pool. Most fitness professionals recommend water therapy exercises. Older individuals often have problems with mobility. Their muscles and joints are sometimes painful. Performing stretches and light exercise in the warm pool is much less strenuous on the body. Individuals with damaged knees are especially helped by this form of exercise. All of the residents inside Sussex Healthcare owned facilities have daily opportunities to stay active and healthy. Along with nutritious meals, various active groups and personalized fitness plans, Sussex Healthcare promotes healthy lifestyles.

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