How Hi-Tech May Affect The Wedding Industry

When it comes to the wedding industry there is a past, present, and future way of handling the process. When it comes to registries, in the past couples may have registered at a handful of stores. They may have raced about a store using a scanner that didn’t always work correctly to pick the items they wanted to register.

In the present there are new websites like TheKnot and MyRegistry that lets you sync items from a variety of stores to a website in which the couple has their personal web page. If guests don’t purchase an item for a couple, they can contribute towards its final cost. The website Honeyfund lets guests contribute funds to a couple’s honey moon trip or other expenses.
In the future even more digital and high tech advances will come into the picture. In its new stages there is image recognition technology. A customer can use their mobile phone to take pictures of a product they desire, and an app will show the customer similar items available for sale by a retailer. The app will also let the customer make a purchase through their phone.

An example of a company that produces product recognition software is Slyce, a Canadian company that has partnered with many top worldwide companies like Carnival shoe stores,, and Neiman Marcus.

A Slyce product app is the Universal Scanner. With it you can sna a picture of almost anything from a real object to photos in a magazines and get results from the retailers that use the software.

As for wedding attire, in the past women had to search about frantically to find an expensive wedding dress that they would wear only once.

In the future renting a wedding dress will become more of an acceptable alternative. And having a dress custom made, or buying one from a retailer may be available for more reasonable prices.

When it comes to a couple launching their own website, you used to have to be a website building wiz to have an attractive site, Now there are online companies like The Knot and Minted, where you can launch a free wedding website, Web building software makes it easy to create the type of website you wish.