OSI Group Continues To Thrive Globally

You might not think much about where the food that you purchase at the grocery store, but fortunately OSI Group does. OSI is one of the biggest suppliers of meat-based food products throughout the world and has some impressive partnerships with companies such as McDonald’s. When they think of customers satisfaction, their leaders have stated that they aim to go above and beyond any expectations that they may have about when it comes to their business. This is one of the things that has kept the company going for a century.

Even if you didn’t know it, you have probably been enjoying the food processed by OSI Group for years without ever giving it a second thought. This is especially true if you have ever eaten at a chain restaurant such as McDonald’s. They have been working with McDonald’s for decades and are one of only 4 suppliers that provide the popular chain with hamburger patties for their world famous sandwiches. There is even a good chance that you have eaten their products if you live out of the United States as well. They have a presence in many different countries around the world and their reach keeps expanding.

While they have been making a considerable amount of acquisitions that are both foreign and domestic, their most recent ones were completed in Europe. OSI Group that is headquartered in Illinois near Chicago currently has a presence in an impressive 17 countries. The company has remained a privately owned business since it was created as a family butcher shop by a German immigrant around 100 years ago. The fact that they keep growing at the rate that they have is about as impressive as the fact that they have managed to stay afloat that long as a company.

The longevity of OSI Group is most likely made possible because of their commitment to their clients as well as quality. They also care about the environment and continue to receive recognition for their many sustainability efforts all around the globe. They contribute to multiple charities but have a special connection to the Ronald McDonald House.

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OSI Industries Growing a Century of Innovation

Otto Kolchovsky began his adventure in America when he moved to Chicago and settled in the German immigrant neighborhood of Oak Park. The year was 1909. IN March of 1909 William Howard Taft has inaugurated the 27th President of the United States and on May 16th Pope Benedict XV formally canonized Joan of Arc and declared her a Saint; lastly, Ty Cobb, hits 2 home runs on July 15 against Washington.

These are some of the events that surrounded Otto Kolchovsky’s first days in America. While settling into the German immigrant community Otto came up with the idea to start a meat packing company with his sons. Eventually, Otto names his little company Otto & Sons.

Fast forward 46 years and Otto & Sons had become prominent and successful enough to enter into an agreement with Ray Kroc for his new brand of hamburger stand known as McDonald’s. Otto & Sons would be the sole providers of hamburger meat to the new franchised store. That was 1955 when Otto and his Sons got their first big break, but things didn’t stop for them.

In 1973 Otto opened his first USA plant which he dedicated for serving McDonald’s. When did Otto & Sons become OSI Industries? It was recorded that in 1975, after success with McDonald’s that Otto changed the name of the company to OSI Industries; it is a name which is the same nearly half a century later.

OSI Industries

For 100 years OSI have kept the same trusting commitment to their clients as was kept by Otto and his Sons back in 1909. Much has changed today, but OSI Industries continues to provide innovation and added technology to the process of meat packing. OSI Industries has spread out from its original intent of packaging beef to packaging poultry and nonmeat products.

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OSI Group — Regional Demand is Rising

The current trend of chicken consumption indicates that the nations of the world will transition into the uptake of over eight hundred tons of chicken per annum by the year 2020. This can be a colossal quantity, and the world wants additional food because the population is growing! OSI Group has come back up with a concept to satisfy the increasing demand for chicken and meat products. They improved their facilities in nations across the planet. They have purchased a new factory in Chicago, they extended operations in Spain and Brazil, and they are undergoing a revamping strategy across Europe. The rise in investment in facilities can mean they need the additional milling power necessary to supply additional chicken and meat across the globe. In Spain, they already need double their normal chicken production capacity! This can be excellent news. The direct result is that the world’s chicken lovers, distributors, and suppliers can have their dietary wants met fairly simply. The great news comes just in time since experts estimate the population to rise by next year.

OSI Group is the leading producer of meat and chicken products across the world. Their operations are controlled by a president and VP for every region. Once major choices are scheduled to be discussed regarding production improvement and investments, the corporate executives defer to every regional director. The regional director in Spain welcomed the news that Spain was intensely demanding chicken. They are currently eating three times the amount they were in previous years. This news indicated huge dietary changes and new wants within the population. The regional director of OSI Group Spain took immediate action and distended their main industrial plant by upping the worker break space and adding an extension to the processing floor. The milling power will now turn out over double the weight of chicken it processed last year.

The growing want for chicken within the world could be a result of multiple factors. There are studies that show health advantages concerning chicken consumption. It’s the favorite meal of individuals around the world. The chicken is a popular meal because it is easy to prepare, and it has a relatively small amount of fat when compared with red meat. Weight lifters and dietitians have been rising in popularity, and OSI Group expects this is a major contributor to the popularity of poultry products. They are welcoming the added demand.

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