Marc Beer

Marc Beer: Entrepreneurial Genius

For the past 25 years, Marc Beer has proven that he’s one of the greatest entrepreneurs to ever enter the medical industry. His immense success is in the form of several companies he’s taken to the apex of triumph. He’s known for his unique ability to provide workable solutions that solve short-term and long-term issues.

With a B.A. in Business from Miami University, Marc Beer developed his talent early on. Once he started working in pharmaceutical sales and marketing, he knew a career in the medical industry was for him. Soon, he landed the Vice President of Global Marketing for a pharmaceutical company called Genzyme.

His accomplishments at Genzyme were recognized worldwide. He promoted the company’s product line to more than 350 million people who were being medically underserved at that time. The company produced products for more than 7,000 rare diseases, and Marc Beer was in charge of putting those treatments in front of the people suffering.

After years of working for Genzyme, doing things their way, Marc Beer wanted to do more. He’d spent the early years of his career forming relationships and learning the ropes of the industry, so, in 2000, he set out on his own.

He founded Viacell, a company that specialized in collecting and preserving umbilical cord blood stem cells. Those cells were developed into my products and used to treat hundreds of conditions pertaining to the human body. In 2007, he sold Viacell for $300 million and began planning a bright future for him and his family.

The same year he sold Viacell, his wife passed away from a pulmonary embolism. Distraught, Marc Beer left his professional life behind and focused on raising his three children. Two years after his wife’s death, his oldest daughter convinced him to go back to work and start a new company. Learn more:

The next company he founded was Renovia, a company dedicated to helping women suffering from pelvic floor disorders. He co-founded the company with Dr. Ray Iglesias, a 25-year veteran gynecologist who’d spent much of his career performing pelvic floor surgeries. Throughout his career, he wanted to find a way to help women avoid the need for surgery.

Once he had an idea, he called Marc Beer, and that phone call changed Beer’s life forever. The duo paired with Yolanda Lorie and Renovia was officially born. Together, they developed cutting-edge therapeutic and diagnostic devices for women to help avoid the surgical option.

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Equities First Holdings- Geeks News

Equities First Holdings Provides Access To Affordable Loans

Equities First Holdings allows people to get a loan by providing their stock portfolio. The stocks serve as collateral and will be given back to the borrower after the loan has been repaid. Equities First Holdings is a reputable lending firm and has numerous clients around the world. The company’s lending experts are committed to guiding clients and ensuring a pleasant experience.

Principles for Success from Max Salk

Max Salk is an investment analyst and landscape photographer based in New York. He is originally from Illinois. Salk studied finance at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. During Salk’s university years, he became interested in financial markets. He began to research financial news and trade stocks in his free time. After Max Salk graduated from university, he was an analyst for Morningstar for almost a year. Salk then moved on to become Assistant Vice President at PPM America, Inc. In addition to Max Salk’s work in financial analysis, he is a landscape photographer. He has a website dedicated to his captivating landscape photography taken from his travels.

In some recent interviews, Max Salk shares his principles for being successful in business or in any aspect of life in general. Salk believes in the importance of preparation, knowing how to adapt when it’s necessary, taking advantage of opportunities when they come, intensely pursuing your passions in life, and choosing which challenges or problems are worth your effort or trouble.

A clear example of the importance of preparation and taking advantage of opportunities when they arise can be found in looking at how Max Salk began his landscape photography. While Salk was studying in the Netherlands, he decided to go out for an early morning walk one day. Instead of just heading out and taking in a bit of exercise along with some beautiful scenery, he thought ahead and decided to take his camera. He took some photos of a harbor. This experience led Salk to start his own landscape photography website yeas later, and it shows how even just a little bit of preparation and seizing the moment can be really fruitful.

Two more principles that are also crucial in attaining success according to Max Salk are knowing how to adapt in the moment when it’s necessary and choosing which challenges are worth one’s effort or time. We can find an impressive example of these principles in action by taking a look at the history of Netflix. Netflix started out as a company that was very similar to its competitor Blockbuster except it was online based instead of retail branches. Netflix offered subscriptions instead of only rentals like Blockbuster. Netflix soon became a world leader in DVD rentals, but they shifted their focus from DVD rentals to online streaming. This move shot Netflix to dominate their market.

James River Capital: How Can a Business owner Change His Style of Leadership?

It takes more than a great idea to run a successful business. As Paul Saunders of James River Capital Corp would put it, leadership is both a science and an art that requires time and conscious effort to master. Every business leader must be willing to putting the manhours and effort if they are to post maximal productivity within their enterprise. The business leader must also keep learning and adjusting his style of leadership. Some of the immediate changes that Paul believes would come in handy in helping a business leader change their style for the best include:


Shift from leadership to support


After years of following Facebook activities and operations, business researchers believe they now understand the contributors to the success achieved by the firm. Far from the technological innovations embraced by Facebook, they attribute the change of leadership mindset as a key contributor to this success.


For instance, instead of approaching their positions with leadership, role delegation, and oversight mindset, managers here view their positions as a responsibility to support and guide their teams. Paul argues that such an approach amplifies the leader’s interactions with their employees, paving way for unprecedented productivity.


Encourage criticism and employee creativity


How often do you have your employees or the team you are entrusted with challenge some of your decisions? More importantly, how do you handle such criticism? Paul Saunders points out to a business leadership research that suggests that most employees will shy away from criticizing poor business decisions or offering valuable input towards a course if they consider the business leader unapproachable.


It is, therefore, important for every business leader to revise their leadership style and create room for criticism. Paul believes that this gives rise to more creative approaches to handling business projects that in turn goes a long way in helping achieve optimal productivity. You can achieve this by welcoming and encouraging and escalation in a manner that ensures people come up to you with their problems.


Ensure everyone’s opinion counts


Maximal productivity in the workplace starts by cultivating a sense of belonging with all your employees. A sense of belonging, in turn, stems from ensuring that every employee’s opinion counts. During the meetings and brainstorming sessions, ensure that every employee voice their input. You should, however, note that this won’t work if you don’t give genuine attention and appreciation of their concerns and contributions.


More about James River Capital Corp


Headquartered on the banks of James River in Richmond, Virginia, James River Capital Corp was started by Kidder, Peabody & Co. Inc in 1986. It would serve as the alternative investment arm of the organization until 1995 when two Kidder and Peabody employees expressed interest in taking it private. Paul Saunders and Kevin Brandt acquired the James River and registered wit with the SEC as a private and independent alternative investment firm. Today the firm has over $570 million in Assets under management.


Equities First Holdings News: Discussing Partnership and Financial Resources

The best part about being alive is finding ways to make yourself happy. However, it can be hard to make yourself feel the joy of happiness when there is so much bad going on in the world and that is all that is being talked about. Of course, the news is always covering the floods that injured and killed many, the dogs that attacked a group of children walking home from school, and the deaths that have happened, just because they know that people will stay tuned longer for that kind of news. However, we are not staying tuned because we want to, but rather need to so as to make sure that everyone is alright. This article, however, is one that contains only good news that you’ll actually gain useful info from. The Equities First Holdings company has become the company to brag about if you are a client with them, mostly because they are the best around. They are now funding the ETC company that they are partnering up with.

Debt Settlement Options and What Freedom Debt Relief Does Best

Freedom Debt Relief; a leading debt resolution company in the United States approaches every client’s debt in a different way since it believes that everyone’s debt varies. Hence it encourages its clients to find out other possible options before they decide if its program is suitable for them. There are several debit options that debtors can explore including credit counseling where a qualified counselor reviews the financial situation of the debtor, establish lower interest rates with their creditors where possible, and create a plan for debt management for them to follow. The advantage of this option is that it has lower fees and rates, no collection calls, and the client makes one monthly payment.

Their debt consolidation approach enables the debtors to make only one payment into the program each month, which is used to pay off all their debts. Alternatively, they offer an invitation-only program that offers loans to pay off debts. This loan may come with a lower interest rate than the client’s debts, and they can make fixed payments every month on it until it is settled. Though its results may vary, this method of debt settlement offers flexible terms with no credit impact. The debtors can also opt for cash-out refinance that requires them to seek the help of a mortgage lender. They can refinance their mortgage by taking out extra cash above the mortgage balance and use that money to settle their debts. With the only requirement being a possession of a home, this approach helps reduce monthly payments.

Freedom Debt Relief works best when it comes to debt settlement. In this case, the debtor makes monthly deposits to the company’s account which then negotiates with the creditors to take a payment below what its client owes. This amount is paid from the account that the debtor deposited into until the debt is settled. While it may involve debt collection calls and the results will always vary, this approach is faster than making the least payments and has one monthly deposit plan.