Marc Beer: Providing LumeNXT Inc. With a Plan to Succeed

Marc Beer, an American entrepreneur that focuses on medical technology, was recently appointed to become the chairman of the board at LumeNXT Inc. The company is known for its illuminated surgical tools which are used to minimize the number of surgical accidents. The privately-held company continues to grow as more doctors are developing interest with their innovative surgical tools. They appointed Marc Beer to become the chairman of the board because they are aware that he has been working in the industry for more than two decades. He has a lot of experience in helping medical companies develop further, and they are positive that he will also help them with their goal of expanding and reaching new heights.

Marc Beer said that he is proud to work with the people at LumeNXT Inc., and he is inspired mostly by the engineers and surgeons who are doing their best to develop a new product. He also highlighted the importance of the illuminated surgical tools which are being developed by the company and stated how it can save many lives. It would also help the doctors to perform a safer invasive surgery, thanks to the illuminated feature on these tools that gives them a great vision of the area they are working on. Compared to traditional surgery techniques, surgeons across the United States said that they are now more confident working on the operating table because of the precision and accuracy that the products from LumeNXT Inc. provide. The advanced tools that were developed by the company is a product of their research, and it took them years before they can perfect the product.

The co-founder of LumeNXT Inc., Paul Rhyne, stated that their decision to appoint Marc Beer as the chairman of the board is partly because of his skills and talents in managing big medical businesses. They are aware of the success of Renovia Inc., and they also wanted to replicate it. They said that Marc Beer’s passion for helping the public who are facing different medical conditions took their interest. Back when Renovia Inc. was established, Marc Beer was thinking of ways on how his company can become the talk of the town. With the help of his business partners, Marc Beer decided to create a product that would help millions of women who are suffering from pelvic floor disorders. He named the product as Leva, and it was first introduced into the market last year after the FDA gave it a certification.

Since then, Marc Beer has been involved in different ventures that are all about the protection of the public from deadly diseases. His involved with LumeNXT Inc. was due to the executives appointing him as a member of their board, and eventually, as the chairman. Learn more:

Luke Lazarus: Serial Entrepreneur

Graduating from the Melbourne School of Business with an MBA at only 24, Luke Lazarus was already showing signs of success. Following his graduation, Luke Lazarus would go on to form four consulting firms and sell them before the age of 33.

This plethora of experience led him to be known as one of the most sought-after start-up consultants in Australia. Through his innovative and unique take on problem-solving, Luke Lazarus has managed to work with a large number of executives, CEOs and aspiring entrepreneurs.

Luke Lazarus recently stated that his primary strength in consulting involves a broad parameter of techniques that get a company back on track. In a recent interview, Luke Lazarus was able to share further some of his experience working in the consulting industry.

What is one thing you would tell your younger self?

Luke Lazarus states that the minute he was able to move out of his house, he quickly headed to Melbourne.

While his former school friends decided to take a year or two off to travel, he stayed back and went hard at his MBA. Although in retrospect, Luke Lazarus admits that he placed a lot of stress and worry on himself, therefore if he could go back he would tell himself to let the worry go.

What would you recommend young entrepreneurs to do that you do yourself?

Lazarus comments on how he is able to handle situations by placing confidence in himself and his work. This ultimately becomes not only an asset to yourself but your clients as well. However, he does understand that apprehension will always be present in a project, but will enough experience those apprehensions become less and less present.

How do you bring your ideas to life?

Building a story around a product or brand is the foundation of a successful company, says Luke Lazarus. He goes on to say that the best thing for a young entrepreneur to do their start-up is to give it a story.

This allows you to not only find a place in the marketplace but also a chance to make it your own. If you can give this feeling to your product, there is no doubt that your customers will also feel it and continue to come back. Read more: Luke Lazarus Profile | and Luke Lazarus| Medium

What is one failure you had as an entrepreneur?

According to Luke Lazarus, one of his first failures came as a result of working with a long time friend. The inclusion of funds and resources would take center stage without any details being discussed until the last minute. Long story short, the partners disagreed on how the company would run and therefore it failed before it even started.