Nitin Khanna Has What It Takes To Be An Entrepreneur

Nitin Khanna, CEO of MergerTech, was born in India into a family of many entrepreneurs. At the age of 17 he moved to the United States where he attended Purdue University, majoring in industrial engineering and then getting a Master’s degree in the same field. By this time he was ready to work instead of going on for a PhD. He was ready to try his hand at putting his knowledge and talent into practice.

In 1999 Nitin Khanna and his brother started Saber Software, and for the next 10 years Khanna worked on growing the business. Some luck came his way when Saber Software won the contract to modernize the election system after the 2000 election problems. Saber Software had 21 states using its software to oversee the process of voting. In 2008 Khanna sold Saber Software. He then went on to invest in many companies in Oregon. Other entrepreneurs became interested in Khanna’s expertise and were anxious for his advice. The result was the creation of MergerTech, an international mergers and acquisitions advisory firm.

Part of the reason for Nitin Khanna’s success has always been his ability to understand what people are going to want before others catch on. Being steps ahead means that Khanna has jumped in to ventures early and reaped profits. This was the story with his early investments in legalized cannabis. He became CEO of Cura Cannabis, a role he has since stepped away from, although he is still very passionate about the success of the company.

Khanna credits much of his success to understanding how important it is to have the best people working in a company, knowing when to delegate and letting those people do their jobs. This way of leading a company not only leads to success but also makes much more free time available to the head of the company to pursue other interests and spend more time with family.

Nitin Khanna’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to really know themselves and what they are capable of. It is certainly not true that anyone who wants to be an entrepreneur can succeed. There are so many skills involved in becoming a successful entrepreneur, managing a team, hiring and firing, and the chances of success are minimal. It is better to realize this before wasting a large part of one’s life and failing.

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Nitin Khanna Believes In The Marijuana Industry

Legal cannabis is big news lately and Nitin Khanna got in on the industry early through Cura Cannabis. While he may not be the Chief Executive Officer of the company anymore, he is still involved with it on other levels. The entrepreneur is also busy holding down positions at MergerTech, Hoist Fund, ad Maxonix where he is the CEO, Partner, and President, respectively. In 1993, he graduated from Purdue University with Master’s in Industrial Engineering and before that he had earned his bachelor’s degree at the school. Legal marijuana is growing quickly around the United States and Nitin Khanna believes that now is the best time to invest in the industry as quickly as possible in order to see the most returns.

Not only is marijuana growing in the United States, but it has also become big business in Canada as well who just legalized the substance recreationally across the board. While raw marijuana will always be popular, Nitin Khanna s also seeing a great deal of potential when it comes to edibles and extracts as well. It’s important not to overlook those type of investments. As more areas legalize marijuana, the stigma on the substance will continue to decrease which makes it even more likely to produce revenue. Marijuana has been a big business even when it was still illegal and there isn’t a real way to figure out just how much the industry will be worth later on.

Nitin Khanna has seen cannabis change the lives of people with chronic pain and other health issues without the use of more addictive medication. As the CEO of MergerTech, he has assisted several companies in buying and selling businesses. He came up with the idea to start his own company like this after selling Saber, a company he co-founded, for a great deal more than what it was initially valued. He is frequently making investments in the cannabis industry and doesn’t look to be changing that any time soon. He truly sees it as a market with a great deal of opportunity for everyone involved as it can truly help people.

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