ClassDojo: The Classroom App Changing How Children Interact & Learn

ClassDojo is a communication platform that enables children, parents and teachers to all collaborate on the educational process of a child. This is a tool of empowerment and connection between students, parents and teachers. This tool is growing in popularity because it creates a sense of community. This platform was created with mission of cultivating an enjoyable and positive community of classrooms and households interacting together.

One in eight families in the United States with children under the age of fourteen already interact with ClassDojo in someway. These users use the application on a daily basis to experience the connection between the classroom and homes of students. Families are enjoying the tools and benefits of this communication platform. This app inspires ideas, causes for hands on involvement and heavily influences an elementary education.

Kindness is so important for children to learn. ClassDojo is aiding parents with the ability to foster the need and act of kindness in their children. The app is influencing millions of school aged children to do kind acts. Dr. Michele Borba is an expert on child development working with ClassDojo. She is helping the tech company create a program to establish kindness amongst children. The Summer Kindness Series is the program that helps families do fun acts of kindness. All of the kind activities are free of charge and encourage family participation. This allows for parents to do fun things with their children while school is out for the summer. Research has been implemented into creating habits of kindness and compassion.

ClassDojo will release a new kind habit weekly from June 21 to August 16. The weekly habits of kindness include tips, activities and ideas. The strategies involved in these acts are based off of research that involves both parent and child involvement. These strategies include collaborative play, learning opportunities and practice essential elements to being kind. These elements include mindfulness, reading emotions, curiosity and collaboration. This summer series is vary fun for children of all ages. The application hopes to continue to sponsor these types of programs to allow children to learn about being kind.