Adam Milstein – A Community Leader and Real Estate Investor

Adam Milstein is a man who wears many hats. He is a real estate investor and a community leader who is reputed for his philanthropy. To him, philanthropy makes his job more satisficing. His consistency and persistency have seen to it that he breaks all obstacles victoriously. He is a managing partner of Hager Pacific Properties where he oversees the firm’s monetary value, expenditure, and accounting. The company specializes in obtaining, reintegration and relocation of commercial or private property.

Milstein got the idea to start Hager Pacific Properties after he graduated with an MBA in entrepreneurship from USC. He felt that a lot of the potential employers did not appreciate his experience and knowledge. Being a believer of hard work, he brings new ideas to life by pushing until they become a reality. He encourages fellow entrepreneurs to know the problem and in turn be part of the solution.

Milstein’s life begun in 1968 in Israel. He was born to Eva -a homemaker who immigrated from Mexico to Israel- and Hillel Milstein, a real estate developer. His family moved from Haifa to Kiryat Yam then Kiryat Motzkin where he spent his early life. Milstein joined the Israeli Defence Forces in 1971 and served his mandatory service then afterward ventured into different fields.

Adam alongside his wife Gila founded the Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation(MFF) that seeks to sponsor students and young professional while encouraging them to know their Jewish culture better. They are also co-founders of Sifriyat Pijama B’America that supplies free monthly books in Hebrew. Milstein was recently named the Chairman of the Israeli-American Council, a Jewish organization that he cofounded. He sits on some boards in some organizations including AIPAC National Council, StandWithUs, Jewish Funders Network, Hasbara Fellowships, the Los Angeles Board of Birthright Israel and AISH Los Angeles.



Race for the Chairmanship of Capital Group

Timothy Armour is one of the two leading candidates for the position of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Capital Group, one of the biggest funds in the world. Today, the group manages assets worth over $1.4 trillion. If he is elected chairman, Timothy will finally oversee a new active fund management system and get rid of the current index tracker funds.

The chairmanship position of Capital Group became vacant after the former chairman, Jim Rothenberg, passed away from a heart attack while vacationing. The new chairman will be tasked with rebuilding the group’s market share that has fallen behind thanks, in part, to the rise of passive fund managers within its ranks.

A management reshuffle is expected following a board meeting called to name a new Chairman. Tim is the present chair of Capital Group’s management committee and, until recently, served as Jim Rothenberg’s deputy. Apart from pushing for an active fund management system at Capital Group, Timothy Armour also played a huge role in bringing transparency to its operations.

Top Contenders

Another top contender and a key member of Capital Group’s leadership is Rob Lovelace (Jonathan Lovelace’s grandson). Jonathan founded the group in 1931. Rob has accomplished a lot at the group, which has made him a leading candidate for the top job.

According to Alec Lucas from Morningstar, the Capital Group has managed to turn around flows due to good performance, engaging stakeholders through advertising, relying more on product sales, and through its active management research. According to Mr Lucas, both Timothy Armour and Rob Lovelace have earned a right to lead the Group thanks to their accomplishments and leadership qualities.

Timothy Armour

Timothy Armour has served as Chairman and CEO of the Capital Group since 2015. Tim took over from Jim Rothenberg as Chairman after the latter passed away. Apart from his duties as chairman, Tim also serves as chairman of Capital Group Companies Management Committee and principal executive of Capital Research and Management Company

Timothy Armour is a successful equity portfolio manager who has worked for Capital Group for over 33 years. He has a wealth of accumulated knowledge and experience in investment analysis. This prepared him for his job as the Group’s Chairman and CEO. When he joined Capital Group as an investment analyst, he covered the United States service companies as well as global communications. Timothy Armour, the Los Angeles-based Chief Executive Officer, also studied economics at Middlebury College where he earned his Bachelor’s degree.

View Timothy Armour’s blog for more information.

Securus Technologies Reveals How GTL Swindled Taxpayers

Securus Technologies, a company from Dallas that services law enforcement, emergency first respondents and jails around the country has issued a press release stating that they will highlight some of the abuses by fellow inmate communication provider GTL. “Global Tel Link or GTL has done many despicable acts that have swindled taxpayers of millions of dollars” says Richard Smith, who is the CEO of Securus Technologies.

The revealing and highlighting of GTL’s fraudulent behavior that basically cheated the public and the families of inmates should shame Global Tel Link into behaving more responsibly. Richard Smith believes that exposing the wrongdoings and fraud of GTL should force them to raise their level of integrity and service. The actions of GTL have tarnished the reputation of the inmate communication industry of which Securus Technologies is a major part of. Securus technologies aims to provide reasonable, transparent and honest service to inmates, families and law enforcement. It also at the same time believes that security should be at the top of the priority.

The first of a set of press releases by Securus Technologies shows the fraud committed by Global Tel Link in the Louisiana prison system. There GTL has been found guilty of adding anywhere from 15 seconds to 36 seconds to each inmate call that was going outside. The Louisiana Public Commission report also found that GTL would add on additional fees and charges to the bills of inmates or their families. Calls were also rated on the highest possible rate in violation of tariffs and agreements with state, prison and local officials.

Such behavior shows just how low GTL is willing to stoop to try to suck out as much as profits as it can from the taxpayer and unsuspecting families and inmates. The report in Louisiana estimates that such actions cost the state more than $1,200,000 in additional expenses that were paid through taxpayer funds.

Talk Fusion’s Ambition To Change Video Technology

Talk Fusion connects people around the world using unique video technology. By Talk Fusion sharing the technology, it empowers people to help live their dreams. The founder and Chief Executive Officer of Talk Fusion is Bob Reina. Reina founded Talk Fusion in 2007. Reina has merged his hard earned industry knowledge with his talent and passion for entrepreneurship. Reina hopes to lead Talk Fusion by looking at new trends, promoting the video technology, and trying to help other people reach their goals.

Reina has over 20 years of relationship marketing experience. Reina’s hands-on leadership has helped him establish a reputation as a leader in his field. Reina has also made many civic contributions and donations to charity.

Talk Fusion makes broadcasting, social networking, and video conferencing products. Talk Fusion works by a person sending a message to someone either through web cam or flip camera. The person then opens the Talk Fusion portal, finds the saved video file and uploads it. The person can then create a video e-mail using a number of templates provided by Talk Fusion. In addition, the person can include any text messages. The Video can be sent to one singular person, or a number of different people. The videos are available on Talk Fusion’s site and can be re-used at any time. People also have the option of using a video that has already been made.

Talk Fusion gives people full reporting metrics that are common with an email service. People can see how many people viewed the email, what links were clicked, and which emails came back.

Reina Achieving the Impossible with Video Techonology

Technology is ever changing and can be hard to keep up with at times. With cutting edge communication technology with video chatting, people are brought together around the world in a whole new way. Leading the charge in this stellar change is Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion allows for video chat along with many more added features. It surpasses the competition by also allowing for live meetings, video emails and video newsletters. This is the technology that allows for impeccable communication whether it is in the business field or the social world. Talk Fusion was formed in 2007 with the vision of their founder, Bob Reina. The advances that are sponsored by Talk Fusion have created an easier way to communicate to customers, business partners, as well as friends and family globally. The state of the art technology is innovative and is setting a precedent on video technology and communication worldwide.

Leading the forge on this groundbreaking technology is Bob Reina. With a degree in criminology from the University of South Florida, Mr. Reina began as a police officer full time and worked part-time in the marketing field. In 2004, he was told that sending a ten-second video via email could not be accomplished. Refusing to give up on his ideas of what technology can offer us, Mr. Reina and a friend began planning and set the goal of achieved the impossible.

In 2007, Mr. Reina founded Talk Fusion. And as acting CEO of the pioneering company, he is gained worldwide recognition for his video emails that were once thought to be impossible. With Mr. Reina’s twenty-some years of experience, Talk Fusion is becoming one the largest online video content providers; it is currently the eighth largest. Mr. Reina’s passion for always pushing the boundaries to achieve the impossible accounts for Talk Fusion’s success.