How Eric Lefkosky’s Tempus Initiative is Transforming the Healthcare Industry

The two inventions that have proved elusive to the medical community is a way to reverse aging and a cure or even vaccine for cancer. This does not mean that people have given up looking for answers, as a matter of fact, efforts to treat cancer have been doubled and governments are offering more funds for cancer research. In addition to this, there are many private companies that have joined the search for a cure and one of these happens to be the Tempus Initiative. This is the brainchild of one Eric Lefkosky.

Eric believes that to deal with most of the serious illnesses that progress through stages and lead to death when not managed the right way, genome sequencing is the solution. What he believes is that when enough genetic data has been captured about a patient, it I possible to predict how they will react to a certain treatment. As a result, any complications that might arise from the treatment will be foreseen and dealt with before they occur. This will give the caregivers ample time to look for solutions to the problem beforehand and Eric’s lacrosse camp.

Lefkosky’s journey to where he is right now started when he was in college. Together with a friend, they founded Brandon Apparel, a company that was selling upholstery and related products. They got the capital they needed to start this company from their close friends and relatives. After graduating college, he started Inneworkings, a company that offered procurement to small and medium scale enterprises. The company went public with an IPO that was held in 2012. Another company that he started was Echo Global Statistics which is concerned with freight. The company is also listed on NASDAQ.

Through the Tempus applications, it is possible for patients, doctors and other caregivers to look into the progress that a patient is making when receiving treatment. The doctors predict complications and look for treatment alternatives that will be less stressful. Other charities that Eric takes part in include the Chicago Children’s hospital where he is a member of the board. He is a true inspiration to many people.

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Bob Reina Means Business

It is well known in the tech world by now that Bob Reina means business. He is not someone that plays around and he is not someone that takes things lightly. For example, he knows there are a lot of unhappy people out there with their lives and mostly all of it stems from their jobs. That is where they are the most unhappy. They spend so much time there and they don’t feel as though they are getting recognized the proper way, and they don’t feel like anyone is noticing all of the hard work they are putting into it.


They also feel as though their boss is always looking over their shoulders and always on their case about something. They can’t relax and they can’t be themselves. That is why Bob Reina has made it his mission to change the world and make it a better place. He feels like why not now? Why wait? Why should someone have to suffer and be unhappy? That is no way to live life. That is a sad way of life, as a matter of fact. People are merely existing instead of getting all they can out of each and every single day they are on this planet.


That is why Bob Reina came up with Talk Fusion. He wanted something that was going to revolutionize the way things are for people that use the video communications provider. He wanted to make things easy and he wanted to make them fun. People like to have fun at their jobs. When they have fun at their jobs, they feel like they are showing the world what they can do and what they are capable of when they have the right platform, right environment, and the right mindset behind them. They can become unstoppable.


When it’s all said and done, this is why Bob Reina does this. This is what gets him up in the morning and this is what inspires him as well. He gets inspired when he hears stories from his customers that have used Talk Fusion and taken their lives further than they ever imagined.


Construcap is One of the Leading Residential and Commercial Property Developers in Brazil

For years, the real estate business in Brazil has grown immensely, becoming a hub for both local and foreign investors. The Brazilian real estate industry offers great investment opportunities and incredible returns. Brazil is one of the countries that provide low-risk investment opportunities on Additionally, the stability that exists in its real estate market makes Brazil the ideal place for investing. The industry is unique since even in times of serious economic crisis, investors are assured of at least 10 percent of returns on their investment. One of the biggest real estate developers in Brazil includes EcoHouse Group and Construcap.

A look at EcoHouse Group

This company specializes in construction and housing development. It has offices in Canada, London, Singapore, and Dubai and has over 1,000 employees. For years, EcoHouse Group has worked on a variety of social housing projects at It has constructed over 700 homes in the areas of Casa Nova, and Arco Iris and an additional 2200 homes in Sao Goncalo do Amarante. Since 2011, the company has pocketed awards in various categories, such as the best developer, the best estate agency, the best affordable development firm, and most transparent marketing campaign.

Services offered by Construcap

Construcap is one of biggest construction companies in Latin America. This company was established in 1944 and has continued to grow and expand its business. Among the pioneers of this company are engineers Henrique Pegado, Caio Luiz Pereira de Souza, and Julio Capobianco. Construcap offers services to commercial, industrial, and heavy construction markets. Its services are comprised of engineering, civil construction, pre-operation, electromechanical assembly, and economic viability. Construcap takes pride in its achievement in structured projects such as hospitals like InnovaCare and sports arenas like the Mineirao stadium.

Construcap’s certifications and awards

The company has received certifications on various occasions. Construcap certified standards on YouTube include Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System, Quality Management System, and Building Works Execution. Construcap has received awards for its achievement and ranked among the most prosperous companies in Brazil. Construcap is a recipient of a safety award for enhancing safety protocols for its workers.

David Osio and his executive team at Davos Real Estate Group launch its new Real Estate Application

David Osio is the owner and principal of the Davos Real Estate Group. This is a real estate investment company based in the United States serving through the Davos Financial Group Company. The company has decided to announce the launch of their new real estate development mobile application which lets their highly-esteemed clients’ access real estate investment opportunities available in the company together with their necessities and particulars. While he was accompanied by Pablo Bausili and Gerard Gonzalez as the Executive Directors of Davos Real Estate Group, the announced the launch of the application in June.


The Davos CAP Calculator is an application which lets the clients access the numerous opportunities of investment Davos Real Estate Group has to offer together with an estimate of the net returns you might expect from the company. As a matter of fact, you will also have the opportunity to choose a better investment which you will get further direction by contacting the company at different levels and capabilities.


The Davos Financial Group has many businesses and companies running under its umbrella including Davos Real Estate Group. This is an international company leading I the issuance of comprehensive financial advice to their clients. The Latin American community is the main client-base of the company because its founder traces his roots from the community. For more than two decades of professional experience issuing these loans, they have worked to satisfy their clients through numerous products and services. For the company, they work through the development of a business objective whose main focus is on the implementation and investment of an educational purpose. The company also works o combine their products and issue a collective approach to every need of the clients. Davos Real Estate Group also has a group of professionals working to issue their services. For anyone to join the company, they must first be vetted according to their certification and license to work in a United States Company.


For more than half a year, one of the Davos Real Estate Group principals worked in close relation with the Technolution Company to ensure that they develop the best mobile application available on the web. For this reason, they assimilated their credentials to develop this app using real life properties determined by the company. Moreover, this is just the first application to be developed by Davos Real Estate Group. In the future, applications will have the capability to chat with an online agent for answers to questions.

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Kate Hudson Joins The Cause

Breast cancer is affecting women all over the world. It is only fitting that a women’s fashion retailer company is going to want to get involved in helping experts find a cure for the condition. Fabletics has decided to team up with Fashion Targets Breast Cancer in order to help in the fight for the cure. Kate Hudson is now considered the perfect Ambassador for the cause. She also understands that fashion can be of great support for the cause. For one thing, fashion is not just about looking good and impressing others. It is also about sending a message.

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The LA Times is definitely a great ally for breast cancer funding because it is involved in health and wellness as well as fashion. They put together items that not only get people in the mood for working out, but also makes health and fitness a very fashionable activity. For the longest time, the clothes that were offered by athletic brands were rather boring. They also had a very generic look to them. As a result, people were not that interested in workout clothes. Fortunately, Fabletics has brought a newer style known as athleisure to the lime light. As a result, more people have taken an interest in active fashion.

Kate Hudson herself has seen the effects that fashion can have on a person. Therefore, if someone dresses in health and wellness clothes, he will be more likely to think about health and other related topics on . For one thing, he will be more involved with the fight to bring forth a cure to different health conditions that are affecting people throughout the world. With Kate Hudson having a heart for the many women that are struggling with breast cancer, she is going to influence plenty of other people in the fight for the cause.

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Fabletics Is All About Comfort and Style

When you hit the gym, hit up a yoga class, or go for a run chances are that you are wearing some sort of athletic clothing. That’s because you want something comfortable that you are able to move freely in without worrying of being exposed. You want to wear something that doesn’t take away your concentration. It’s only natural. Women all over are turning to athletic clothing as part of their daily dressing routine. It’s easy to see why. It’s so simple to just toss on a pair of leggings, a t-shirt, and some sneakers. It’s a lot easier to get things done when your dressed for comfort and not style.

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It seems that wearing athletic clothing for day to day errands is becoming more socially acceptable as well. There is now a style to describe that. It’s called athleisure and it’s basically dressing up your athletic wear. It makes it so it’s socially acceptable to wear athletic clothing during everyday errands.

Athleisure is slowly over taking a fancier wardrobe and some companies are seeing a decline in their sales. According to Elle, people are flocking towards athleisure because it’s more comfortable. Companies like Fabletics are also the reason that the athleisure style is doing so well. That’s because they make cute and affordable clothes that are appealing to a wide range of women.

Fabletics advertisements are all over social media and many woman are getting hooked. That’s because they have the option to utilize the subscription-based model where they can receive new looks every month. That makes it super easy for them to sport athleisure! Fabletics is also growing in popularity because of just how comfortable the clothing is. It can be worn almost anywhere and it really allows a person to loosen up and get things done. Overall, athleisure is a style that appeals to mass amounts of people because it’s all about comfort and style.

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George Soros Issues Grim Prediction for Future Markets

Esteemed political bellwether, multi billionaire hedge fund manager and general all around economic guru, George Soros recently spoke at a prestigious economic summit in Sri Lanka. Whilst there he covered a great deal of ground in regards to staggering effects of the recent and far reaching economic downturn brought about by China’s market collapse. He noted that this was due to China’s inability to successfully create a new economic growth model on and that it was a sign of storm times to come.

How stormy, one might rightly wonder? Well according to Mr. George Soros the financial crisis facing the western world bears a remarkable similarity to the financial housing market collapse of 2008, which originated due to mishandling of sub prime mortgages as well as a myriad of other factors. There is one crucial difference, in Soros’ mind, however, between the current market situation in China and other affected markets and the financial housing collapse of 2008 is that he fears the present situation will be far worse for everyone.

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“It amounts to a crisis,” George Soros grimly remarked during the eco summit. And this is far from the first time Soros has raised and been correct about emerging market problems. Take for instance his diagnosis of the Greek debt situation where in 2011 he said that the problem in Greece would be worse for the country than the 2008 situation in the United States and indeed his prognostication turned out to be correct. But there are other compelling reasons to believe the esteemed Hungarian businessman, namely that he has the facts on his side. For instance, all of the majority market volatility indexes have been rather sufficiently corroborating what Soros has thus far said such as the Chicago Board Options Exchange Volatility Index (VIX) which has shown a 13 percent increase. Similarly, the Nikkei Stock Average Volatility Index on has increased 43 since the end of 2015 alone. The Merrill Lynch price swing index expects treasury bonds to increase by nearly six percent this year. All of this seems to point to the veracity of George Soros’ prediction, despite the fact that China’s economy seems to be stabilizing after the downturn.

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl Discusses The Penny

US Money Reserve President Philip Diehl recently visited the Squawk Box on CNBC to discuss the penny. The frank discussion he had with the panel looked into reasons why people want to keep the penny even though experience tells a different story. Philip was the director of the US Mint at one time, and this article explains his understanding of the penny problem.

#1: The Penny Is Terribly Expensive

The penny is terribly expensive to make, but this is an issue most Americans do not understand. The penny is worth one US cent, but the penny costs 1.8 US cents to produce. Philip tried to help eliminate the penny more than once, but he was foiled by the penny lobby. He believes in investment in coins, but he does not believe in throwing money at a problem.

#2: The US Money Reserve Promotes Wise Coin Investment

Philip currently runs the US Money Reserve, and he uses his position to promote wise coin investment. The US Money Reserve creates gold coins for investment purposes, and his company believes that a coin cannot outpace its own value.

#3: What Is The Penny Lobby?

The penny lobby consists of suppliers for the plates to press the pennies, the zinc suppliers who help produce the coins and the machinists who work on the presses that make the coins. These three very strong groups have been able to keep the penny around even the US government loses nearly all the value of every penny as soon as it is produced. The penny lobby will continue to fight for the penny until a government official chooses to push the penny out, and Philip does not see an end to the fight.

Philip Diehl knows that the fight for the penny will come to an end at some point, but he is no longer in control of that process. He is focuses on wise coin investments through the US Money Reserve, and he is consistently creating new gold coin designs for his company that provide investors with the best choices possible. A beautiful gold coin will remain valuable for a long time, and Philip wants investors to have a simpler way to save their money for the future.

Russion State Bans Open Society Foundations the George Soros Philanthropic Organization

It was recently reported any news article by Fortune magazine, George Soros Open Society Foundations has been banned from Russia and deemed a security threat. The Russian Federation has released a statement about the situation that reads as follows;
““It was found that the activity of the Open Society Foundations and the Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation represents a threat to the foundations of the constitutional system of the Russian Federation and the security of the state.” Instead of taking the help from the Hungarian born philanthropist, the Russian state claims it feels threatened both constitutionally and also as a security risk. Perhaps it is the pro-democracy aspect of the Open Society Foundation that the Russians find so intimidating. Mr. Soros may have fallen out of the good graces of the Russian Government earlier this year when he proposed that the West should try to step up its aid in Ukraine. He was proposing a $50 billion financial package that was seen by the Russians as aggravating the situation there. The Russian offenses in that area of the world have seen Russia openly criticized by the West. The money may have also been seen as a tool to help the opposition.

Mr. George Soros founded the open Society foundations in 1979. When his personal wealth 25 million decided to semiretired and he began his philanthropic activities by helping students in South Africa during apartheid. Mr. Soros was quoted by as saying ““We are confident that this move is a temporary aberration; the aspirations of the Russian people for a better future cannot be suppressed and will ultimately succeed.”

The Open Society Foundations has been doing very important charitable work in the world for over 35 years. With programs in over 110 countries and millions of people as beneficiaries, this philanthropic institution is well recognized for all the good it does produce globally.

George Soros was born in Budapest Hungary. He and his family were forced to migrate by the Nazis when he was only 15. He graduated from the London School of Economics. In 1992 Mr. Soros made $1 billion by betting that the English pound would not be able to stay within the European monetary system. He was 100% correct and made his money when the United Kingdom was forced to devalue a its currency. Mr. Storos is also an accomplished author with 14 bestsellers to his name. He has written many essays and has been quoted in articles and interviews making amazingly accurate predictions for the financial markets.

Mr. Soros has expressed the opinion that this year we may be seeing a market crash reminiscent of the crash of 2008. He is also very concerned about the European Union and its reaction or should I say it’s the lack of a unified reaction and policy towards the Syrian Middle Eastern migration crisis. Mr. Soros has also been quoted as letting investors know that this is a very cautious time and to be very prudent with their investments. He has been amazingly on point with his financial predictions and in his political opinions. Mr. Soros has even gone on to formulate a comprehensive plan to help with the migration crisis that he believes could actually derail the entire European Union and caused its collapse.