Guilherme Paulus shares insights on his career

Guilherme Paulus is the heads the Board of Directors at CVC Brasil as well as GJP Hotels and Resorts. He started as an intern at IBM and has worked hard and risen through the ranks to become an influential businessperson in Brazil. Guilherme Paulus shares some of his insightful and inspiring comments on what makes him who he is as a human being first and businessperson. GJP Hotels and Resorts have more than 20 establishments and currently, have a workforce of about 5000 people.

The idea of his company

Guilherme Paulus attributes the idea of his hotels to Carlos Vicente Cerchairi who was state deputy by then. The two met on a boat trip, and Carlos shared his interest in establishing a tourist agency in Santo Andre, where he lived. Paulus was working in Sao Paulo at the time; they came to an agreement in which he provided groundwork, and preliminary efforts and provided the investment capital. They became partners for four years and then Paulus took charge of it and began to expand the process, which culminated into something he never imagined.

Typical day and productivity

Guilherme Paulus starts his day with gratitude, optimism, and feeling thankful for everything he has at the start of every day. As such, he can look forward to what comes next. He sets out a schedule for the week and sticks to it’s because it makes him feel empowered, organized and productive. His creative ideas come to life through acting first. In other work, taking a step into the unknown and there is no chance you know something is good or a bad idea until you put it into practice. According to Guilherme, ideas come to life through faith.

As a successful entrepreneur, he is more productive by being close to the operations of the hotels and knowing what needs to happen. He also says enhance with employees is another way of becoming productive as the chairperson of GJP. Guilherme Paulus says that it is not all about talent or hard work, but the ability to combine both aspects. Making dreams a reality requires one to love everything that they do as well as investing in time, energy and being attentive to the needs of your customers.

The success story of

After seeing the success that his previous company called Jingdong had achieved, Richard Liu decided on opening an online version of the company. This is when he founded in 2004 which has seen it grow into china’s largest online direct sales company when it comes to transacting in volumes. Jingdong was a company that was dealing in the distribution of magneto optical products and launching an online version of it was meant to enhance its initial popularity. The next step in ensuring that his products were available to everyone in china was to build a national logistics system that would ensure that his products are reached everyone safely and without incurring any damages. By 2014, JD had established 3,210 pickup and delivery stations in 1,862 counties in China. The establishment of this model in the Chinese market helped Amazon in the switching from the use of third party logistics firms to making deliveries itself.

From An Intern To A Billionaire: The Story Of Guilherme Paulus

Guilherme Paulus joined the much-coveted Forbes billionaires list with a net worth of $1.1 billion. He is a global entrepreneur and a Brazilian hotelier who has built an empire from scratch. From an IBM intern to an influential businessperson in the world, Paulus has an incredible success story.

In 1972, Paulus co-founded CVC Brasil Operadora e Agencia de Viagens. He has led the company to become the biggest tour operator in Latin America. Apart from the CVC, Paulus also founded GJP Hotels and Resorts that manage over 15 hotels and resorts across Brazil and employ 5,000 people.

Surprisingly, the idea to create CVC was not Guilherme Paulus’ but his co-founder’s Carlos Vicente Cerchiari. Carlos shared with Paulus his interest in starting a tourist agency in Santo Andre. By then, Paulus was a young person working at Casa Faro and did not have the funds to invest in the idea. Carlos proposed that he provides the funds while Paulus provides the groundwork and initial efforts to start the venture. Paulus was motivated for this project and gladly accepted the unique challenge the opportunity presented. When it came to selecting a location for the project, he chose a place outside a movie theatre with a consistent flow of people.

Throughout his career, Guilherme Paulus exhibited sound reputation, positive attitude, and entrepreneurial drive. Paulus contends that listening to his employees and customers is a fundamental ingredient in his success. Although as a prestigious entrepreneur it is easy to neglect employees and customers, Paulus chooses not to. Interacting with clients and staff members enabled Paulus to be attentive to their needs and make travel packages that meet their expectations. Also, he advises that social accountability is vital to give back to society and help the less fortunate. As an exemplary hotelier, Guilherme Paulus has received numerous awards and recognition at home and abroad.

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Vinod Gupta’s important role of Promoting Women’s Education

A great activist championing for the education of women, Vinod Gupta has invested in great projects geared towards promoting women’s education. Having come from a humble background in India, Vinod Gupta recognizes how it feels for someone to desire something but not being able to get.

Through, education and a drive to succeed, Vinod Gupta was able to build a multi-million enterprise, Everest Group. Recognizing what an impact education can have on someone’s life, now Vinod Gupta seeks to give back to his community by offering opportunities for women to get an education.

Vinod Gupta has built numerous schools in the impoverished parts of India; he has established and even funded many courses at his alma mater. Basically, Vinod Gupta has made it his duty to provide learning opportunities to students who are unable to go to school due to financial constraints.

To Rampur Manhyaran, Vinod’s hometown, Vinod Gupta donated a sum of $1 million in order to construct the Ram Rati Gupta Polytechnic. This is a women’s learning institution started in 2000 and is technologically driven to promote the success of independent women across India. Women are able to learn numerous courses, from web design to textile design and computer applications. That is not all; women there can have access to postgraduate degrees within 24 months.

Vinod Gupta was born in 1946 in Rampur Manhattan village, India. He completed his high school studies in 1962 and got accepted to study agricultural engineering in I.I.T in Kharagpur. After 5 years, Vinod Gupta went on to pursue a master’s degree in Business Administration at the University of Nebraska which he competed in 1971.

Later on, in 1971, he started working at the Commodore Corporation. He worked diligently and started analyzing a lot of things about the databases at Commodore Corporation and this gave him a great business idea. It was using this idea that he founded Everest Group which through it, Vinod Gupta has been able to impact many lives positively.

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Marketwired News Reports on Equities First Holdings Helping Hand

Founded in 2002, Equities First Holdings LLC is a Melbourne-Based Financial Institution that spans across 9 countries including Australia, China, United States, United Kingdom, and Hong Kong. The global company offers low fixed interest rates for high-value loans.  Marketwired recently covered in the news the company’s effort to provide a $30 Million Fund for a research and development facility in India through a transaction with Environmental Clean Technologies Limited ETC.

ETC is a commercial company that invests, researches, develops, and commercializes resource and energy technologies in Australia. EFH was happy to support and fund ETC’s efforts of learning/developing the trends of emerging energy and minerals technologies. original source

Market America Is Creating A Whole New World For Shoppers And Entrepreneurs

Market America has been in existence for over 25 years now and this experience has placed the company in a unique position when it comes to assisting shoppers and entrepreneurs alike. This company specializes in Internet marketing and product brokerage. By combining these two skill sets, both sides of a purchase can benefit.

In order to create the economy that we wish to enjoy in the future, we must first take the proper steps to do so. This is where companies like Market America come into play. In addition to combining product brokerage and Internet marketing, Market America also has another unique blend of skills to offer.

By taking the power of the people and allowing it to mesh with the latest technologies, the economic ramifications are far reaching., a site that has been established by this company, has already become a big name in its own right. All of the brands that customers seek are offered in this location, whether they are in search of items from major companies or lesser known retailers.

Harnessing the power of the Internet so that various businesses and retailers can benefit is just one of the many benefits that this company has to offer. Market America remains committed to making the necessary progress so that they can continue to provide clients with the best possible services.

Recent updates to the Market America site allow visitors to learn more about the products that are available and the added features have been a major success. Videos have been added that provide visitors with the chance to learn from the masters of the shopping annuity community. These clips offer the sort of advice that simply cannot be obtained elsewhere.

Market America also aims to teach the world about the importance of converting spending into earning. Thanks to their continued commitment to remaining on the cutting edge of the industry, consumers and entrepreneurs everywhere can find out everything that they need to know in order to make the best possible decisions. In essence, a whole new world is being created for both sides of each purchase.

Sahm Adrangi: Kodak’s New Platforms Will Fail

When it comes to bad investments Sahm Adrangi is an expert at finding them and making money from them. This is due to his talent for short selling the stocks of companies that he sees as fraudulent or engaging is dishonest business practices. The latest company he has set his sites on is Kodak Eastman Company. Now that Sahm Adrangi and his company Kerrisdale Capital Management have focused on Kodak’s big picture, their outcome does not look good.

Kerrisdale Capital and Sahm Adrangi who also serves as their Chief Investment Officer as well as their founder have released an extremely negative report about Kodak and their two new proposed projects KodakOne and KodakCoin. While Kodak and their representatives have put a lot of hype into their new cryptocurrency and digital image licensing platforms and insisting that they will change the future of how photographers and artists get paid for their work, there is a lot of skepticism. A lot of this skepticism comes from concerns about whether or not they will be possible to implement due to technical problems and legal issues. Along with these issues, Sahm Adrangi and many other investors do not believe photographers will be interested in getting paid for their work through their cryptocurrency project.

KodakCoin and KodakOne are in development in conjunction with the controversial company Wenn Digital. Wenn Digital specializes in different types of digital currencies and has faced a lot of criticism over their practices. The president of Wenn Digital was also partners with a convicted fraudster. This combined with the information about shady trading practices by members of Kodak’s own board of directors has a lot of people concerned about the legitimacy of these platforms.

Whether or not Sahm Adrangi is right about his suspicions will only be known with time. With his successful history of short sale attacks, it doesn’t look good for Kodak. Unfortunately for Kodak, with Sahm Adrangi’s predictions being covered by news outlets such as CNBC, bankruptcy seems close at hand as the larger picture of the company develops.

Anthony Petrello’s Prowess in the Corporate Industry

Many know Anthony Petrello as a corporate man in Corporate America. He may not feature in the news each day, but he is one of the known people in the US. Anthony was a top paid CEO in America in 2014 where he earned over $ 70 million through his Nabors Industries that is a high natural gas drilling and Oil Company. His rise in power inspires both envy and inspiration, those who know him understand that he is humble and honest and deserves his hard earned earnings.

Anthony is a brilliant strategist and manager that comes from treating his workers fairly. The greed and tactics always perturb him. He operates on the moral code based on fairness and respect. At a tender age, Anthony Petrello understood that there are no shortcuts in life, in his hometown people had to labor to eat and pay bills. He later learned how to read and became a skilled mathematician.

Anthony controls a world leader oil company in the modern economy, though this success did not come quickly. He did not originate from a well off family and had to work his way out of poverty that he was exposed to at a tender age. He believes that hard work is rewarded and honesty is valued above everything else and read full article.

Petrello has expressed his distaste for business leaders who earn high incomes at the cost of their lowly paid workers. His contract with Nabors Industries states that 80 percent of his income is based on the revenue of the company. If the company makes any loss, so, does he get a reduced salary? and his Linkedin.

His exemplary leadership skills have created thousands of jobs in the oil producing states and boast of over 100,000 employees. He has a strong work ethic that is demonstrated in overwhelming situations. He appreciates his family and loyal colleagues. He is a remarkable man who enjoys his fruit of hard earned labor. He attributes his fortune to hard work that has taken years to build. He is actively involved in philanthropy to the community that creates opportunities for him and learn more about Anthony.

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Sheldon Lavin Knows How To Run OSI Group Successfully

Since the company first started, they have been a successful company. This is something that has been a huge part of their culture and has made a difference for the people who use OSI Group. Sheldon Lavin, though, changed all of that.

He is the current CEO of the company and he knows what he is doing with the company to the point where he is able to make it even more successful than what it was in the past.

Thanks to everything that Sheldon Lavin has to offer the company and to the options that he has available to them, he has made OSI Group better than it has ever been. Not only is the company more profitable than what it was in the past but it is also a more sustainable company. Since Sheldon Lavin cares about what is going on with the environment, he is always concerned with how his company is affecting the environment.

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While Sheldon Lavin was working at his past employer, he knew that he was going to be able to do more with the options that he had. He also knew that it would be hard for him to leave the company so he did what he could to make a difference.

According to, Sheldon Lavin was very successful with the company that he worked with before OSI Group and that helped him to gain the confidence that he needed to continue with the OSI Group. He was able to use techniques that he had learned during his previous careers to make OSI Group better than what it was in the past.

Another major aspect of OSI Group that Sheldon Lavin has been able to help the company with is the fact that he can make things better for everyone who does different things with the company. From the sourcing to production and even distribution, Sheldon Lavin is aware of what it takes to do the jobs and what he can do to make it easier on those people who are responsible for getting the food from the company to the restaurants that they work with as clients.

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Jeffry Schneider| A Leader with Passion

jeffry schneider headshotLeading with passion comes easily to Jeffry Schneider. He’s a business man, philanthropist, father, adventurer and owner of a company based in Austin, Texas. He’s an extroverted, sociable person who’s excited to share his personal experiences with anyone who is interested. Energetic, charismatic, and giving, Jeff just doesn’t stop. Typically, Schneider shares on Twitter a traveling experience from a business trip or family vacation and talks about the fun aspects of his entrepreneurial lifestyle. By sharing his experiences, he not only inspires others, but he also encourages them to prioritize a healthy lifestyle while working on their personal growth.

An enthusiasm that began many years ago, Jeff Schneider continues to focus his energy on charity organizations and is always ready to extend his philanthropic reach. He’s an example to those around him of what it means to be driven, giving, and passionate. Whether Jeffry is leading by example at his office, giving back to his community, or participating in a fundraiser, he uses his enthusiasm, positive attitude, passion, and generosity to help and inspire others around him. Jeff believes that every day is a gift and an opportunity to help someone else, so he puts others first, making the world a better place along the way.

Jeffry Schneider has prioritized what’s truly important to him in life over the last decade. Whether he’s enjoying his time with family, volunteering with medical professionals who specialize in pediatrics, fundraising for children’s advocacy organizations, or working alongside nonprofit groups to build revitalizing programs for at-risk communities, Jeffry is committed to helping today’s youth. An uncommon philanthropist, he even sponsors individuals who help kids overcome adversity.

Jeff Schneider uses his passion to stay focused on the big picture and to guide others around him. When he’s not giving back to communities, Jeffry is working with his business team at work. Jeff’s main goal is to provide a positive, healthy office environment that encourages employees to work at their peak production level. To make this happen, Jeff instills companywide wellness programs and seeks to create a friendly, relaxed, and open office culture. He leads others everyday by exemplifying self-discipline, passion and the desire to help others find their strengths.